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  1. Based on the circuit diagram in the first post of the thread by zitronen, where in the diagram is the input from the computer? All the inputs on the arduino controller seem to be connected to LCDs
  2. I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for all the hard work; I've always loved your utilitarian/sleek/retro/futuristic styling. It's very impressive that you manage to evoke all those disparate styles simultaneously.
  3. That's an awesome looking screenshot of Kerbal rising above the Mun, and the glare around Kerbol looks great. Do you mind telling me what skybox and texture replacer you're using? Is it Astronomer's pack?
  4. I just found this, and I look forward to reading it when you are able to restore the pictures. It does sound interesting so far though
  5. It's adorable! I'm really liking the direction that you're taking this pack, keep up the good work
  6. Where are those landing legs from on that probe core?
  7. Some pretty cool stuff! I especially like the mods that you've made. Thanks for keeping this up. I'll be sure to check back more often. Apparently your most recent video also has an issue with copyrighted audio, just thought I'd let you know.
  8. I'm not trying to be negative, but the scope of your project is -very- ambitious. I might consider just focusing on the station parts or the Soyuz before you even begin to try to tackle the shuttle. Helldiver spent a very long time learning how to make the shuttle work, and it was highly labor intensive. I don't want to discourage you; I'm just trying to prevent you from getting burnt out too early. But ultimately it's your work and your mod, so work on whatever you wish. I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing your progress (I love the KSO art-style), and I wish you the best of luck on the pro
  9. Very cool, I've always loved how the Jupiter DIRECT rockets look, especially the modular engine configuration. I'm a little disappointed that NASA didn't choose that route, but ultimately the SLS seems more capable.
  10. I'd like to see that... :-)That would be great
  11. Thanks for posting the launchers; I really like how they all seem to be derived from common modular parts. They look cool and seem fairly realistic, nice work!
  12. I absolutely love seeing this kind of thing. Quite an impressive space program you've developed. I'd love to see the launcher you use drawn up in a similiar time if you get around to it. And btw how did you manage to make this in MS Paint? I would have expected it to be made in Photoshop based on the quality.
  13. Just tried out the update, and I can confirm that the issue with resizing and scaling has been fixed, at least for me. Thank you again NathanKell, for this and all the other mods you maintain. I'm pretty sure half the mods in my folder are your work or have been transferred over to you.
  14. I'm getting the exact same issue as well with the most recent release.
  15. I tried out the first release parts you posted, and the models and textures look great. But did you intend to make make the MPCV service module ~8m across? -edit- -Noonespecial cleared up the issue, no worries-
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