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  1. Thanks Pak. I feel silly. The link I referenced was in the threads on someone's post. I didn't realize that the banner is also a link. Thanks again, I'll check this out when I get home. Thanks, MRH
  2. Could someone point me to a current craft file for this? The one on the 1st or second page is not loadable, it has parts that are not in the current release. Thanks!
  3. I found a problem with the latest version of ASET props. Both the current CKAN version and the beta linked a couple of pages back. The new 1.4 version of ASET props (CKAN version) isn't being identified as [ASET_PROP] but rather [ASET]. I was able to make the ASET prop version of the IVA view load correctly by editing 2 files: ------ BuffaloCab.cfg ------- //@PART[WBI_BuffaloCab]:NEEDS[ASET_PROPS] @PART[WBI_BuffaloCab]:NEEDS[ASET] ----- BuffaloCabASET.cfg ----- //INTERNAL:NEEDS[ASET_PROPS] INTERNAL:NEEDS[ASET] Enjoy!
  4. I'm experiencing the same thing. Locks the monitor and spams the log. I tried the 1.1.2. version on dropbox with the same results. It may be a RPM problem?
  5. You're right Sirkut. I ran a few quick tests. No problems with the Dromoman parts now.
  6. I really believe this is the best mod that exists for KSP. There are so many mods, some of which get a lot of attention from the general community but this one is clean. It has a great interface, great graphics, and its been around for ages. It just works. Many other mods have leveraged concepts that were introduced in this mod. You really should put a donation button on the first post.
  7. Mihara, "If I can figure out how to compile them in a single run without actually maintaining two separate versions of the code, I suppose it's doable, but not otherwise." I've never worked with unity code but check out Microsoft Reflection it may help with this: "The classes in the System.Reflection namespace, together with System.Type, enable you to obtain information about loaded assemblies and the types defined within them, such as classes, interfaces, and value types. You can also use reflection to create type instances at run time, and to invoke and access them. For topics about specific
  8. Ore mines and other resources are not necessarily found at optimal locations for any kind of reasonable link. On earth, we use tankers to transport the materials to the refineries and to move the resulting refined materials to where they are consumed. My kolony is in very early in development but I'm planning to use KAS on my tank-rover to transport kethane to a location where I have been fortunate enough to find ore and other resources.
  9. Has anyone been able to use multiwheels with 23.5 (ARM)? Nothing shows up in the VAB and I get this error in the log: [LOG 11:43:38.612] Load(Model): uploads_2013_06_TTModularWheels-v0.6.2.3/Parts/TTtruckwheel_m2/model [ERR 11:43:38.617] WheelCollider requires an attached Rigidbody to function. It could be just me, too many mods.
  10. Ha! I found a temporary workaround to increase the lighting. It appears that KSP / Unitity allow external light, for example from sol, to shine into the IVA space. Add some very small lights to the side of your command module pointing into the part. When the external lights are turned on the light from your small lights will shine into the command room. I placed very small spots on 90 degrees from center (left side).
  11. I agree this would make a great addition to RasterPropMonitor.
  12. I love the new control room. I used it to send a couple of probes to minus entirely in IVA. It worked great. I do have two suggestions. The lighting on the desk (monitors) is too dark it is very difficult to read the monitors at times. Perhaps small lights under the top of the dash shining down? I found that on a longer voyage, I really wanted to change the main monitor from the default map display to an orbital display. Adding an additional set of controls for the wall monitor would be very nice. Great job. Thanks!
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