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  1. I have the arial fonts installed for linux, but the debug menu, as well as menus added by mods don't have any text displayed. Is there any other fonts that need installed, or any way to fix this?
  2. I am on Linux, and some fonts required for Kerbal Alarm Clock are missing. I already have the fonts installed to run KSP, what font package do I need to get Kerbal Alarm to work?
  3. I have a base on the mun that has a fuel cell and solar panels, and if I rely on the solar panels for power, in the TAC life support toolbar it will act like the base does not produce any power. When I switch to the base, it is fine, with full power. Anyone have this problem, or can guess why this happens?
  4. We could fill the piratebay with fake pirated peasant games that are actually viruses for the peasants false shines that contaminate other false shrines similar to the way that hacked lobbies work.
  5. Really? Your in a pcmasterrace thread and you post a picture in a peasant resolution? You are horrible.
  6. My brethren, this shall be the official home of members of the Glorious Pcmasterrace. Pretty self-explanatory, enjoy this picture of our lord: (Also, we need a plan to exterminate the peasants. Discuss below) EDIT: Members of the Majiir Masterrace also welcome.
  7. Your manual page is broken. I would just like to have a second launchpad that looks exactly like the first one, and nearby.
  8. I remember playing Crash Team Racing when I was really little, I think I was 5,or 6. Spyro(2?) was my favorite game when I was 7 and 8.
  9. I had a laptop, that was poorly designed, and it usually ran at 110C. Eventually, the hd got so hot that some of the stuff on it got corrupted.
  10. I plan everything ahead, and never overbuild, so I don't have any moments like this.
  11. I think that the only reson that console gamers ever used the Xbox 360, and will use the PS4 is becuase they are to stupid to realise that the hardware on any gaming device is very important. It won't really matter to them that the PS4 is technically supiriour, all they know is that the PS4 suports used games.