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  1. As a adaptor of KSP in 2012 I understand I will get the DLC for free? If so how do I claim it, I have the direct download form the KSP store.
  2. Great mod. only thing I missing is a 4-way thruster with up / left / right / forward. Basicly a 5-way with the bottom one cut off.. Guess a version with up / up / left / right /2x forward would be nice. v v >o< >oo<
  3. Looking forward to see what comes from that Btw a way to make the rover more narrow rover is to cut away the center console, and put the 2 seats closer together (wow, their helmets are big). Then it will look more like the Lunar rover. I highlighted the outline of the sides in yellow and the mounting plates in red. There is ofc place for a dashboard something simular.
  4. A small part request: I am playing around making small packable rovers with the small M1A0 Bearcub wheels in a sandbuggy style. There is one thing I find missing which is a part for easy mounting of seats. If I mount the seats on top of the chassi it kind of gets too high, so I would like a part with attachments points for the ATV seat on the side and attachments for the half-sized chassi. So a half-sized chassi frame in the middle, a sunken floor for the seats and a railing around the edge for surface attach things like mystery goo bay and other science instrument. Here is a simple sketch and a quick mockup from KSP. Problem is the move-tool is not available when you assemble the rover in the field with KIS.
  5. Is it just me or did the installation just got doubled in disk size?
  6. EVE players, enough said! I did enjoy this talk.
  7. I like this mod! As for a suggestion: A core sample drill. The Apollo astronauts used a hand-held drill. But instead we might go with a tripod mounted drill.
  8. You might want to check out the excellent work of NecroBones, both Color Coded Canisters (a texture/model pack for the stock tanks) and Fuel tanks plus (adds some stock-a-like tanks). The mods gives a nice homogeneous look for a the tank families. Forum threads for both mods and
  9. I tend to use my Altimetry map with discrete color levels to make something which resembles a contour map. A contour map is useful to determinant the slops by jugding how close the contours are. Sadly there is a limit to have many different height level the map shows. I feature I would like so see is a better contour resolution on the zoomed map as is uses the same height resolution as the big map. Preferable a discrete number of levels adjusted for min- and max height from the zoomed map section. But I guess that would require alot more calculations => slower map
  10. Those are glorious! It always hard to strike a balance between "the aim for perfection" and "good-enough" I think you have accomplish it well. The moding community in KSP continues to amaze me with the high standard on the modelling and texturing of parts, often supersede Squads own work.
  11. As in spawn with some speed (flying off) at the old place, not where the door is now. so yes default spawn is on the back, when you EVA with the EVA button at the portrait.
  12. Very nice update! One small thing: The buffalo crew cabin still eject EVA kerbals through the back instead of through the sides. Entering works fine on the sides.
  13. To be honest:That would be a pretty epic scene in a movie (the martian?). An astronaut going total bonkers because the multi-billion mission to Mars coming apart because someone forget to bring some cheap bolts (or other spare part). I did discover it by being a thoughtfull engineer and doing a test assembly of my mission base on the runway... They say the devil is in the details, others just blames Jeb !