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  1. The same place this bloke got his rabbit from, most likely.
  2. Interesting. This might have a chance of enticing me back.
  3. That's where I know them from, as well. And the fate of "Sid Meier's Pirates!" (2004) is why I don't have the warm fuzzies about all this.
  4. I can't say this development has me feeling anything other than lukewarm. Hopefully this will prove to be a good move for everyone involved. Time will certainly tell.
  5. That is a tortuously overwrought run-on sentence. To put it another way - np;dr (no punctuation; didn't read).
  6. Pez Attuned Wombats? I know it makes no sense, but the forum censor software wouldn't let me say what I wanted.
  7. Well, then. Waltzing in, espousing loads of faulty information and openly arguing with highly experienced mods. That's one way to get yourself known. You might want to rethink your approach. "Edgy" isn't working. Four steps. Cooking a prepackaged meal isn't rocket science. If you need more steps than that, there's a problem.
  8. I just skimmed the Excalibur-Almaz site to see if they had any additional material. Aside from some rather interesting (read: oddball) artist's concept drawings, they do reassure potential investors that the TKS has a cracking good launch escape system. Do skip ahead, because the clip is a real snoozer.
  9. You're proposing something that would require someone else to put forth the effort to implement. So yes, you do need a reason beyond "I think it's kewl." Otherwise, you've virtually guaranteed that your idea will fall by the wayside. Simple as that. So, back to the questions problemecium posed; what's the benefit?
  10. Interesting. I'll toss another one together from scratch to be sure. It will be 15 minutes well spent. EDIT: Actually, I'll circle back on this one. I'm busy breaking the back of the Spanish Empire in the Caribbean of the late 1600's. Vive la France!
  11. Did the performance of the J-2 engines get changed recently? I just tried a launch of the Saturn V configuration I've used for months, and the second stage took off like a bat out of hell.