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  1. Could a THEN statement be added instead? Sorry, still learning kOS as well. wait until altitude > 2000 { then lock steering to up + R(0,-60,180). }
  2. Actually, the supply pod did have the capability of a Mars intercept (The booster for the Taiyang Shen from the Chinese) , the problem was they had less than a month to put the pod together and the only option was to crash land the pod on Mars at about 300 m/s in which the supplies had a low chance of surviving.
  3. I wonder if you finish the other two trips first, then put them on the suborbital trip of sun if it counts as complete and you get the whole amount. If so, then you can leave them behind (Sorry! No refunds!)
  4. Heatshield issue is known Here's a thread showing a quick fix. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/117279-How-to-fix-those-heatshields%21-%28get-rid-of-command-pod-flipping-into-the-heat%21%29
  5. Did you try a different browser? I had that same issue.
  6. Try another browser. Had same issue just opened a different browser and issue gone.
  7. Kerbal Alarm Clock Kerbal Eningeer EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements DistantObject Procedual Fairings HotRockets Chatterer DMagic Orbital Science Enhanced Navball Transfer Window Planner My mods lean more to gameplay enhancements rather than parts overload. Mostly happy with stock parts. Tried downloading some parts packs, but wound up acting like the fools that can't decided what to drink at a coke freestyle drink fountain....
  8. Need 152 total science to unlock the first decoupler? That's a little harsh.
  9. Dumbest name I did. Fulfilled the 5000 meter contract aboard the "Up and Down"
  10. My 3 year old was the same way. Always wanted to "blas off hocket hip!" My oldest son and I played KSP quite a bit with the young one sitting in our laps... Then one while playing at a playground a garbage truck came by and emptied one of the big dumpsters in the parking lot. KSP is now no more for him. And worse of all, his grandmother and mother has supported his garbage truck fantasty. In the last 75 days the kid has acquired 14 toy garbage trucks and 30 some-odd toy garbage bins of all shapes and size. My point is, you never know when their obsession will switch to something else, and you'll be surprised how quick it changes. Enjoy it while it lasts!
  11. pretty sure its's not a bug. I've seen people make space stations using asteroids and the clamps.
  12. Did my first ever Apollo style mission to Minmus on a survey mission. That was pretty cool and fun to do.
  13. No screens, but it was intense for me and my best event yet. Playing a stock copy in career mode and "landed" on the Mun with Jeb. By landed, I mean I lost control of ship as I touched down resulting of it tipping over. Couldn't get it to get back upright. So I decided to try to use the engine to "slide" the rocket to a nearby incline, went too fast and the engine and fuel tank exploded, leaving poor Jeb stuck in a capsule. Eventually I got enough science to unlock the 3-kerbal pod and with an empty seat, I set off on a rescue mission. Without KER to aide me in figuring out delta V, I realized during my transit to Mun, that I would need to be ultra conservative with my fuel as I was down to 95% fuel left on last stage. Got into Mun orbit, targeted the landing site with minimal fuel used. Only then did I notice I was landing in the dark and I had no lights installed on my ship. Not enough gas, to get back into orbit and try again later. Knew I needed to do a suicide burn and waited until the alt reader said 6,000 meters and did a full power burn til the speed read around 30m/s At that point I noticed the alt said 450m and knew I was very close to the ground. 30 secs later, I touched down in the dark a mere 1124m from Jeb!!!! Considering the closest I've ever been able to land to a ground target before this was 5.2km, I was grinning big time! Walked Jeb over and got him aboard. At this point I realized that the ship had about 40% of its fuel remaining and I was VERY worried about getting them in Mun orbit, much less home... I actually opened the debug menu and thought about turning on infinite fuel, then thought... screw it.. I'm going for it! Put the engine on quarter power and got the ship in a 12km orbit, prob down to 10-15% fuel at that point. Decided to go directly into the Kerbal atmosphere. Set up the node and fired. Cut off the engines with 4% percent fuel remaining. Landed, recovered Jeb and brought home almost 400 science! I wonder how I'm gonna top that?????
  14. He just said it wont be released Tues. We are under the MAJOR impression that the release is today.
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