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  1. Let's say, Mission Control is currently in the middle of a crisis. Here's the details so far. Two Kerbals, let's say Pete and Gordo, are in a 130 km orbit in a two Kerbal spacecraft, let's say Gemini. The mission was plagued with minor failures in the early hours, UHF antenna motor failure, Geiger counter failure. Then at T+ 0:3:28:36 a serious mission ending failure, let's say, the lost of two retrofire solid rockets, occurred. Dang it. Things at that stage weren't too bad for good old Pete and Gordo as their Gemini spacecraft was docked with a Gemini Target Vehicle, let's say Agena. They had plenty of electrical power, O2, water and food. plus a big old rocket engine on the Agena. Mission Protocol called for an immediate reentry once the second retro rocket failed. Too many failures, too early on. Time to do a deorbit burn, undock, ride the dragon's breath, pop the chutes, splashdown and Bob's your uncle. Well, Bob is their uncle, but that's a different story. Only, the Flight Director, let's say was working on the last of his second whiskey of the mission, messed up the Emergency Reentry Sequence and ordered the crew to undock first, and then use their OMS thrusters in the Adapter section. Bye-bye big old Agena rocket engine. Hello little puff-puff's. But there was a problem, let's say, not enough dV. So Pete and Gordo are now in a 72 x 130 Km orbit. Ok, not great, but still survivable. That fuel cell in the Adapter section was cranking out the buzz-buzz juice, still got plenty of O2, water and food. All Mission Control had to to do was accelerate the prep of the next Gemini, launch it uncrewed, rendezvous with Pete and Gordo, EVA over and then bring them home. Not a problem. Except, remember that Flight Director? Well due to the stress and let's say, the beginning of his 3rd whisky, remembered that the spacecraft had two good retrofire solid rocket motors. Well, why not use them to bring Pete and Gordo home?! Let's say the Flight Director was hoping if he could pull this off, then maybe people, let's say the rest of the Astronaut Corps, would forget that he caused the situation in the first place. The Flight Director punched off the Adapter, let's say, no more fuel cell, and fired the two remaining retrofire rockets. Whooze, fizz, thud-bang. And the orbit was now ...71 x 130 km. No joy. And dwindling electrical power. Oh and that uncrewed rescue Gemini? Well, it failed to achieve orbit due to a sudden under-thrust, let's say explosion, of it's second stage. So Pete and Gordo are on EVA, clinging to their crippled spacecraft, waiting rescue. Why EVA? Their suits give them 5 hours of life support and 2 hours of all important electrical power. Plus the view is spectacular. The Flight Director has every confidence that by the time, let's say, he finishes his third whiskey, the Engineers in the VAB and GUIDO in the backroom will come up with something that will work. If not, there will be, let's say, more whiskey at the Memorial Service.
  2. Well, I'm guessing like many here, this is a bittersweet moment. I started playing KSP back in 2012 and except for a year long break, have played it almost everyday. I have told so many people about this game, but also about how it came to be. That is an amazing story too. I can still recall my feelings when I accomplished my first orbit, docking, Mun landing, Duna landing, etc. It was and still is better than defeating any final boss I have ever fought. Thank you to all the Modders, to everyone who has passed through Squad's doors, and of course a huge thank you to you, Felipe. You made so many dreams for so many others come true while making yours a reality. Now excuse me, I've got a new mission to fly.
  3. I think a 4th option is needed: The Owners will continue to release DLC's in order to make as much money as possible and will do minor bug fixes in the base game to keep people buying. It is a for-profit game. The goal is to make money. No other way to pay staff or get a return on investments. Once the outlay exceeds the income, then KSP will run out of dV.
