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  1. The white condensation clouds re-appeared before the reentry FX in stock 0.23+FAR(latest version)... Not sure what led to this phenomenon.
  2. I'm sticking in it right now... As 0.97.1 really get a good point... And it's the closest one to Infinity, with procedural generated celestial bodies and relatively realistic physics... And... Shut up and take my money! http://en.spaceengine.org/index/funding_and_donations/0-26 Oops, I have no credit card, only debit card.... All in 5512×3120, except for the auto-compressed one...
  3. http://arxiv.org/abs/1401.1219v1
  4. Uhh... It seems that the gradient of volume changes hasn't been included. This should be fix...
  5. Awesome. Here's an advice, to make sound gradually disappear while crossing the Mach cone, instead of a suddenly cut-off. And... It seems that this plugin has some contradictions with FAR+DRE, for condensation cloud disappear while beyond 1.2 Mach and appear again after crossing a certain height. Edit: Uhh this seems to only happen in Real Solar System.
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sky_lantern
  7. I'm not good at talking about things after 2050. And, China won't abuse military resources. PS, China won't get out from the preliminary stage of socialism until 2050.
  8. Why can't we talk about it? It's acceptable to talk about the government even in Chinese network, as long as you are not spreading rumors or in an extreme. I don't know what you are specifically pointing. If you are meaning high school physics in my opinion in physics classes most of the concepts are conveyed right, at least in the level of the current grade. Oh, the quality gaps between different schools should be considered, but textbooks are mostly correct. In fact, despite of exam-oriented education system and heavy burden, elementary education in China is one of the world's most "high level" system... I'M NOT MEANING HIGHER EDUCATION. One major problem of Chinese education is geographic differences in quality.
  9. Nice fantasy but not necessarily to be the truth. You think China is equal to NK? I really doubt if there're enough political prisoners, and what's your definition on "own people" - are they armed murderers? And, "Made in China" mostly belongs to the private industries, and it's still too waste to use the profit of selling toys to buy weapons as Chinese industries can produce them themselves.
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