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  1. For thermal damage, and for sound effects, please feel free to use the code and sfx from Deadly Reentry. (I'm the one that added those bits)
  2. Incidentally, I've been thinking a lot lately about RealFuels / MFS, and how I'd do things differently if I could start over. One thing I've been considering, is tearing out NathanKell's excellent 'engine upgrade' code and forking it into its own mod. I think ideally, we'd have three different mods: - ModularFuelTanks, which just handles fuel tanks. - ModularEngines, which just handles engines that can have their fuel types switched in the VAB. - UpgradeableTech, which allows existing parts (not just engines) to be 'improved' when new tech nodes are unlocked. At which point, RealFuels just bec
  3. So it's just a change to line 328 of ModuleFuelTanks.cs, right? What's the new variable called?
  4. Cool. Are you going to reenable fire damage? (Please reenable fire damage)
  5. Haven't played with Kerbal Engineer since 0.90. Man, I am LOVING the little readouts on the top of the screen that tell me my orbital info and surface info. Is there any way to get a vessel info mini-display on the lower left, between the navball and the docking controls, if there's an engineer on board? Just to save clutter.
  6. Thank you! As soon as you do (and RF 1.05 compatible comes out), I'll release my own K64 RealFuels configs.
  7. If I can make a request, right now RealFuels integration assumes the standard RealFuels resource list and adds resources as appropriate. This makes it very difficult for a modder who wants to use the RealFuels.dll, but roll their own configs for resources. Is there any way that specific references to resources (such as LqdMethane) can be removed from AJE, so that RealFuels itself is responsible for adding them?
  8. Hrm. I have FAR, AJE and RealFuels installed, and I'm trying to build my own set of resources from scratch. I'm trying to set up: LiquidFuel (with the same stats as RealFuels' Kerosene) Oxidizer (with the same stats as RealFuels' NTO) CryOx (with the same stats as RealFuels' LqdOxygen) CryoFuel (with the same stats as RealFuels' LqdHydrogen) MonoPropellant (with the same stats as RealFuels' Hydrazine) XenonGas (as modified by RealFuels) I've got all the tank types set up, and after wrestling with AJE's attempts to insert LqdMethane and Ethanol back into the fuel mix, I've got that resolved. Bu
  9. Now that 1.0X stock handles thermal stuff so well, should DRE maybe fork into a damage-only mod? i.e., just handle fire damage and g-force damage, and trust stock to deal with the rest?
  10. The three nuclear engines you've released are amazing, but I feel like the vacuum TWR and ISP are too high compared to the stock NTR. Maybe try 80 kN for the Masamune and 60 kN for the Short, and reduce vacuum ISP to 720 on each? AIr-breathing thrust might need an adjustment too; maybe 115 kN for the Masamune and 85 kN for the Short? The sounds are just the best, btw. Just... perfect.
  11. This is necessary for building streamlined ships with proper 'escape pods'. TweakableEverything manages to make this work pretty seamlessly.
  12. I'm really liking this. Once 1.1 comes out, I'll see about building an RSS-lite for it.
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