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  1. Thanks, but I'm perfectly capable of answering for myself, especially when my own game configuration is concerned.
  2. Lunokhod! The original trundling bucket o' science. It's looking great, Beale. It will be fun to recreate these early rover missions!
  3. A riff on the the original Apollo Applications Program concept for the Apollo Telescope Mount. I substitued small space station parts in place of a heavily modified LEM.
  4. Sweet! Glad to hear it still mostly works. I'd love a crack at flying her myself. But the real question is, which theme? Season 1 (funky 70's disco wacka-wacka guitars and bombastic orchestra) or season 2 (spacey 70's synths and stripped-down action show orchestra)?
  5. Scroll up to the last post from @stupid_chris. It's not that difficult.
  6. It wouldn't. But there's no practical purpose for animals as Vanamonde stated.
  7. I'm in total agreement, mate. The C-8 was an ill-conceived monstrosity best left on the drawing board. Or in the dust bin next to the drawing board. Besides, it's easy enough to build Apollo-based direct ascent vehicles with what you've already so graciously provided us.
  8. Gordo: "Are you sure we're not gonna need that service module?" Gus: "Have a little faith, would ya?" Gus: "Descent burn! Now the fun starts, Hotdog!" Gordo: "Uh huh." Gus: "3000 metres, and she's runnin' smooth as glass." Gus: "And... touchdown! What did I tell ya, Hotdog? How about that!" Gordo: "Just as you promised, Gus! A sweet ride and solid landing. I owe you that beer after all."
  9. Lyndon Kerman: "Apollo is taking too long. We've got to get boots on the Mun, quick and dirty, using whatever we've got." Gus Kerman: "I've got just the thing, sir. The Super Gusmobile! It'll need a few tweaks, but she'll get the job done." Gordo Kerman: "Are you gonna tell him the 'Super Gusmobile' doesn't exist yet?" Gus: "I won't if you don't! Besides, gimme eight hours. I'll get her done." Gordo: "You, sir, are a steely-eyed misslie man. And one hell of a bull$$$$ter." Gus: "####in'-a, bubba!" Two weeks later... Gus: "Now, what did I tell you? Ain't this a sweet ride?"G
  10. If this were to lead to a proper investigation of the perceived "magical" technology to gain clearer understanding of it and perhaps make use of it in the broader context of the story, then I can see it being useful. I'll refer you to Mr. Clarke's considerable body of work on the concept, both fiction and nonfiction. As a compulsory, one-off game gimmick? No thanks.
  11. Agreed. Plenty of this nonsense in "No Man's Sky", no need for it here.
  12. "So much for getting here first..." "Are you gonna tell Gene? 'Cause I ain't breaking the news to him." "Вот и окрестности." ("Well, there goes the neighbourhood.")
  13. You can tell it's that time of year, with people digging up dead things.
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