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  1. I can't believe this actually worked. Not without its control issues, but I wrestled it into a 100x500km orbit.
  2. I forget how to embed galleries into this stupid forum, but here's a mission I did. Shared elsewhere, Cobalt asked me to put it here.
  3. I have the latest from the Dev branch and used the new MOL panels. The game replaced them with the old models when I took it out to the pad. edit: uninstalled, reinstalled, no change.
  4. What the frick dude. This post is 6 years old. Of course I've seen Contares now, but that didn't exist 6 years ago.
  5. BFR has absolutely no roll/yaw control in the atmosphere, it goes into a flat spin as soon as I try to make any correction. I'm running 1.6.1, Tundra, Retractable lifting surface 1.5.4 and Kerbal Actuator 1.7.0
  6. Tech is in the same download, and I put both in. I have some of the parts, the New Horizons, the French one and Philae. Just not Iridium next.
  7. Iridium block 1 Iridium block 1 satellite, using the new triangular bus: 5, on a delta 2 7925:
  8. In my case the icon shows up, but pressing it does nothing.
  9. I just started a 1.6 install, installed the mod like I have for the past 6 years. No engine sounds. Uninstalling fixes the sounds.
  10. Will this work with 1.6? I just jumped from 1.4 after staying on that for a year (mods) and don't want to update again.
  11. how are people embedding their screenshots? (I've been on this forum for 6 years(8 if you count the time before the Great April), I should know but don't).
  12. UbuoZur doesn't appear to work in 1.6, FWIW.
  13. I have an issue. Issue: mod straight up does not work at all. KSP version 1.6.1 Weld version: 2.5.3 rest of the documentation as per OP: issue
  14. Exactly that. I have it mounted on a separator once the module is docked so it looks proper.
  15. Another screenshot tax, Two launch space station on Saturn Multibody.