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  1. Also, the tourist contracts require suborbital to be suborbital "spaceflight", and won't register until you actually reach space.
  2. Supersonic Atmospheric Landing Module and Orbital Nexus THING
  3. Thumb printing could be annoying from skin conditions that make your thumb print hard to see. Or what if you have a bandage on?
  4. This reminds me of what I think might be the same thing I saw (a few weeks? ago). It's like the location to right-click on moved or that windows might try to appear off screen, or the windows didn't want to appear over the building (but like at the top of the screen). Closing and restarting also fixed it for me. Sorry for the vague description.
  5. Something like "Launch this", since I wanted to launch it next time I fired up KSP (in career mode).
  6. I don't have a screenshot handy, but I've noticed that while transmitting science data, the resources tab can show two negative signs for the change in ElectricCharge. For example, it would look like "(--0.50)". I'm running Windows 32-bit, KSP 0.90.
  7. I know that the spherical cube (I forget the name at the moment) is what is used for the terrain, but I don't know absolutely what the textures use.
  8. My true first post was destroyed in the great forum crash of April 2013 (see sig) along with my account. Otherwise, this is the oldest extant post of mine. I remember when spoiler tags were disabled due to a security vulnerability.
  9. When I managed to land on the Mun and return safely to Kerbin in the demo. (and this was 0.13.3 aka winglets for landing legs) I didn't buy right away, but it wasn't too long after.
  10. sin2(x) is just a stylistic shorthand for sin(x)2 or sin(x) * sin(x)
  11. 246 = 4!*!4 + 4! + Γ(4)
  12. 242 = A(√(!4), √(!4)) * 4 - √4