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  1. wow, this reminds me of mass effect. 1 was a huge open world where you could explore planets, explore great extents of the citadel and what have you. 2 got rid of planet exploration(which i loved to my dismay), but still was a sizeable amount to roam about. then 3 comes along. the citadel is a joke of its former size, and basically all you can do is replay missions and not explore much at all once you beat it. if you can create this huge open world in the first game there's no excuse why you can't do it even better in a later game. ea really blows
  2. is it still a sticky? i no longer see it with the others
  3. i'm a fan of neither really, i never like apple products because they are over priced. androids are usually too buggy for me(i've had 3 different ones and they all had something wrong with them os wise). i have passionate hatred for touch screen keyboards, and my q10 gives me a modern os with a full physical keyboard. blackbeery os 10 is solid, and the ability to run android apps is a great bonus
  4. gta v hands down, i obsess about it almost as much as ksp
  5. i was 10 when it launched, its really amazing to think about. so much has changed between now and then yet new horizons still treads foward on the same parabolic arc
  6. 18 year old male myself, and i'd LOVE to have a jeb plushie
  7. not sure if its been said yet, but one thing i always longed for in pirate games(only one got this) is the ability to walk around on your ship, man a cannon or the wheel, or just sit and stare at the sea. small but its been a deal breaker for me with pirate games
  8. theoretically it should...are you updating the .system file? and the file names are right? i've forgotten to update the .system, or messed up the name and have it not appear at all
  9. yes, can you give a bit more documentation on what does what?
  10. is it the water that messes everything up? also, would an asteroid belt be concievable with this? or that require unkerbal amounts of ram?
  11. how can atmospheres be added and changed up?
  12. outer wilds is great, i play it all the time. a few oldies but goldies are microsoft space simulator(dos game), starflight(reccommend the dos version or the genesis version)
  13. i have been as long as i can remember, the more wise i got the more i wanted to learn
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