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  1. I killed Jeb on a suborbital hop, like the early Mercury-Redstone flight - only about 7G's, too, so not even THAT hardcore. RIP. https://imgur.com/a/lNfWqcR
  2. Must be glitchy, then. I created two new saves - the first time, I ensured I had that setting disabled and P.A.I.G.E. showed up anyway. Then I created a second new save, again disabling that setting, and this time it stayed gone. Anyway, first impressions are that it's good to have a reason to do stuff now, although the Mission Control status reports are kind of juvenile/kid-centric in tone. I don't expect experienced KSP people will find that that amusing but if it helps new players, I guess they're fine. I'm also somewhat concerned that the tech tree needs more nodes/depth to it. I've made exactly three launches so far and unlocked all but one node in the first two tiers. I expect there will need to be some rebalancing and fleshing out here, but my comment/observation may be obviated once colonization and IRSU parts become part of the game. Performance seems great so far though I have yet to try to build anything very complex. I'm a little bit concerned that some of the physics glitches inherent in the release version through the first couple patches don't seem to be working completely, at least when loading up an old save. I've got a ship landed on Duna in one of those saves, and as soon as I load up that save, one of the large landing gear just falls off and the ship falls over. Lolverykerbal and all that, but I had hoped the part-attach physics had been ironed out by now. Oh well.
  3. Lordy, I can't remember how to disable P.A.I.G.E. ... (sigh)
  4. 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (US). Do the math for your own time zone conversion.
  5. Yay! I’ve landed on almost every body in the Kerbol system, found all the anomalies, etc. so I’m excited to see some progress towards the game I want KSP2 to become. Thanks for not giving up, team. Bring it!
  6. Thank you for the transparency. I am someone who loved the initial release and had super high hopes(96 hours in-game, most of that within the first 6 weeks), but had become disillusioned with the slow pace of updates. I haven't played in weeks and won't, until the trajectory bug is corrected. But having said that, I appreciate your demonstrated ability to be a bit introspective with this week's post, and share the thought processes that go into your planning for future bug-fixes and feature updates.
  7. Next month? That's disappointing. A fix for the broken-since-launch SOI trajectory displays/calculations would have been much appreciated.
  8. Funny what people consider “old school,” but I’m old. In my game room, aside from my modern PC, I have my XBox One (still haven’t upgraded to a Series X), several Atari 8-bit computers, an Atari 2600, Atari 5200, and Atari 7800; and a Sega Genesis all set up to play any time I want. In storage, I have my XBox360, my PS3, my PS2, and my original PlayStation from launch day. My adult daughter has my old GameCube currently because she likes a bunch of games from that system. Our old Wii is around here too somewhere. My wife has her Switch on the big TV downstairs, and an extra dock up here in the game room for when she wants to hang out while I’m on my PC or on one of my retro systems connected to CRTs. Anyway, most of my gaming last night was on my Atari 7800 testing out a developer’s WIP version of a new homebrew title he’s working on. None that I ever experienced in 10 years of KSP1.
  9. You misspelled “morale” in the thread title. Anyway, I’m basically on hold right now, too. With two big bug fixes and patches already but the major trajectory bug still remaining, I’ve found other games to keep me occupied until that one is fixed. I can’t get excited about the idea of setting up colonies in Kerbolar space when my trajectories are still messed up due to bugs, let alone trying to do any kind of late-game interstellar stuff later on. FIX THE BUGS BEFORE ADDING CONTENT! It shouldn’t be as hard as this - KSP1 didn’t have this trajectory bug so just refactor that code and use it until your “improved” trajectory code actually does what you show us it doing. This is a major gameplay regression, and for those of us who want to play campaigns much further away than just the Mun or Minmus, it is absolutely essential that this one get fixed. When it is, I’ll be back. Until then, it’s Jedi Survivor, Planet Crafter, Elden Ring (still), Factorio, MS Flight Simulator, or any of the almost 100 other games in my Steam library. And Starfield when it comes out in the fall. Plenty of pull on my gaming attention span. KSP2 has to fix the major bugs before I go back to it whole-hog.
  10. This is more tenable from a planet with a reasonably sized SOI that you can escape from in short order (hours). Leaving from Jool SOI, it is much less so. This is because when you are leaving the SOI, it is so large that it takes DAYS to escape. By the time you’ve actually exited the SOI and plan your return burn, your phase angle is substantially different. This makes planning with any degree of optimization really difficult. As I’ve noted elsewhere several times, the net result is you still need to over-build your crafts to carry substantially more propellant and substantially less payload mass if you want to guarantee the ability to return.
  11. There's nothing subtle about the effects, regardless of the cause. It's absolutely repeatable and has been since Day 1. [snip]
  12. Thank you! Please let any of us who have experienced and reported this bug know if you need or want any specific additional information.
  13. I personally am shocked that this bug has been left unaddressed since launch. This is fairly basic orbital mechanics, something KSP1 has had “right” for over a decade. It is a fundamental requirement of a space travel-based game that simulates orbital mechanics that said orbital mechanics be calculated and simulated correctly. The bug has been reported and thoroughly detailed for many weeks now. It’s been 3-1/2 weeks since Patch 1. It is absolutely reasonable to ask why this foundational error in a core gameplay function remains broken.
  14. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “unplayable” but it’s definitely a bug and if you want to play despite the bug, you have to massively over-build your craft in terms of dV. Optimized, KSP1-style missions are untenable.
  15. I have a "post-burn/pre-SOI transition" save I can load up and check but it will be a few hours until after work before I can check it.
  16. I've been an active user of the internet since it was DARPANET (e.g., longer than many of KSP players have been alive). Please don't try to nerdsplain triviality to me.
  17. It’s not locked at 25 fps for me. Like most Unity-based games, it’s usually going to CPU-bound for any kind of complicated ship larger than a dozen parts or so.
  18. I can’t believe how many posts in this thread are about forum themes (a feature of the commercial Invision forum software) rather than the actual KSP2 patch contents and what may or may not be included. With all due respect to Dakota’ s work on the theme, that is so far down on my list of KSP2-related priorities and issues it doesn’t even register.
  19. Yep. I don’t know if he has help with modeling or anything but he’s been at it for a long time now. I bought it in March 2019 and here we are four years later and he’s still in EA at a (just barely) sub-v1.0 release.
  20. Agreed! I have to say I was pretty proud of myself when I first bought it a few years ago - I loaded up in a Mercury Redstone and pulled an Alan Shepard without doing the tutorials or even doing more than downloading the (very extensive!) manuals (plural). I managed to launch, separate, reorient for entry, and then land safely down range without killing my virtual self. :p
  21. Add in another if you like realism: https://store.steampowered.com/app/882140/Reentry__An_Orbital_Simulator/ And the grandfather of “realistic” space sims: http://orbit.medphys.ucl.ac.uk
  22. Well I was hoping for a patch today but alas I guess not. Oh, well. I’ve been playing The Planet Crater ($20 on Steam, also an EA title) and it’s quite delightful. A very, very satisfying explore/build/craft/survive type game. I picked it up on sale for $16 a few weeks ago at the suggestion of a friend. I like it so much I gifted a copy to another friend, and a third friend has since gotten hooked on it. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a good little science fiction game to scratch their space -related game itch while we wait for another KSP2 patch.
  23. I am really hoping this is fixed and just didn't get a mention in what to expect for Patch 2.
  24. Yeah, I don’t care for the animated rings at all - I can never tell at first glance which animation direction (expanding or contracting) is supposed to denote entry and exit from the SOI. Different colors would definitely help keep them visually distinct, though it might cause accessibility issues for color blind gamers (my adult son has issues like this).
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