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  1. Star wars battlefront 2... No more needs to be said.
  2. 197: A bunch of random notes, scary games, and a computer with minecraft open
  3. Actualy, if done right, i got a RcS probe from minmus to mun, and from mun to Duna! You dont need all that much RCS. Rcs is OP
  4. Tarting matter.exe Start? <YY> ERROR : Virus Antimatter.boom was found Remove?
  5. So, i decided that doing a Todo list would make me remember the thing i need to do: -1 Learn 2 dock -2 continue Munbase -3 Low solar orbit probe (LSOP) -4 A return from any planet -5 Do a ISS -6 Visit Bop And many other things. wish me luck thoing those! EDIT: I went to averything except Bop, but only returned from Ike (Most things are probes)
  6. For now, we have klf, is the closest thing to multiplayer we have so far. Also, warp is for the weak, real men teleport!
  7. Im having a problem Where is the download button?! EDIT: Downloaded from spaceport.
  8. Well, seems i dont have an account, so ill put it here so someoneelse puts it there 2210: 90% off the countries on the world had already been into space at least once
  9. 1 part: 15 fps. 200 parts: 15 fps. Wut?
  10. I like to build a totally OP lifter and then use the lifter engines to get to other places Im stayimg on kerbin because i visited averything, so i make random realistic spacecraft and send them to mun. I might go to Bop tough...
  11. If i watched videos of ksp when the currentn version was 0.13, does it count? I bought ksp at 0.18 tough
  12. Seems im out of this, i only have a kb and i am terrible at vtols D:
  13. I did an orion mod test flight and sent a science probe to Eve that got data while it entered the atmosphere 20 gs durimg entry!