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  1. I have masters degree in law, I work for ministry of defense of my country... Does it have any overlap with KSP? Yes it does, I have a lot of time to day dream about my massive crafts and daring missions!
  2. Well, impossible with info you get in capsule or in external view. With some mod which gives you better flight computer in capsule no problem at all.
  3. It will take some time for me to creat some ships and scenario for first challenge.
  4. Many of the seasoned veterans of KSP forums will maybe rembember the original "Project BABYLON" a gargantuan effort to establish a colony on Laythe. It had everything. Huge capital shipts, missiles, spacestations, SSTOs and much more. It all went bust since we havent got resources in the promised updates. Then came the BABYLON: Derelict, but now its time for something new. Game changed so much since 2013 when original project started. Now we have re-entry heat, new 3.75m parts, asteroids, claws and most importantly resources! Back in the day when we started we havent even had rover seats... So I think time has come to start all over again trough a shared save file, which will be updated in regular intervals to keep everyone up to date. Who is in?
  5. Long stick with nail on one end - for making holes into pressure suits!
  6. Does Moho have atmosohere again or what?
  7. XC-305 was actually phasimg out in the end of project Babylon to XC-701B. XF-100, the small one was also one of my favorites, pretty capable craft, it only lacked wast amounts of Dv, I remember that XC-305 had around 10.000m/s2? Which seems ridiculous :-D Well, my vision of battle ship/mother ship of future is "versatility and modularity". All these crafts as great as they were/are had mostly just small docking ports to accomodate various missiles and torpedoes (but once I carried 2 small Sparrow shuttles form Zombiphylax docked to side ports of xc-305 or 701B). One great contruction point of xc series and its descendants was that the spine of the ship was made from girders strutted together, which made it quite stiff. I imageine future ultimate battleship/mothership as sort skeleton at its basic form. Just engines in the back, fuel going forward around spine made of girders, power generation (RTGs are too expensive in career mode, solar panels inefective in far way systems, so propably 1 rtg as backup, some 2 large panels and large power cell), massive torque (to compensate for carrying assymetric cargo loads), radiators. Keep it simple, keep it tidy, keeping parts count down, making it easy to refil fuel tanks - yeah finding and clicking fuel tanks under armor was always annoying with some ships. So basicaly you would have this bare skeleton of a ship which would be quite light and easy to get into orbit and then modules to set it for particular mission profiles... Refinery module and mining lander, missile pods, science lab module, proprieatary SSTOs shuttles, dropship landers, hab modules for surface... I quite like Zekes "base in box". Some features are quite close to philosphy i would like to incorporate. Armor, althou it looks auite impressive and quite nice, it has rarely any practical use so I just wouldn't put it there. Radical? Maybe... So what you guys say about my vision? :-)
  8. [quote name='Spartwo']I still think we should remake it.[/QUOTE] Me too... And I have a plan! ;) I just need few days to put my thougts together ;) Now with resources, road is open to do it once again and properly :) Plus I´m putting together specs. for the ultimate interplanetary ship ever built.
  9. Sometimes it seems, that days of these great capital ships are gone... :) I liked to use Co-XX as practice targets for my XC-305 and other ships I used for Project BABYLON :)
  10. Ok... Here is whats gonna happend after i come home from work - download it, put it in orbit, build a figther and blast it of from the space! :-D I quite like it, but my space battle ship of choice will still be XC-305 and XF-100. They were so pure and functional.
  11. I was actually brought to KSP way back in version 0.18, just days before 0.18.2 by watching KurtJMac video about minecraft seing some KSP in suggested videos... I was big time orbiter player waaayyyy back so I wanted to give it a try. And then I was lost :D I quite like Scott of course, but for me Macey Dean is the star - love the story, the naration, the ships and I learned how to dock since I wanted to use that badass carrier with fighters and stuff!
  12. What absout adding small landing pad for VTOL...? We can make pretty small VTOLs now with those tiny jet engines. :-) I used KV-2 Griffon from zombiphylax with quite some succes landing it on landingpad on water. But that was pretty large one. Just put some girders, command seet and jets together and it should work :-) I really think that Kerbal who could afford this yacht would also have his helicopter :-D
  13. Ok... I will try. But zooming in game normaly works with mousewheel, in editor it slides camera up and down....
  14. Just a quick question: how do I zoom in and zoom out in editor on MAC? I have Macbook, co no numeric keyboard. And method with holding shift and scrolling mousewheel does not work. Where to look in settings? Thanks
  15. Meh, duna atmosphere treats me same as it did in previous versions...
  16. Ah, XC-305, the finest battleship there ever was or will be in my yes anyway So many cycles of - launch - refuel - arm - Jool transfer...
  17. It actually takes quite a bit Dv to travel from Pol to Laythe. Thats true, that there is not really a lot of ore on surface of Laythe. But how much and for what you really need it. I just wanted it for running my VTOL rescue craft to pick up any stranded crews and for that I just need few hundred of units of luquid fuel... Best would be to get few E class asteroids in orbit of Laythe and mine them
  18. I like Mini hot-dog, but lack of docking port is kinda deal braker for me, wanted to use it on my station as emergency escape vehicle - only if I would catch it by claw - but that would damage paint
  19. It´s actually pretty nice. Flies nice, bombs work really well! Thumbs up!
  20. Populated system with some refineries, miners and space trucks to keep my operations flowin. Also started scouting Laythe for SSTO landing sites and colony location - re-entry on Laythe with my SSTO is pretty brutal and landing on slope is experience I almost forgot. Lot of F9 today...
  21. I orbital refineries. In Joolian system I have refinery above pol, 2 miners each with 6000 ore capacity. When ore is procesed fuel is drained into 2 huge fuel tanks those 3.75m with like 5880 LF which are then transported via space truck to Laythe orbit, docked to station and truck takes back the empty tanks to Pol and circle of fuel goes around It is fairly efficient and pleasant experience. I will have small refinery and mining station on surface of Laythe to for liquid fuel for air breathing airplanes and stuff. Wouldnt need much fuel there. But building something really huge, then landing it on some low gravity moon or planet and drain it for precious ore an then get back into orbit and use it as refieling depo could be also fun.
  22. Meh, I made few experimental miners and everything seems fine. Just even with 8 giantor solar panels and 1 milion kerbal money worth of nuclear generators I cannot run more than 2 drills and even that I´m running out of power slowly. But in rich deposit I´m getting ore quite quick.
  23. Many of you may remember my old project where I tried, with help of many great people from forum, to establish permanent colony on Laythe. It was around version 0.20 and resources were just behind the corner or so did we thought... In the end the whole project failed mainly because it was impossible to bring so many orange tanks from Kerbin to Laythe. But now things have changed and I want to re-boot the whole thing. Questin is: Where would you get ore in Joolian system? Options are mostly just Vall, Bop and Pol. Pol is far, but has low gravity and not as much inclination so getting refined fuel to Laythe orbit should not be that problematic and I see it as best option. What you guys think?
  24. I ve build pretty cool refinery/lab station above Ike, complete with SSTO shuttle service from Kerbin. Then I wanted to bring Valentina back from grave - she kinda wasnt respawning and doing that I broke my Career save file and I dont have back up
  25. Dont know, in 1.0.2 dont see that huge difference from previous versions. I did my share of SSTO flights from .21 till 0.90... The biggest difference is that you need to catch the right moment and altitude to gain speed.