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  1. I lurk everywhere, and post sometimes when I have something to good to say.
  2. This happened to me before, too, when I was messing around with dragless parts and hit the ocean at quite a speed. I was expecting it to get destroyed when it hit the water, but it kept going down through the ocean floor. The water really slows things down, but it got all the way down to 4 km below sea level.
  3. Kazakhstan, of course, because that is where the Russians launch their rockets!
  4. I watched the video, and based on what it sounded like, I thought it was just satire and everyone was just overreacting. Apparently not. On a side note, it probably is very difficult to convince someone who thinks global warming is false to think it is true (with the exception of me ) and vice versa because one side will say that the graphs and data are made up/incorrect and the other will say that the graphs are based on hard evidence and the data cannot be incorrect.
  5. I have played the demo, but I haven't bought it yet. It is a fun game, but I'm not sure if I should get it.
  6. I'm afraid you have indeed lost days of work. Just remember to always quicksave (even if you don't need or use them) and regularly backup your persistence if you want to prevent it from happening again.
  7. No, they are in the stock game. You may not have noticed them because they may be on the last page in the Utilities section.
  8. Right-click on the wheels and click "Disable Motor" and then re-enable it. Even if it says it is enabled, sometimes it thinks it is disabled and doesn't work.
  9. Yes, ASAS is built into all command pods, except for seats. You really don't need ASAS parts, only reaction wheels, which provide torque.
  10. I don't exactly remember, but it happened around second or third grade, most likely because of my father. Once I got interested, I read a bunch of stuff about space and got interested in it, but a few years later, I lost interest in it, but I got re-interested because of KSP.
  11. Kerbal Engineer MechJeb Kerbal Attachment System Kerbal Alarm Clock Procedural Fairings Chatterer TAC Fuel Balancer TAC Self-Destruct Thrust Correcter (fixes Isp so it works realistically) Kethane Extraplanetary Launchpads Orbital Construction
  12. Did you run out of electricity? You need a power source on an unmanned probe for it to work. Just go back and add some solar panels or RTGs.
  13. Decouple node is basically the same as undock, but only applies to ports preattached in the VAB.
  14. Put your rover on launchpad/runway and go into map view and click the "info" button on the right side to see the rover's mass.
  15. Yes. Whenever you Kerbal enters a capsule, their EVA pack will be refueled.
  16. I was looking up "realistic space game" to see if any interesting game would pop up, and the first thing I saw was a link to the xkcd forum. Turns out the post was made by the great HarvesteR in March 2011, which predates the initial release of KSP! Although most of it talks about space combat, I'd think it may have something to do with the start of KSP. Later in the thread, someone posts about the vast distances in space, too, which may be where we got the small distances and the super dense planets.
  17. I don't have pics of it, but I can list them: SSTOs (I just suck at making them. They can get into orbit, and that's it) A Duna mining base (Too much testing went into it before I realized it was way too complex) A Gilly base (Thought this would be a good idea because it was easier than Duna. I even got a rover and a probe there before it was cancelled) A bunch of "cool-looking" aircraft that just didn't work.
  18. The extra "twinkling" is caused by the terrain scatter. Go into the settings and change it to 0% and the only thing you should see on the surface is easter eggs. Be warned that some easter eggs are buried underground or floating in midair.
  19. When I realized placing a maneuver node behind the current position of a craft, and then placing another maneuver node behind that one, and so on, allowed me to see multiple orbits into the future, which meant I can also see the closest encounters and such multiple orbits ahead. When I found that switching quickly between two craft you are docking and matching the navballs on each of them is really helpful in getting a "perfect" dock.
  20. You can try attaching a radial attachment node or cubic octagonal strut to the center of the Mk3 part and use that node instead.
  21. But I got something similar after I cleared my history!
  22. I only really make them to "look cool" or on replica craft. Most of my manned launches don't have it because most of my launch "failures" would be caused by me messing around, not from the rocket breaking. The best thing they are good for is an excuse to blow up your rocket over and over again.
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