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  1. Hmm, not getting any asteroids spawning at all. Any ideas?
  2. Hey @godarklight just wanted to say it's awesome you're still supporting this after all this time, had fun with this off and on for a couple of years now
  3. Having some issues with between-client updates. It doesn't seem to be transferring (all) vessel recoveries, nor kerbals re-entering vessels between different players. This means I'm seeing a Kerbal copied every time another player does an EVA, but not disappearing when he goes back on-board: http://i.imgur.com/cr3aOFW.png I think that's if you're connecting to a server with a different name, or with your usual name from a different install instance; servers give every client that joins a 'key' which can be finicky.
  4. Wow Darklight, that's some quick work, thanks so much!
  5. Go to your DMP server folder, then go to \Universe\Scenarios\*playername* and open the Funding.txt file; adjust the 'funds' number to your heart's content Another thing you might play with is the ScenarioUpgradeableFacilities.txt - this will let you give them a couple of facility upgrades instead of plain cash if you wish.
  6. I like the look in general, but I think it's the red that's a bit jarring. If that were white it would be way closer to stock I think.
  7. When someone's spectating someone else, and one has time-dilation due to the heavy load of a large vessel and the other doesn't, duplications happen. When vessels are populating, could perhaps the game check if there aren't other vessels with the same name in the same frame?
  8. That sounds good, better than a local backup too - how do you set that up?
  9. Not 100% but so far not seeing any alternatives. It's possible that if it were at sea it'd be splashed = True, rather than landed = TRUE, but I actually dunno if the game treats those differently. Separate from that, reverting vessels sometimes leaves the craft as a [vessel].txt saved to the server, even though it's been reverted. It doesn't show up to the player, (time bubble stuff) but the next person joining the server will see a bunch of stuff sitting on the runway/orbit whatever. This should be simple enough to resolve, but the same thing occasionally happens with quicksaves, which might be harder. Also, a new request: given the frequency at which stuff spontaneously disassembles in amusing ways (just had a space-station break in half and get speed relative to the planet below set to 0 the moment a second player started spectating it) it would be nice if the vessels (and possibly the scenarios to go with them) were periodically backed up. Usually the full library is only a few mB max, so it shouldn't be too taxing to save ~12 backups, at 15 minute intervals or so. I'm setting something like that up for myself now, but direct DMP integration could be cool - provide a big "Everything just blew up aaaargh!" button to admin-enabled DMP control panel to allow a server revert to a previous backup
  10. Ooh interesting new issue: At times vessels will save wonky, you'll get That's happened to a few a vessels which I've reverted, so there's this [vessel].txt file sitting in Universe\Vessels but those vessels aren't visible on the map or in the tracking station. I manually changed a couple of them to landed = TRUE and when I connected they'd be visible at their locations (these were attempts at a shuttle which I had reverted many times, 'landed' on the runway ready for launch. This also happened with a wheeled fuel tanker on Minmus that a friend was interacting with. It seemed to disappear for me, and I checked through the vessel .txt files and found it was there but with the a sit = LANDED, landed = FALSE states; on manually altering to landed = TRUE and reconnecting I could find it and interact with it again
  11. And indeed, mod Scenario files are all working again. Kerbal Alarm Clock, Kethane etc, all good.
  12. Awesome, thanks for working on it! Issue now is http://godarklight.info.tm/ is down, can't download from there. The most recent dev build on http://d-mp.org/ is from the 18th, so it doesn't look like it has the most recent updates. As it happens, I'm currently using dev build version a9fc12945303f39aee1b9f2f471254466521ab86, also from the 18th, which isn't included on d-mp.org either. Eek, just heard about your HD crash - hope you get your stuff up and running again OK!
  13. Yo DMP'rs, having an issue: the Kethane ScanMask isn't saving on disconnect. I.e. if you scan a body and disconnect, the information you've gathered will be gone when you reconnect. I've looked in the /scenarios/[playername] folder, and I'm not seeing a KethaneData.txt. That may be an issue with the 0.90 DMP, or it might be with the updated 0.90 Kethane.dll, dunno. I've tried manually placing a KethaneData.txt file from a 0.25 server in the 0.90 scenario folder, but this has had no effect. EDIT: It is also not saving Kerbal Alarm Clock data, nor TAC Life support settings; both of which are SCENARIO items that come after ScenarioDiscoverableObjects; they are not being saved as .txt scenario files - as yet unsure why this is. I notice that DiscoverableObjects was also a scenario in 0.25 which wasn't saved as a .txt, but alarm clock and similar came after it in 0.25 save files too and saved just fine over DMP.
  14. You're both right, it techincally broke the licence rules but it's a minor issue. The license says you have to include "Copyright � Majiir 2012-2014 All rights reserved." plus a little blurb to 'redistribute and use' the file, modified or original. I.e. you have to package it with a .txt file that contains... well, the contents of the Kethane-LICENSE.txt file basically. No biggie, just make it a .zip with both files rather than the single and everyone's happy. Hell, by editing your post where you 'distribute' the dropbox link to include the licence you've covered it, no need for a re-upload... I think. It'd be cool to respect the copyright process to that extent; the mod authors go to the trouble of setting a copyright notice up after all. Good plan! And thanks for fixing up Kethane Niggle: I'm not getting the Kethane grid view button; i.e. I can't hide the Kethane overlay [edit: nevermind, can open the interface in the Tracking Station, then it stays in the map, works fine with that little workaround].
  15. How do.. KSP players simulate vessel flight characteristics? How on Earth (or Kerbin) is switching to a sandbox save file less of a 'cheat' than doing *exactly the same flights* in your regular save an then reverting? 'You there' might want some kind of purist Ideal Multiplayer World, but 'we here' want to play the game KSP in multiplayer; a game which has these features like 'revert'. 'I' would prefer to be able to tinker with a vessel's design with a few test flights and send it through to my friend who's playing the same world as me, without having to jump to a separate sandbox save and manually transfer the .craft files to a different folder. So why are you advocating making KSP less user-friendly and harder by taking away the revert feature? EVE is exactly the kind of game where you can lose everything from one mistake with no 'saves' - and that's what you're asking for.