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  1. Being able to understand what someone is implying without them having to spell it out in black and white is also a part of communicating. In fact, that is a Huge part of communication in modern times. Thank you for derailing a help request thread, that's is the best help some people have to offer.
  2. it seems neither of you have a sense of linear time. thats fine, keep trolling peoples help requests and see where that gets you in life. for the sake of the trolls I amend my statement: It has been over a year since the first poster asked the question, and he/we have not had an official response as of yet.
  3. if you look at the date on the FIRST post in this thread, it was WAY before 1.1.2. so that has Nothing to do with it.
  4. I just bought a laptop with a 17.3" 4k display. You want to see small fonts? the words on EVERYTHING are literally 1.5mm (about 1/16") tall. It also applies this insanely small font to ALL Mod UI's, and sets the non stock UI windows to scale based on those. I'm trying to get used to squinting at the screen from 3" away, but until I can get home to Fort McMurray I might just have to suffer Still no official reply either.
  5. HoY

    KSP YouTubers

    Nobody mentioned Robbaz ? He doesnt do many KSP videos lately, but he's still right up there with Danny IMHO. Not serious like Scott, just laid back fun. (language warning) His videos are also what introduced me to this game back in 2011
  6. install hyperedit and press ctrl+h. theres a button there that lets you refill any or all of your tanks in your active ship
  7. 2 868.75 km or, in meters, 2,868,750m when your AP and PE are both at this altitude, switch your navball over to Surface and it will read 0.0m/s
  8. I second the Hangar mod. Your mother ship can be taken down to just a few hundred parts, and still bring the entire mission in one shot.
  9. Same issue with wheels sparking, but I Love the rest of the concept! I'm not positive, but it looks like dragging objects generate heat, and glow yellow?
  10. I was planning on focusing on making the "fighters" to be armed with weapon mods. Gatling, lazor, skillful, and whatever other ones have small mountable guns and missiles. I think skillful has a warhead payload plugin, which could probably be integrated into a probe core nose cone or something later.
  11. I didn't ask for parts, I'm not sure where you are getting that from. I'm considering making a new line of parts and asking for feedback on them before I do something only I will enjoy.
  12. I use tweak scale, and the memory footprint is a non factor since I and many others have started running the game in OpenGL mode.
  13. Been thinking a lot about the cockpit designs, and was thinking of something similar to an a-10 design for the space only variant. The bubble canopy that's got good visibility but a fair amount of solid material around the pilot. It will have to be extremely cramped inside it but I don't want to have the kerbal not actually fit in it, as I want to use RPM to make him visible from outside, and have a proper working IVA. Thinking about something similar to a harrier cockpit for the atmospheric variant, but who knows what it will turn out to be by the time I get that far
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