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  1. We'll disclose some details once we get close to a playable prototype. I wish I could say it's the only thing I'm focusing on right now, but unfortunately I've got a variety of things on my plate. Once that's close to completion and release we'll see about getting this updated.
  2. Experimenting with loading cargo planes via KAS. Alas, this plane was not made to land in the hills... I'll have to figure something else out for building a base far from KSC...
  3. How to stop? You get busy with college and/or start developing a game with someone you met on the forums. At least that's how I did it.
  4. As people have already said, Planetside 2 is up there. It's a massive FPS with some paid elements but nothing you can't get by playing the game for free (save aesthetics).
  5. Yeah, while Sauron's concepts are certainly awesome, trying to build a set of parts off of those would only yield something like the KSOS, which is fairly limited in its construction (i.e. you can build the shuttles and that's it). Since I want this mod to be modular like the Stock parts, I'll be taking inspiration rather than directly building from Sauron's concept art.
  6. Two update photos for today: #1: Completed UV unwrap and AO bake This looks really good, I like how the AO turned out. #2: Started texture work Compared to the reference photos the engine bells are quite dark; I'll probably lighten them up. AO also needs to be turned up since it's barely visible in the engine area.
  7. That's a very solid "Maybe," from my understanding of the situation. The Editor will be 64-bit guaranteed, enabling them to find and solve many of the 64-bit bugs more easily than before, but a 64-bit build of KSP will take longer. Back on topic, here's a supply lander for a future Minmus base of mine:
  8. Streaming now, this is likely going to be the first of my regular schedule! Colonizing Mun is the name of the game today, got KIS and KAS installed for that.
  9. I wish you folks the best of luck, this sounds like a really cool project and I'd love to see it in action! For the software development side, I can only confidently recommend Unity. It's extremely powerful and would enable building the app for both Android and iOS. Heck, you could even develop web-based and Windows Phone versions (provided your software person has Windows 8 or 10 once it releases). Given my familiarity with it I would consider offering up my support if I wasn't tied down by other projects. You should try to find someone with programming experience, especially in Unity, to make the app development as painless as possible. Edit: looks like you guys are already thinking about Unity, I should have read the OP a little better.
  10. Since Blender is free and has a plugin to import KSP .mu files, I recommend it wholeheartedly. The big issue with it is the learning curve, which is comparable to KSP. However, if you can overcome that learning curve and start doing things it's really powerful. I've used it casually for over two years and it's a phenomenal piece of software.
  11. Got the engine body unwrapped and did a quick AO bake to see how it looks. Nozzles still need an unwrap but are done with assembly.
  12. It's good to see you're still around! I might be more inclined to fix up these old parts if I knew I wasn't going to be working on a new set of models any time soon, but I've got some work in progress and it looks much more promising. Here's the link to the development thread (which also sports the new brand name): CycloTech Parts Development And here's the part preview I put on that thread: More info is on that thread and I'll be doing progress updates there exclusively from now on. Let me know what you think, since your work was what got me started on this!
  13. The mod itself works, you just can't use the installer. Simply download the manual install version and extract the files to your GameData folder.
