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  1. @Beale It would be a crying shame if you can't continue Tantares. It has been one of my must-have mods since you used to be a small smiling loaf of bread. Fingers-crossed Squad releases the part tools you need.
  2. The launcher opens the ad page. I'm direct pc and use a shortcut to the exe . If you are on Steam, maybe someone else can offer assistance. Good luck
  3. Thanks for doing this. DL'ing now.
  4. @Silverwood - I'm running Windows 7 and didn't have any problems on the install. But to be fair, I'm waiting on 1.4.2 update and several mods to get updated before I do more than just tinker with the game/expansion. Just been my experience, I can save myself a bit of frustration by waiting for the hotfix.
  5. [1.3.x] Comfortable Landing [V1.4]

    Thanks! This is a great addition to command pods. Keep up the good work! Have a cup of coffee on me.
  6. Haystack Mod - Anything like it now?

    Awesome. That will work. Thanks greatly
  7. Is there a 1.3.0 compatible mod that works like the old Haystack? Just trying to select a specific docking port on a space station for well....docking. Thanks for the help.
  8. [1.3.0] Inline Ballutes [IB] (v1.2.8) [30.05.2017]

    Awesome! I'll make sure to added to my list of must have mods for 1.2
  9. Customizing configs

    @Streetwind Very nicely explained with a great tip. Nice job.
  10. Thank you for everything and good luck!

    Mike, Bill, Nathanael, Sébastien, Jim, Brian, Chris and Nathan, You guys have given me, the community so much more that you may ever know. You have given us days of your lives as Modders and as Developers, all to make a good game better. Thank you all so much. I wish you all the best in the Universe (ours and the little green guys' ). And I hope you'll stop by the hanger and VAB from time to time, to talk thrust to weight ratio or Delta-V . Been absolutely the best flying with you. See ya in the Black
  11. We're happy for any release you give us. Well, Bob isn't always thrilled 'cause it means more flight tests. Maybe you can include a bottle of Old Granddad Kerman's Nerve Tonic in your next release. "When the Flight Director says 'Go for Launch!' and the those engines start to rumble, just take a big ole slug of Old Granddad Kerman's Nerve Tonic and you won't care if she begins to tumble!" Old Granddad Kerman's Nerve Tonic endorsed by Bob Kerman, Chief Test Cosmonaut, Voidryder Aerospace. Warning contains 120 proof alcohol and molasses for favor and coloring.
  12. Go to https://www.jobscan.co/ You get 5 free resume scan that will tell you what keywords you are missing. Easy to use. All copy and paste. But you have to put in an actual job description for it to compare. Just find one you would apply for on Indeed. Copy and paste it into jobscan. Do the same with your resume and hit scan. Easy as pie. I use it and it works. And no, I do not work for jobscan. Good luck Wolf!
  13. No problem. I've missed a few rendezvous in my life too.
  14. Well it worked for these guys. http://tinyurl.com/mv9njv3