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  1. Looking good. Bob is itching to fly her. Ok, he's heavily sedated at the moment, but when he wakes up in the cockpit I'm sure he'll be roaring to go!
  2. Thank you for sharing your dream and love of space with us. You created a truly one of a kind game, no, a learning tool, a dream fulfill-er. I wish you the best and look forward to what you will create next. Godspeed HarvesteR and remember, if the future ever looks uncertain -- MOAR BOOSTERS!
  3. What?!! 1.1.3 is out already?!!
  4. Frizzank, thank you. Thank you for all of the hours and love you put into FASA. It has always been the first part mod I install since you first launched it. Many an hour I've spent flying the Gusmobile. All the historical missions from Gemini 3 to 12, plus a few boilerplates. I've even flown her on a Duna mission or two, ala "Robinson Crusoe on Mars" style, modified of course. Not to mention your Apollo, etc. NathanKell is a great choice. Thank you again.
  5. Thought you were going on vacation? Isn't that your secret hanger where you design and build CMES? By the way, interesting rcs pods on the CST-100's SM, don't ya think?
  6. Just finished reading Fallen Astronauts by Colin Burgess and Kate Doolan. Capt. Gene Cernan wrote the foreword. It tells the stories of both Astronauts and Cosmonauts who died in flight and on the ground. It was published in 2003 so it doesn't include any stories about our more recent fallen Heroes. Never the less, it's a good read as it gives some of the background behind the legends. And it helps us remember heroes like Elliot See, Ted Freeman and Valentin Bondarenko, who are almost forgotten now, but gave it all so the humankind could reach for the stars.
  7. Great choices Devo for updates! Of course, I'm speaking from a purely selfish motive.
  8. Devo! Welcome back Bro. Can't wait to see what you do with all of the new modules, etc available now to modders. Cheers mate!
  9. That was outstanding. Rep to you.
  10. Hmmm, I might be able to trump you Vanamonde. Pong when it was table-top coin-operated arcade games and only available in bars.
  11. Voidryder


    I still say for Whack to go with heels. Amputating his date's legs on a first date might not get him a second one. Just sayin'. @DuoDex - Congrats on the pending wedding. Since you will no longer have time for KSP, can I have your hat?
  12. @almagnus1 - Run out of food, water or O2. CO2 does not kill in TACLS. But biggest killer is poor mission planning.
  13. Got Dickie on speed dial. Got him on speed dial.
  14. Oldest Overlord trick in the book - misdirection. Get public looking at "pyramind" so no notices concave column part with writing on it. (See arrow) Or Martian Lizard (top circle) peering at rover. (Now that is true curiosity.) Or broken Martian Turtle Statue (head left circle, half shell middle circle). Also note that turtle shell also has writing on it. Of course the Turtle could be sculpted from an Earth turtle since Venusians visited Earth before colonizing Mars after all the rainforests on Venus died when Nemesis passed too close. For that matter, the writing everyone is ignoring could even be Venusian. Only way to know for sure, is to compare it to the Irish Hinge Ogam found at Dighton Massachusetts along the Taunton River. C'mon People, stop being sheep! Wake up!
  15. Dear Proud Parent Beale, We, your most pablum consuming customers at Voidryder's Aerospace, offer most sincere congratulations on your acquisition of new staff person, small though they may currently be. We also wish to acknowledge your excellent choice of promotion of Dominant Craft Engineer Curtquarquesso to oversee your superlative spacecrafts and launch vehicles. We wish you clear skies and multiple launch windows until your return. Sincerely, The Grand Designer, Voidryder's Aerospace Post Script: Strongly discourage placing new staff in G-Force Centrifuge immediately after their consumption of snacks.
  16. It works for me. Just did a 14 day Gemini mission. Just ignore the avc warning at loading.
  17. The Mercury Spacecraft deorbited by having the astronaut throwing lead bricks out of the hatch utilizing Newton's 3rd Law.
  18. Wow! Just Wow! Beautiful engines. Looking forward to throttlin' those babies up.
  19. Just stopping by to say, very cool Mod. MeCripp turned me onto it. Now planing on building multiple bases, even an Arctic base on Kerbin. Keep up the good work.
  20. I'll take a stab at interpreting your drawing: You had bad headaches as a child. The best anyone could do was label you with a diagnosis but any treatment fell short. You on the other hand often saw the natural progression of events, causes, patterns in brilliant flashes of insight. But you were unable to make what you understood/knew to be understood by others. Leaving you to feel despair and isolation from everyone including your family. Or You were studying the brain and synapse. You realized the sheer volume of signals (calculations) each neuron was doing a second was much greater than that a handheld calculator, yet similar to a handheld calculator. Which lead you to contemplate the progression of a thought to the physical world (tree to pencil and ruler - logical world) which lead to the realization that each of our brains (house) manifest a forest of ideas that become reality. Or... I think I'll have wee bit more whiskey before I go on....