  14. Add-on Development thread is up with a WIP preview of one of the new engine parts! Check it out here!
  15. Take a look at the Current Release HERE! CycloTech Parts Development (formerly One-Eye Industries) As promised, here's a development thread for the new CycloTech/One-Eye Industries parts! Updates to this thread will come as I make progress on things. If I think to do it, I'll occasionally stream work on my twitch channel after announcing it here and on Twitter. Current Plan: (Copied from my post in the release thread) Functionality: I've been toying with plans for the parts since I am strongly leaning towards making this pack work both parallel to Stock and as an outright replacement. What that means (in theory) is you can roll with these AND Stock or remove the Stock parts altogether and still have a fully-functional rocketry program. Engines Liquid Fuel will stay the same and serve as the base fuel for all rocket engines Oxidizer will be split into two resources: Oxidizer and Hy-Ox (short for Hypergolic Oxidizer) LFO is less efficient but more powerful than LFHO LFHO will serve primarily in orbital engines while LFO is used in lifters Engines will therefore be split into two categories: standard and hypergolic Standard engines will use regular LFO, but have a limited throttle and cannot be shutdown Hypergolic engines will behave like engines currently do with unlimited throttle and shutdown/restart capabilities, but will use the LFHO mix instead Monoprop engines will also become more significant. I like how the Orange's engines work so there'll be more of those, exclusively for orbital use Fuel tanks will be split into Liquid Fuel, Oxidizer, and Hy-Ox sections Part Sizes will become DX, DY, DZ, and DW (analogous, but not necessarily equal to, the Stock 0.625, 1.25, 2.5, 3.75m standards) Solar Panels will be available in two versions upon completion: stock-balanced and nerfed (since I feel the stock ones are overpowered for the amount of electric charge the average vessel uses) Crew Parts will follow the style of the fuel tanks and Sauron's concepts with some aspects drawn from Russian space stations Aero Parts will not be a part of this pack. Since the focus here is rocketry, they're a bit out of the scope of this mod Disclaimer: I may reconsider this decision in the future, but for now there's no aero parts planned I'm pretty confident in the new sizes and some significant inline Monoprop engines. As for Hy-Ox, well... That'll require some testing if I decide to go that route. Let me know what you think! Current Progress: (as of Thursday May 29, 2015) A four-nozzle engine setup like the one seen in the images of the Soyuz rocket's upper stage. Three of the nozzles are missing because the template (the one that is present) isn't yet complete. Most of the detail work (except that on the nozzles) is done, and soon I'll get to work on UV mapping and texturing. The equivalent section on the Soyuz is orange, but I might take some liberties and keep it a neutral gray for now. A Sketchfab preview of the model will come when I start UV mapping.
  16. Coca-Cola, the vanilla variety is my favorite followed closely by cherry and regular.
  17. Awesome, thanks! I'm about to stream some work on the new parts if people want to watch. Figured I might as well get some feedback while things are still in the early stages of development. [LINK]
  18. I use my signature to share quotes that I found humorous as well as provide some self-advertising for my mods and social media. It's a neat way to provide some useful information without having to copy-paste it into every post. I'm not a fan of people asking for reputation in their signatures though, it seems kinda pretentious to me.
  19. Very nice! Would you allow me to use it as the main image on the front page? I'm glad you like it despite the issues! The KAS and TAC LS configs are outdated, but I can work on getting them updated in the next few days. The docking port issue is a simple idea but a complicated explanation: Sauron Docking Ports are only compatible with other Sauron Ports because of how I set them up. The little retractable probe shown in this gif is on every Sauron port and causes it to operate like a probe/drogue docking port system as seen in the Soyuz and Apollo spacecraft. Related Diagram: The docking ports are fully functional when used together in opposing states (indicated by the light on the side: green = probe deployed, orange = probe retracted) but are very tricky to dock successfully. While ports in Stock and KSO have their nodes positioned on the front of the port, the Sauron ports have their nodes at the tip of the probe and the bottom of the drogue to simulate the probe/drogue system of the diagram above. Probe Retracted: node at the bottom of the drogue Probe Extended: node at the tip of the probe In these pictures, the little white cube is the docking node location defined in the config file. It's no small task to get it lined up and docked properly, especially considering the acquisition range and force values are reduced from stock ports (range is 0.1 and force is 0.5 versus the stock values, which are significantly higher) and the collider setup only provides a very small area for the probe to move, requiring your docking to be incredibly accurate for fear of bouncing off. So, if you aren't lined up both positionally and rotationally docking is very unlikely. I'd recommend using a stock or KSO port on your future cargo craft since those are a lot more forgiving and better-tuned than this. The docking port was a proof-of-concept more than anything and it's quite difficult to use properly. I won't deny I'm happy with how it works, but the model revamp will come with a much better version, specifically a dedicated probe port and a dedicated drogue port.
  20. My current plan (this monster) is to remake models for EVERYTHING. Unfortunately things here are lower on my to-do list since I have a couple other projects that require a lot of attention, but I'm starting work on that when I get some free time and inspiration.
  21. It took me far too long, but this is now available on Kerbal Stuff. KERBAL STUFF LINK No CKAN compatibility yet since I need to update the zip file's folder structure.
  22. I don't often get the little blue highlight, but when I do it always makes me a little happier. Nothing like getting a little rep or a message from someone to brighten my day.
  23. I'm back to streaming! Today's going to be some madness with the Reaver I built yesterday and possibly some activity in orbit! My Twitch Channel Edit: There's too much noise for me to stream right now so I'm going to wait a few hours and try again. Hopefully things are quieter by then.
  24. Built a Reaver from Planetside 2 on my stream today. Comparison Photo:
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