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  1. Had same error when trying from SpaceDock. Using 7-zip. Error reads: Can not open file '(local location of file edited out for this post) CxAerospace_Station_Part_Pack-1.3.2.zip' as archive No matter which option is chosen in 7-zip menu get same error. And yes, Spacedock is being funky too. Though download other mods today without a problem.
  2. Looking good. As to Kerbals not fitting "mini-docking node", per Wiki a helmet-less Kerbal can wiggle through a Clamp-O-Tron Jr since 1.1. So if you are making the mini Airdock the same size, they can squeeze through. Just have to hope the other side is pressurized or has a breathable atmosphere. Otherwise, that will be "One small step for a Kerbal and one long....gasp...aaaaaagh...." Here's the link. Hope it helps. http://tinyurl.com/kkrgggj
  3. Sounds like too much work...and a trip hazard! I say go back and cut the hole(s) in the floor or floors. I'm sure your landlord wouldn't mind one bit. Remember safety first!
  4. @KasperVld A thousand thank you's are grossly inadequate to express gratitude for the fantastic job you have done. Best wishes as you travel beyond the Kerbal Solar System.
  5. @Shadowmage Well that's a bummer about no shader support, but more that you'll have to spend weeks to get SSTU operational again after the release. Guess I'll be flyin' in 1.1.3 until you do. SSTU is just too essential for me.
  6. Um, you realize that is from April 1, 2015, right? April 1st.... I mean coding in Java... DRM... Or maybe you did realize it and were having a laugh yourself? Either way I hope we return to our regularly scheduled thread of Tantares or "How I got to the Mun in 4 Easy Steps." Step 1: Build rocket Step 2: Launch rocket Step 3: Burn for Mun when Mun about 10° above horizon. Step 4: Build rescue rocket. Repeat as necessary.
  7. @Tiberion Congratulations on the new job! Teaching high school students, huh? I sure hope you don't have any like I was in HS. Just know there will always be a place for you and NovaPunch (1st mod I ever downloaded) in KSP! Keep'em flyin' Buddy!
  8. Not to speak for the Modder, but yep it works in 1.1.3. It is a beta though. The Modder will have to answer about CKAN. Happy probing!
  9. @Sigma88 and @MeCripp Thanks. I'm thinking maybe it is due to some of those parts having animation or are set as an active or passive docking port? But I'm no coder modeler. Thanks again for all your time.
  10. LOL! That was point of my picture and tongue-in-cheek post. It is a bit "cozy" in Soyuz. But this way, if nose itch and you can't reach it, fellow cosmonaut can scratch for you!
  11. PFFFFT! Just leave luggage behind for Dragon to bring to station. Ok, maybe control panel too. But can make 3 fit...with hammer.
  12. Ok, here goes. I uploaded two cache marked respectively MeCripp and Sigma88. Both gave the exact same number of patches: 23927 https://www.dropbox.com/s/p44kgvxe0b3jmhr/MeCripp_ModuleManager.7z?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/xca3zackyzsjlfn/Sigma88_ModuleManager.7z?dl=0 I didn't test each and every docking port I have in my game because that would be a lot. I'm fairly heavily modded. How I tested was that I built a simple testing rig with 17 ports that I use and a simple docking rig with a Clamp-O-Tron. Then once in orbit, it was trial and error. Here's a list of the ones that I did test that wouldn't mate to a stock Clamp-O-Tron: Tantares: T-350 Docking Probe T-350 Docking Drogue CxAerospace: APAS(Active) LO4F BlueDog Design: Kane-11 DPM6 0.625 Active Kane-11 DPM6 0.625 Passive Contares: DM2 International Docking Port Chaka (CMES): Chaka/Orion Docking Port Other docking ports by Tantares, Contares, BlueDog and Chaka did seal the deal with the Clamp-O-Tron. And Sigma88, I am a novice when it comes to MM scripts. i usually find one of someone else that is doing something similar to what I want to do and tweak it until it works. Not very eloquent I know. Thank you both for all of your time you are spending on this. I'll take all the words of wisdom you wish to bestow.
  13. @MeCripp and @Sigma88 Both your MM scripts gave me the same results - worked for some, but not for all. BUT I'm ok with that as I can now use the majority of the docking ports with each other. Thanks for your help.
  14. Hi, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I'm running various mods, each with their own type of docking port nodeType. Ex: NodeType = apasSize0 I'm wanting to simplify my life and make them all compatible, i.e. nodeType = size1 Here's the script I wrote, but it isn't working. Can someone tell me what my error is? Thanks.
  15. My most humble apologies. I will retire to hanger and sweep floor.
  16. Looks like India's RLV-TD to me. Am i close?
  17. CBBP! You live! Not to hijack Beale's thread or take anything away from him 'cause his mod rocks, but I agree with Mr. Wolfe your talents are missed. Hope you find time to once again let us fly your creations.
  18. No worries. Engineers at Voidryder Aerospace, Inc will apply Paraglider to various craft- perhaps even Duna lander - as soon as able to acquire Contares Paraglider. Please leave workplace unlocked. Thank you.
  19. Very nice. I wonder if this is now possible... We shall see, yes?
  20. Magnificent hraban!