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  1. Awesome! I'll make sure to added to my list of must have mods for 1.2
  2. @Streetwind Very nicely explained with a great tip. Nice job.
  3. Mike, Bill, Nathanael, Sébastien, Jim, Brian, Chris and Nathan, You guys have given me, the community so much more that you may ever know. You have given us days of your lives as Modders and as Developers, all to make a good game better. Thank you all so much. I wish you all the best in the Universe (ours and the little green guys' ). And I hope you'll stop by the hanger and VAB from time to time, to talk thrust to weight ratio or Delta-V . Been absolutely the best flying with you. See ya in the Black
  4. We're happy for any release you give us. Well, Bob isn't always thrilled 'cause it means more flight tests. Maybe you can include a bottle of Old Granddad Kerman's Nerve Tonic in your next release. "When the Flight Director says 'Go for Launch!' and the those engines start to rumble, just take a big ole slug of Old Granddad Kerman's Nerve Tonic and you won't care if she begins to tumble!" Old Granddad Kerman's Nerve Tonic endorsed by Bob Kerman, Chief Test Cosmonaut, Voidryder Aerospace. Warning contains 120 proof alcohol and molasses for favor and coloring.
  5. Go to https://www.jobscan.co/ You get 5 free resume scan that will tell you what keywords you are missing. Easy to use. All copy and paste. But you have to put in an actual job description for it to compare. Just find one you would apply for on Indeed. Copy and paste it into jobscan. Do the same with your resume and hit scan. Easy as pie. I use it and it works. And no, I do not work for jobscan. Good luck Wolf!
  6. No problem. I've missed a few rendezvous in my life too.
  7. Well it worked for these guys. http://tinyurl.com/mv9njv3
  8. Had same error when trying from SpaceDock. Using 7-zip. Error reads: Can not open file '(local location of file edited out for this post) CxAerospace_Station_Part_Pack-1.3.2.zip' as archive No matter which option is chosen in 7-zip menu get same error. And yes, Spacedock is being funky too. Though download other mods today without a problem.
  9. Looking good. As to Kerbals not fitting "mini-docking node", per Wiki a helmet-less Kerbal can wiggle through a Clamp-O-Tron Jr since 1.1. So if you are making the mini Airdock the same size, they can squeeze through. Just have to hope the other side is pressurized or has a breathable atmosphere. Otherwise, that will be "One small step for a Kerbal and one long....gasp...aaaaaagh...." Here's the link. Hope it helps. http://tinyurl.com/kkrgggj
  10. Sounds like too much work...and a trip hazard! I say go back and cut the hole(s) in the floor or floors. I'm sure your landlord wouldn't mind one bit. Remember safety first!
  11. @KasperVld A thousand thank you's are grossly inadequate to express gratitude for the fantastic job you have done. Best wishes as you travel beyond the Kerbal Solar System.
  12. @Shadowmage Well that's a bummer about no shader support, but more that you'll have to spend weeks to get SSTU operational again after the release. Guess I'll be flyin' in 1.1.3 until you do. SSTU is just too essential for me.
  13. Um, you realize that is from April 1, 2015, right? April 1st.... I mean coding in Java... DRM... Or maybe you did realize it and were having a laugh yourself? Either way I hope we return to our regularly scheduled thread of Tantares or "How I got to the Mun in 4 Easy Steps." Step 1: Build rocket Step 2: Launch rocket Step 3: Burn for Mun when Mun about 10° above horizon. Step 4: Build rescue rocket. Repeat as necessary.