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  1. An add-on is wreaking havoc on my KSP install, making it unusable. Between nonsensical error messages and crashing KSP itself, I've neither the time nor the inclination to sort out what's gone wrong and why. This is the last screenshot I'll post for the foreseeable future. I managed to get the LK fairing to work as seen in various diagrams and N1-L3 flight profiles without clipping or any other shenanigans. So it is possible, and is quite simple to set up. See ya round, kids.
  2. N1-L3 Expedition 5. Destination: Minmus. Executing Kerbin escape burn.
  3. The obligatory mid-landing burn cinematic snap... What a view. And not a single condominium in sight!
  4. It's been a long time since I last did an ASTP recreation. Without further ado...
  5. A Gemini Lunar Reconnaissance mission, piloted by Deke Kerman. The second seat is occupied by engineer PeeWee Kerman.
  6. The landing was picture perfect... Until it was discovered too late that the LK was much too close to the LEM, and clipped the LEM with its landing gear... I wonder if GEICO roadside assistance handles off-planet accidents?
  7. Most disgracefully. To answer your question, I use the Blue Dog Design Apollo components.
  8. Ah, so it's not a robot pawn from a new chess game you're writing. And I was so sure of it.
  9. It took a bit of noodling about, but I finally topped my Gemini/Soyuz mashup from a good while back. I give you the Apollo/N1.