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  1. Say I wanted to upscale the new static radiators to double their current size, would they radiate 4x heat?
  2. Will these parts work if I install the latest IFS and Firespitter?
  3. Alternative idea for cupola, or idea for new cupola: mk3 tapering down to 2.5m, like the stock part, but 2.5m end is a hemisherical glass dome cupola with very little obstruction to view. Uses could include bridge for giant sci fi exploration ship, submarine (my personal choice) or cabin for massive land crawler.
  4. Yakuzi, what mod is the mk2 drone core from? Also, your Su-style spaceplane takes me back to Ace Combat 3! Lude, what are those greenhouse domes from?
  5. Pics that I posted were from an old project I was working on, a 2.5m (stowed) launchpad that worked like the small one in EPL, but bigger, designed to use as much of the 2.5m cylindrical space as possible, then unfurl to the widest practical pad size on deployment, around 5m or so. .Gif was the inspiration for the stowage of the pad itself, which would sit between the landing-leg/engine armatures in transit. Whole unit used similar mechanism as the ARM claw to lock to the ground. Also planned a 3.75m sized unit, with three armatures and a hexagonal pad shape. As for Pad levelness, why not give the pad itself a command pod capability, with very high torque, and have it fix to the ground Klaw-style, on a gimbal. you set gimbal to unlock, steer pad so it's facing straight up using navball, then lock the pad gimbal. Sorry, misread what levelness discussion was about
  6. Basic Idea for an expandable, self landing launchpad: .gif is from a source I cannot remember (I'm not taking credit for this design) But it is pretty cool
  7. Is the cupola going to get an internal light? It's be nice to see some light in those windows in the dark.
  8. Will habitat pack v2 be released for 1.1?
  9. A version of the Karibou command pod that mounts flush to the mk3-2.5 conic sections would be perfect, as would ballast wing-stubs (like half-sections of mk-2 bodies) that fit flush to either side of the mk-3 cargo bay. Also, are the little water-RCS thrusters on the Otter command pod going to be included as their own part?
  10. Is there any hope of getting a clear hemisphere dome command pod in 2.5m size, so I can make the cyclops from Subnautica? (Not after an actual game-branded part, just a similar themed part)
  11. Do want that solar panel! Is there any chance for an alternate, stockalike texture though? Are the hexagonal segments meant to have same cross-section as Z1 truss, or is an adapter planned?
  12. I'd love a stockalike submarine parts pack that incorporates the existing formfactors but can aproximate the aesthetic style of the craft in subnautica. A KSP "cyclops" for exploring the seas of Laythe would be rad.
  13. Special Request: as this is a "stockalike ISS and other stations" pack, could you make a double-axis solar panel that looks like 2 gigantors on a structural fuselage? The closest I have been able to aproximate is using an IR rotatron and tracking the sun manually. The KOSMOS pack has a monstrously big panel that does this, but it's not really stockalike in style.
  14. This looks real sharp! One thing though, I don't feel as though the unity-style module should be a crew hab module. Real unity is mostly for interconnection and logistics isn't it? I say just give it ample battery and RCS or torque, and move habitat to a new module.
  15. I like the small lander-can. but I think the bigger one needs something to break up the cylindrical form. TBH I liked how the hitchhiker and landercan go together to make the stock station core, with the slight variation in diameters. Doesn't help other projects much, where you might want a neat stacking 2 seater crew module, but maybe that should be a separate part.
  16. Seeing the previews of 1.0.5 has me psyched for seeing more of this parts pack coming together. Hoojiwana, can we get a WIP of an LFO engine next plz?
  17. I want to try this so bad, but cannot get a download for EVE Overhaul. Can I run this with regular EVE?
  18. I gotta say, I like the red/white combo. As for Poodle, what if elements like the plumbing, turbopump, etc. are arranged radially around the engine bell? That would allow for a shorter, broader engine, whilst allowing the larger vacuum engine bell. Alternately, a quad cluster with shared plumbing components arranged around them could provide an appearance like a stockalike analogue to the proposed quad engine on SLS heavy upper stage.
  19. Are those 2.5m nodes on the command unit? They look same size as cupolas, which makes me wonder why not use stock cupolas on top? Are the solar panels/radiators going to be dual axis? if so, they'd be great for space stations as well. Are they going to be gold or stock blue?
  20. My request for engines is for them to have appropriate nozzle bell for atmo/vacuum optimisation. I realise this would make poodle and terrier/lv909 longer bodied, but maybe if they were clusters or aerospikes they could be shorter? edit: Also, I vote white SRBs, as it is in keeping with the larger stock SRBs and looks like SRBs that a professional Space agency would use.
  21. Don't suppose you plan on redoing the landing legs. They lack the pneumatic rams t the moment