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  1. Adding to Nutbag Deluxe's comments, Could it be possible to add an intermediary part, converting "metal" to "spare parts" and have "spare parts" be the material used for construction. That way we can manufacture parts for space centres in orbit of other worlds, assuming orbital construction is also installed. Also could we get an optional "hard mode" with additional dependancies for fuel and crew?
  2. Great work so far, loving that this is out! Let the empire building begin! Not sure if this is compatible with kethane 0.5, as I tested the new drill in k0.5, and it just deploys and does nothing. Bug? I installed K0.5 then this, if that matters. Is it possible to use retextured (a dark red colour perhaps) Kethane pack parts for the smelter (usinglarge converter) and auger (using large kethane drill), also using recoloured detector for ore detection (if ore prospecting is going to be included), and of course recolours for the storage tanks (as the ore and metal bins seem to be bugging out for me, they are just little floating "bits"). I mean no disrespect, but it does seem as though the current models for the pack seem to be placeholders, and I think that so long as original credit for part models and code goes to Majiir, then it shouldn't be a problem. I'd love to see the folding launch pad model shown on page 3 of this thread, and I'd love to see the runway as just a threshold pad, and a set of runway lights that deploy along the ground from that, for that "grass runway" look. Perhaps asking to use the aviation lights plugin? Anyway, just my two cents, awesome work getting this to release. This is easily the most ambitious mod out there, well done.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. As a suggestion, if it were not possible to make the kupola switch modes, then making the basic obs IVA an empty frame, and make the controllable version contain a suspended chair and control cluster assembly bolted to a common armature within the kupola, that way you could release the obs unit, then complete the control armature and release the command version. Just brainstorming ideas here, take em or leave em. Really impressed with what you've done so far, and can't wait to convert the rest of my station to your modules, and develop my own altair inspired lander.
  4. Can I ask that you not, and just give the upcoming cupola that you're working on some sort of dual purpose, as with that part, I think gracae86's design is right on the money, besides, there's a perfectly functional radial attachment point and docking port in stock now. BTW, currently using your parts on my space station/refueling point, awesome work so far, hope to see more.
  5. I know I'm splitting hairs here, but can we get some different colours for different contents? As in could we get a texture release for the original, white tanks with different banding, like the kethane tanks pack has green, but for fuel on it's own, oxidiser on its own, monoprop, and xenon?
  6. betaking, B9 pack has some great omni-directional lights that sit nearly flush with whatever they are mounted to.
  7. RE: Dragon01, thanks a bunch, worked a treat. Now have a functional Orion capsule again, so long as i don't IVA.
  8. Just deleted the legacy ASAS plugin,and i've updated both KAS and romfarer plugins, and still no good. Plugins i'm using are: Hyperedit, Vanguard, Aviation lights, the ones that come with the latest build of B9, Mechjeb, Crew Manifest, Firespitter, HLAirship, KAS, and Romfarer.
  9. I stated how I messed with .cfg's, as far as I know, none of these things should mess with staging. As for the other mods I installed, are there any known that clash with bobcat's work? Also, I just tried starting with a probe core and adding the orion as a glorified crew tank, it still locks out all the staging. I'm seriously stumped as to what I did. It's only the orion that's wigging out, I was wondering if anyone has had similar problems and possible Ideas to fix it. I will admit, that with the number of mods I'm running, something had to give eventually, but the way this stopped working is unexpected. Edit: fresh install, unmodified .cfg, same thing. Must be a mod clashing with it. Does anyone know if there are mods/plugins that don't work with Bobcat stuff?
  10. Okay, so I picked this pack up (american/ares I) because all i wanted was a crew module roughly orion shaped, and crewed with aproximately half-dozen crew, sitting on a 3.75m base. So I resized it by 1.1 to get it to fit KW tanks, crew capacity to 5, and changed the description and name in VAB (I did this for the "this is all set in a fictional world, not going to have real nations and tech, just close analogues" theme) , and at first, no dramas, then I've installed a mod, or a passive update occured, (I'm using steam version). Now whenever I fit the Orion pod, my staging tree disappears off the left of the screen on launch and I can't stage my rocket with space. I can still manually stage by right clicking each component, however. All the other Ares/Orion parts work fine though. Now for a temp fix, is there any part of this part's code that calls on a mod .dll? or can I just copy over it's part .cfg with the stock 3 seater and adjust node, crew, etc. values? would that even work? Or is there an update due soon that will correct this?
  11. I've definitely got 0.20.2, as I couldn't even start 0.20.1. Having said that, I have also verified it on "start game" screen.
  12. I've just started getting a weird bug with the Orion pod, and it's just the pod, where it causes mechjeb to become completely unresponsive, or just spin the pod around in circles with rcs. Also noticed that during a launch, all the staging icons had moved just off screen, I could make out the edge of the ASAS intensity bar, and that's it. Couldn't launch, even manually, as it seemed to have locked out all my staging controls.
  13. +1 for memory optimisation measures. +1 also for 5m parts. Refer my previous post for any other wishlisting, (consolidating nose and interstage fairings).
  14. My thanks goes out to Bac9 and Tavarius for their awesome work. I can't wait to try all the new engines and assorted other parts. Keep up the good work!
  15. My request would be to replace or suppliment the current interstage fairings with some that split like the payload fairings. Even a set of open ended nosecones, with some having a step down to next smallest diameter, and some maintaining the base's diameter. Also some 1.25-2.5m, and 2.5-3.75m conical fairings that are fixed at the narrow end (in particular the 1.25-2.5, if fixed at narrow end would make a good abort system shroud for the 3-man capsule). Any of this would be awesome.
  16. Is there a way to stop the centrifuge part spinning in VAB? Also, is it possible to get a round/cylindrical solar panel kit similar to the round/cylindrical windows? Plenty of times now where i've wanted form fitting, non-deploying solar for a cylindrical assembly.
  17. No worries, I'm loving the look of these parts, kind of like stuff that never made it into stock or KSPX, yet still definitely that same artistic style.
  18. Congrats Bac9, you're work is fantastic, glad to see you recognised. On another note, please tell me this isn't going to go the way of KSPX, where the "almost ready next update" stalls and is never released, and no successor is named? Even if parts are eventually going to be incorporated into the stock game, 2.6 should still be released.
  19. I've encountered a strange bug where the command pod (the larger trihex one.) is getting anchored in place on the launchpad, and no amount of force, or lack of force can get it to launch, fall, or in any other way move. My launch rocket just "acordians" underneath it.
  20. Yeah I think I asked this already, but a series of inline docking ports would be awesome, I'd personally like a telescoping port from an inline 2.5m part, to fit with the stock crewtank, housed in the cargo bay of my spaceplane
  21. Is it possible to get an extended version of the s2 crew module? Essentially what I mean is something like 3 or 4 of the existing unit, but fused as one? would help keep part cout low, and would use less struts. Also, I'm loving the 3.5m fuselages, but I'm trying to come up with a crew pod that fits in the cargo bay, with an extendable docking tube/clamp. Anyone got suggestions?