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  1. Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    If KSP was a DOS program circa 1988, that might be accurate. Except that it's not. Software like KSP these days is not a uni-tasking, all-consuming piece of self-contained code that controls every aspect of the hardware it's running on. Rather, KSP.EXE is just one of dozens or even hundreds of processes running on multi-core processors, spitting off bits of code that are themselves running on GPU cores, borrowing and returning assets and subroutines from the operating system the machine is running, interacting with OS routines at every level from mouse inputs to screen and audio outputs ... Further, how many variants of "Windows" or "OS X" or "Linux" is KSP expected to run on? Do each of these have dozens or hundreds of variants based on OS minor revision, hotfixes and security updates applied, graphics driver and revision? Of course. How many hardware variants are there among the customer base? Even more. So no, software today is *NOT* truly deterministic at the level of KSP except on whatever specific machine and configuration it's being developed on.
  2. Or alternately do one or both of the following: 1) Add twice as many legs as you think you need; 2) Before you launch you mission "for real" and AFTER you've saved a version you can re-load in the VAB, delete you launch vehicle below the lander; right-click on the legs and select "Start Extended" and then click the LAUNCH button at the upper-right of the VAB editor. Your lander will spawn on the Launchpad. If the legs can handle the load on the Launchpad, they should have no problems on the Mun, Minmus, Duna or anywhere else with less-than-Kerbin surface gravity.
  3. [1.4.X] Semiotic Standard for Kerbal Vessels

    Huh. "Semiotics" and "Kerbal" are certainly two words I'd never, ever, in my entire life, have thought would go together in one sentence. That said, here's a lot more on the matter.
  4. Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    How exactly is having the folder pinned right the File Explorer sidebar or a shortcut to it on your Desktop "buried away?" I understand people making copies of the entire installation for fear of updates and whatnot, but as to the original point (e.g., "handy") what's handier than that?
  5. Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    FYI, it's very easy to navigate to your installation folder - which you can do from the right-click menu in Steam(*) - then access and "pin" your GameData folder to the Windows File Explorer sidebar, or create a desktop shortcut to your GameData folder if you prefer. (*) From your Steam library, right-click the game, select "Properties." From the window that opens, click the Local Files tab and select "Browse Local Files" from there.
  6. SpacePlane Reentry?

    I'm with @bewing on this. Take a bone-stock Aeris 4 spaceplane. From a 70 - 100 km orbit, set your de-orbit burn for a Pe of about 35 km. Point radial out and stay that way, full 90 degrees pitch up, as long as you can hold it. Once drag makes that impossible, keep it pulled back as high as you can manage. Assuming you had an efficient ascent and aren't completely dry, you can shift fuel around the tanks to push your Cg aft a bit but it's not really necessary. In any case, just stay as nose-up as possible, which will be about 45 degrees or more at peak drag, or at least in that range. You can get fancy and add alternating left- and right-banks to create what were known in shuttle days as "S-rolls". This will basically trade some lift for your kinetic energy and help get you pointed to your landing point, as well has help decelerate a bit faster. Anyway, f you have temp gauges enabled, you'll see some parts climb up into the red but nothing should explode. By the time you've dropped to about 30km, temps will begin dropping. If you've saved fuel, you'll be able re-start the turbojets if necessary to stretch your glide to landing.
  7. Your album link isn't working, but I think you've got things backwards. You need the relay antenna on the satellite so it can, you know, relay the comms from Kerbin to your rover. Alternatively, you can use a crewed satellite with two pilots (one for the vessel, one to remotely control the rover) and a command pod with 2 control points to do the same thing.
  8. Cool, thanks! Most of my current gameplay using these (awesome!) engines and LH2 is in the outer system; it'll be interesting/fun to play around with the albedo/heat flux configs to see how it changes things.
  9. Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Well, heck. I completely missed that Friday and never re-read the announcement thread. D'oh. On the other hand, it's great excuse to visit a Kerbin biome most folks never visit and who knows, exploring the region nearby but uncover something else interesting.
  10. Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Well, since the new patch isn't public yet the question then becomes how you know.
  11. Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    I was hoping Baikerbanour (sp?) would be the second pad added in 1.4/Making History. As it is, I hope that's the one they add in to 1.4.3. After all, it's got KSP tradition and there's already a nice, big flat spot nearby perfect for another airfield. However, my guess is they'll add in a southern hemisphere facility.
  12. Stock Visual Terrain and high-quality terrain settings will prevent any "gaping holes", at least on Kerbin. But it's still perfectly possibly to kill a Kerbal by walking directly onto 90.00 N or S. I did it on a recent expedition to the South Pole. Landed on the ice and walked to try to plant a flag directly on the pole. The camera freaked for a second, my Scientist spun around like a rag doll on crack and then disappeared in a tiny little explosion - there were flames and smoke and everything. I sure wish I'd been recording when that happened. I was so astounded I just laughed. So yeah, the game engine treats the axes of spherical bodies as - essentially - mathematical singularities. In Soviet Kerbin, ZERO divides by YOU!
  13. What did you do in KSP today?

    A number of things in my current long-term Career exploration save are coming to fruition. My first landing on Eeloo since, oh ... maybe 0.26? And my Joolian missions started coming together as modules for a Bop-orbiting resource station started arriving in-system.
  14. Kerbal Inventory System

    Well, this whole discussion probably belongs in the KIS thread, but ... On STS-49, three astronauts performed a simultaneous EVA (the only 3-person EVA in history, so far as I'm aware) to secure the Intelsat 603 satellite. That satellite had a launch mass of approximately 4,200 kilograms. Even though it was "weightless" in orbit, it certainly wasn't massless. There was a reason why it took three crew to secure that satellite. The KIS limits make sense, within the context of both gameplay and real physics. You can argue the specific values used, but not the fact of the limits themselves.
  15. Some high, white cirrus would be awesome; those big polar ice caps have to sublimate that moisture somewhere. I had added some a few weeks back but I was never really happy with how they turned out. Mostly I couldn't find a good cloud texture to use. This one was okay but about twice as dense as I was going for. And it only looked like this in Map view from the Tracking Station. The rest of the time it seemed over-exposed, like the air was glowing. I couldn't quite figure out how to reconcile these so just went back to the "standard" SVE configs.