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  1. For a thruster, how about a dusty-plasma fission-fragment rocket? Per ProjectRHO, it has 15 million ISP, 344N thrust, and weighs 9 tonnes. It'd use a brachistochrone instead of hohmann trajectory. When talking multi-year journeys, it's pretty hard to beat.
  2. The MPDT thruster from Near Future Technologies appears to be borked. Gave it a liquid hydrogen tank full of fuel, and it still thinks it had no fuel. RO installed with CKAN.
  3. I can definitely see how this would be difficult to maintain. The difficulty of getting everything installed and configured is why I use it in the first place!
  4. So they actually built one that works? How did I not know this? *mumbles something about being out of the loop*
  5. You've somehow completely missed the point. If a spaceflight organization wanted a NTR, they could get one. They'd just need to build it or have someone else do so. But you can't build a fusion rocket, because they haven't been invented yet.
  6. You could perhaps use a solid neutron poison that melts at a dangerous temperature and mixes with the fuel as a failsafe. Alternately, have more than one engine, and eject the malfunctioning one.
  7. Or you could increase the partial pressure of oxygen to compensate for the lower total pressure. This is an artificial environment, after all.
  8. Here I was, all set to scold you for not using search, ready to screenshot the search page. So I searched. And it wasn't on the first page. Or the next page. Or the one after that... It was on the 6th page. Enjoy.
  9. Since I use FAR and DRE, I use robotics pretty much any time I need to fit things into a fairing. Rovers, satellites, station modules. Lots of things need unfoldy bits.
  10. When you do the gantry rails, I'd like to have an extremely long version, for use on stations. Then we could mount robotic arms to them and such.
  11. Looking forward to using these. I assume the round tanks with no cage will have absolutely minimal structural mass?