  4. First, let me say I love this mod. I play a strict rules-based soapbox. This mod is and has been a major part of my gaming since it was first released. Huge thanks to Linuxgurugamer for keeping it going. With that said, it looks like I'm having the same issue as Kbluely and Saul Retav. Parts fail, but I don't get the option to repair. Almost lost a station crew last night as their return vehicle sprung several leaks and then life support started to fail on the station. Anyhoo, I'm running 1.4.3 with the Making History DLC, 64-bit with forced d3d11. Dangit is version 0.7.17 Here's my log file. Hope it helps to troubleshoot my issue. Thanks! https://www.dropbox.com/s/d1h9iqv2cmlrt6x/KSP.log?dl=0
  5. Starts unstrapping from Vostok. Well, doggie, I was looking forward to the in-flight snacks.
  6.  @Beale Um, I am confused. Updates 12.1 and 12.2 are listed on Spacedock as Tantares-LV, but they contain Tantares spacecraft in the zip file. The previous update to Tantares Launch Vehicles on Spacedock was 9.1 per the changelog. If I missed a post in the thread explaining this, just put me in a Vostok to Minmus.
  7. That Huey is looking good. And how I need it. Got one of my ace test pilots stranded about 60 klicks from KSC. Flame-out resulting in a flat-spin she couldn't recover from. ("Eject Goose! Eject! Eject!") Could build a rover to go get her, buuuuuuut this ain't Kebal Uber Program, ya know.
  8. Excellent! My ground crews will be very glad they no longer have to "volunteer" to hold the rockets upright on the pad any longer.
  9. No need to apologize Blackheart612. Ya gotta deal with real life. We can wait for your next update. Why, you ask. Because they are always so damn good.
  10. JEB: "Hey Val, wanna come see my new pad? Got great arms to hold ya." VAL: "Player, pleez. You need some better lines." JEB watching Val walk away, points over his shoulder to Pad39A. "But...but...but..."
  11. Making good progress there Beale. Looking fantastic. Can't wait for the next release.
  12. Just wanted to say thanks for making this great mod. I've been playing since 0.17 and quite often heard the desire for real launch towers, especially once the one in the game was removed. You made it happen. Thanks so much. Keep up the fantastic work.
  13. @Beale It would be a crying shame if you can't continue Tantares. It has been one of my must-have mods since you used to be a small smiling loaf of bread. Fingers-crossed Squad releases the part tools you need.
  14. The launcher opens the ad page. I'm direct pc and use a shortcut to the exe . If you are on Steam, maybe someone else can offer assistance. Good luck
  15. @Silverwood - I'm running Windows 7 and didn't have any problems on the install. But to be fair, I'm waiting on 1.4.2 update and several mods to get updated before I do more than just tinker with the game/expansion. Just been my experience, I can save myself a bit of frustration by waiting for the hotfix.
  16. Thanks! This is a great addition to command pods. Keep up the good work! Have a cup of coffee on me.
  17. Is there a 1.3.0 compatible mod that works like the old Haystack? Just trying to select a specific docking port on a space station for well....docking. Thanks for the help.
  18. Awesome! I'll make sure to added to my list of must have mods for 1.2
  19. @Streetwind Very nicely explained with a great tip. Nice job.
  20. Mike, Bill, Nathanael, Sébastien, Jim, Brian, Chris and Nathan, You guys have given me, the community so much more that you may ever know. You have given us days of your lives as Modders and as Developers, all to make a good game better. Thank you all so much. I wish you all the best in the Universe (ours and the little green guys' ). And I hope you'll stop by the hanger and VAB from time to time, to talk thrust to weight ratio or Delta-V . Been absolutely the best flying with you. See ya in the Black
  21. We're happy for any release you give us. Well, Bob isn't always thrilled 'cause it means more flight tests. Maybe you can include a bottle of Old Granddad Kerman's Nerve Tonic in your next release. "When the Flight Director says 'Go for Launch!' and the those engines start to rumble, just take a big ole slug of Old Granddad Kerman's Nerve Tonic and you won't care if she begins to tumble!" Old Granddad Kerman's Nerve Tonic endorsed by Bob Kerman, Chief Test Cosmonaut, Voidryder Aerospace. Warning contains 120 proof alcohol and molasses for favor and coloring.
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