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  1. I've spent the past couple of days mulling over a redesign of my flag but I can't seem to get it right so I was hoping I could request some assistance This is my old flag, I like the minimalist design and how it sort of rips off the ESA These are my current stabs at a new flag, I like the colors and star but it seems too roman and not enough space thanks
  2. (@cantab) Yeah I just dropped taxes and cut services and added some new developments. If you rebuild it they will come back hopefully. Whoa... That is some catyclismic flooding you have there rocket.
  3. In an effort to rerail(?) the conversation. Yesterday I started a new city in a very mountainous map I created. All was going great. Then I reached the level to get a dam. Immediately dammed up a local river where I was getting water and pumping in sewage. Well then the bad things happened. The water level downstream dropped to the point were the river was severed in half causing the current to stop. The water level fluctuated making water sporadically stop flowing. Then the sewage backed into the water pump. This basically caused a plague. This is when I saw a problem was occurring. People were dying in droves as well as leaving the city. I destroyed my new dam but my city fell deeply into debt from the lack of people. Entire districts were abandoned. The tidal wave of water flushed away the sewage and now my city is bouncing back from that catastrophe.
  4. Enthralled is a great word I must have thought that was an important sentence
  5. I have an armadas of probes that are floating through the solar system that have died because I forgot to deploy solar panels or add an RTG. I seriously have enough dead probes to land on every planet and moon 3 times.
  6. I am awkwardly excited for No Man's Sky. I feel like I have been waiting for that game my whole life.
  7. First mission with this odd lander that I have deemed the Cuttlefish
  8. This type of thread seems to pop up every couple of months or so in either space lounge or the general area. They all seem to reach the same two conclusions (at least the ones I have read ). And those conclusions are A. our community would be saturated with people unfamiliar with the game which leads to long time users being aggravated and leaving the forums causing the forums (or at least the more trafficked sections) to become lost into a storm of posts about questions and complaints. B. (my favorite and also the one I believe would be most likely for these scenarios) There would be the influx of users after the initial video like option A. but in this situation once a few weeks pass the game itself sifts out the gold from the sand and people who actually enjoy the game and spaceflight would stay and business would carry on as usual, but with a larger community of equal passion for space and KSP.
  9. Silly prop plane you aren't supposed to reenter the atmosphere or even leave the atmosphere...
  10. I don't usually listen to rap but hey time to try new things
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