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  1. In regards to anything Kerbal get used to the term "Soon". It's just how it is. We welcome our console brothers to the explody brotherhood of exploring goodness and may the kraken never find you.
  2. Yeah I don't get it either. It's an SSTO with, what I think, some pizaaz. KSP isn't about building what everyone else is building. It's about approaching the same problem, differently.
  3. FYI, release date for anything Kerbal is *Soon. ie, you get it when it's done. No offense. That's just how it is. They are a small group of guys and we take stuff when we can and we are ecstatic when we get it. We PC folks are so stoked you console guys are getting your chance to play (at least I am), but you will come to love (or loathe) *Soon.
  4. Today, I built a LKO fuel Depot and attempted (unsuccessfully thus far) to get it into orbit. I'm trying different things, but I'm finally finding that my machine is stressing out... a first. I'm sending over 100k units of liquid fuel and an equal amount of oxidizer. 30k units of mono, 14k of battery, 8 giant solar panels, 4 small hitchhiker containers, lights... and then enough fuel and rockets to send it all up. It's insane. I'm still not quite there. It's my largest endeavour to date. Mechjeb is a blessing, but even it can't cope.
  5. Playing KSP... seriously, is this even a question?
  6. I've been on KSP since .13. I have had far less crashing and more mods on the current version than ever before.
  7. When in VAB, if I use the rotation tool, then go back into part mode, the parts disappear from the menu. Infernal robotics, protractor,Umbraindustries, BD armory. 8150fx ,32gig of ram, gtx670 with latest drivers.
  8. Any chance peasants (consoles) will be getting a release?
  9. True, but humans also have to answer for their mistakes. They follow chain of command, and what if we get some bored kid who decides to hack into one of those drones and decides to unleash it's entire armament on the kid down the street (think swatting but deadlier)University of Texas has already shown how easy it is to take over a military class drone with commonly bought hardware. Edit: I dislike armed drones period. autonomous or manned by a virtual pilot.
  10. 73 32 100 111 110 39 116 32 117 110 100 101 114 115 116 97 110 100 32 119 104 97 116 39 115 32 103 111 105 110 103 32 111 110 46 32 87 101 32 110 101 101 100 32 115 111 109 101 32 115 111 114 116 32 111 102 32 109 97 116 114 105 120 32 105 110 32 111 114 100 101 114 32 102 111 114 32 116 104 105 115 32 116 111 32 98 101 32 111 102 32 97 110 121 32 117 115 101 46 BTW, it's decimal code. :Original post: Hello, I thought, that i would be cool to type stuff in ANSCII, but really I\'m looking for good RTS game set in Modern age. Does anybody knows one? It can\'t be any WWII stuff, I want F-16s and
  11. Not sure I can deal with an autonomous making life and death decisions. There is more to war than just killing bad guys. One has to take into account nearby structures, innocents who may be harmed in a strike (collateral damage) I think an AI would be too harsh in that regard. Entire missions have be scrubbed because the human element said the killzone was no good. I am afraid I am becoming a minority in my thinking, the military really, REALLY, wants autonomous machines; I just don't think it's the right thing to do. But to answer your question... not too much longer. I'd say 10 years.
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