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  1. And the inevitable personal injury attorneys from the law firm of Kerman, Kerman, Kerman, and Kerman.
  2. If "For All Mankind" could stop itself from indulging in some of the worst of "Space:1999" nonsense, I would support this idea. As it stands, no. Really digging the Waterfall exhaust on all the Apollo-Saturn engines.
  3. Recent mod updates necessitated a full rebuild of the Apollo-Saturn V stack. The results were worth the effort.
  4. Another LK descent burn, à la Stanley Kubrick. I'm sure there's an appropriately discordant György Ligeti piece to accompany this shot.
  5. Powered descent... And safely touched down. I went back through the build of the LK from scratch to make sure there were no leftovers of previous design experiments. If she lifts off without incident, I'll consider my days of tinkering with the L3 stack over (until the next major update), and the fun of missions rather than trial runs can start.
  6. I've lost count of the number of iterations of the N1-L3 stack I've built, but after stumbling upon some documents at altertnativehistory.com I've finally got the bloody beast built correctly. Everything has gone smoothly so far, now getting ready for powered descent. I'll be happy as long as the Blok-D is the only thing that crashes.
  7. On orbit, warming up the LK for powered descent and landing. It's showtime!
  8. Thanks, but I'm perfectly capable of answering for myself, especially when my own game configuration is concerned.
  9. Lunokhod! The original trundling bucket o' science. It's looking great, Beale. It will be fun to recreate these early rover missions!
  10. A riff on the the original Apollo Applications Program concept for the Apollo Telescope Mount. I substitued small space station parts in place of a heavily modified LEM.
  11. Sweet! Glad to hear it still mostly works. I'd love a crack at flying her myself. But the real question is, which theme? Season 1 (funky 70's disco wacka-wacka guitars and bombastic orchestra) or season 2 (spacey 70's synths and stripped-down action show orchestra)?
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