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  1. love the mod. ^^ Lunched my 24 satellite Gps grid last weekend in my remotech save. It turned out great. -> Some images from the tracking station from differet angles with and without the remotech connection lines. XD Launched the satellites 4 at the time on a carrier rocket into a 60º inclined waiting orbit at 1 hour interval (60º of kerbins rotation), making it 6 launches. The waiting orbits was a 45 minute orbit with a PE of 83845.85m and an AP of 450513.15m (roughly ). After launching all satellites into the waiting orbit I started releasing 1 satellite at the time at AP and circulized into a 1 hour circular orbit. And deorbited the carrier rockets for a clean finnish. Absolutely love the preplanning that can go into all the orbits and antenna ranges, line of sight, battery charge duration and solar recharge rates when. when you combine this gps mod with remotech. Tnx for this mod! <3
  2. Rosetta was featured as part of the Von Karman Lecture Series at JPL yesterday heres the video
  3. heheheh! Check out this one. Link: wigglewiggle wiggly enough for you? hehe
  4. Hehehe. I found that making a stable system is pretty hard.
  5. I found this crude but fun little gravity sim web page thingy. where you can mess around with planetary bodys. I've now spent a coupple of hours messing around with it. I made a cool semi-chaotic 4 body system but seemes pretty stable. with 2 central bodies orbiting each other counter clockwise and 2 lighter bodies orbiting the 2 central once clockwise, while orbiting each other counter clockwise. Link: semi-chaotic stable 4 body system I'm interrested to see what you guys can come up with.
  6. I've played alot of mmos and as a result had many nicks, characters, usernames. but Respawn or something similar has been one of the few "names" I keep comming back to. One of my first AO characters was called respawn, one of my Aoc characters was called Respawn allso had an assassin called Despawn, I had a coupple of characters in wow called Respawn, Darkspawn, Warspawn, Spellspawn, and so on, and plenty of other similar nicks in other games. Respawn tend to be one of the first nicks/usernames taken in most games or game related forums so I often have to settle for something else unfortunatly. First time i used Respawn was about 14 years ago in some random fps.
  7. Yeh.. I've been experimenting a bit now on different ways to unwrap some parts unfortunately i'm pretty new to blender and this shows in my parts. =D I'm a numbers guy, and when drawing in any program that has a "command line" type of ui option, I tend to type instead of using my mouse pointer. I'd like to specify exactly how long my lines are and exactly what angle and so on directly instead of roughly estimating while moving my pointer around. I've been using auto-cad and similar programs for designing mechanical parts, electrical layouts and schematics, on and off for about 15 years. My ocd is getting the better of me when messing around with what seems to me to be rough estimates in blender. *? Might not be strictly necessary for ksp parts but still ..preference. I'm still learning how to use blender though, so i'm not excluding the very high probability of being able to find ways to improve. hehe
  8. hm.. most of the light grey part of the engine is one continues island with about 5-10 pixels of coloring beyond the uv lines, but the yellow/black striped part is about 10 to 15 px beyond that. don't think that should be to close. Im looking at the UV map again now and somethings weird about it. In my standard viewer it looks as one would expect but when i open it in my editor the alfa channel seem to block anything beyond the uv lines unless you set it to ignore the alfa channel. hmz.. BTW: I'm using an ancient version of paint shop pro. (PSP5.0) hehe.. from back in the days when 1.4Mb floppys still was the thing. a rare gem of an image editor ^^ You sortof have to define your own filters. ......Yeh think i found the problem. Looks like Paint shop pro 5 decided to layer the information outside the uv lines below/behind the rest for some reason, and i'm just guessing blender/unity didn't like it and decided that, that's a black color And it indeed is as you say it's picking the pixels right outside the uv lines when i zoom far enough out. So a paint shop pro 5 bug. ..Great. Although my other texture maps seems to be ok. hm.. User bug then probably. doh! Never mind..
  9. I just started making my own parts for ksp, and i just made my first engine. To my surprise It actually worked great the first time i loaded the part up in ksp. Just guessing my way around in blender and unity. However when I zoom out ingame these black lines appear on my model. and they disappear when i zoom back in. All though this model was just to figure out how to make an engine work, I'd like to avoid those lines in my future parts. I thought it was a problem with the texture but now i'm not so sure, texture is .mbm but was made as RGBA png as none of my other parts have encountered this issue using the same file types and same coloring techniques The texture is colored way outside the uv layout, so my guess was maybe something bugged in the conversion process .png to .mbm with the alfa channel ? Being able to avoid this at an earlier stage then only noticing it hours into a game session and zoomed out would be great I have no idea how .mbm files work that makes it appear to change with range or if its something else, I'm new to this. I bet someone here recognize the problem right away. Any feedback is appreciated.
  10. Yes if you set specific colors to be transparent KSP does read those colors as transparent for that flag. But "No Data Transparency" does not appear to work and will simply be replaced by white. Here's a test I did where i colored the background green and set green as transparent. As you can see on the cupola its transparent and on the flag its replaced by flag texture.
  11. If you want to push rather than pull, try with more sas torque then you think you'll need and then double it, and have a ridged connection between your rocket and your claw, and you'll find the spin easier to counter. I had a docking port between my rocket and the claw on my first asteroid. My thinking was that i could leave the claw there and use it as a docking point for future missions, made for some funny moments, but very inefficient burns as most of the fuel went into counter spin as you might imagine.
  12. I'm messing around with rss and rt2 atm, and i had a similar problem. The sun got in the way just as i was about to do my capture burn. However my plan to get around the problem is to set up 2 relay stations at (what would be) L4 and L5 of the kerbin-kerbol L-points. 60º ahead and 60º behind kerbin in it's orbit. I know the game doesn't simulate Lagrange points but those two points are stable sun orbits in the game and i'm allowed to pretend. ^^
  13. May I suggest a change the accuracy of the display value of the orbital period? I've been messing around with rss and rt2 and when the orbit period is longer then a day KER is only showing days as a decimal which is ok i guess but rounded to 3 significant figures, that's an error bar of about +/- 40 sec. This might not be a problem when playing with the stock planets but with the larger planets and speeds with RSS it's very noticeable. In the worst case scenario this inaccuracy could result in a orbital migration between 2 satellites of half an orbit in 554 days in my case. So whenever I want a higher orbit accuracy than that I have to do the calculations myself. 5 significant figures would give an accuracy of slightly less than a second. Or better yet, make it display the orbital period like the other time values showing dd:hh:mm:ss could this be possible?
  14. If its a distance problem i recommend making adjustments to the "GameData\Remotech2\RemoTech_Settings.cfg" file. The second line should say something like: RangeMultiplier = 1 If you change this to 2 you'll effectively double the comm range of your antennas. I changed this number to get Remotech2 to work with for my real solar system modded save, and it works great.
  15. well.. Just downloaded the RSS mod an hour ago to check it out for my self. Stationary orbit is at about 35,777,650 m altitude if you still wanna know. Holy crap, the dv requirements is just silly with this mod. built a craft with 12500 dv, and spent it all just to get to stationary orbit to double check my result. Edit: In RSS: Kerbin / (Earth analog) rotational period: 86164.0916 sec radius: 6371000 m GM: 3.98161x10^14