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  1. My intention is not to transfer fuel while in mapview, that was just an exemple. It's just that I would like to have the mapview while see my ship
  2. Is there a mod for when I am in the game scene looking at my craft I can see the map view on a window? In this mod is also possible to see the ship on the window when I am at the map view? In this mod, can I interact with the game by window the same way I would if I was on that view? (exemple: set maneuver nodes or transfer fuel) It would be nice to be able to set a maneuver node while fuel is transferred
  3. That could couse a lot of lag. But yes, awesome idea.
  4. The link is broken, can anyone repost this mod's source code? I might be able to make it compatible with 1.0
  5. How does these numbers look like in KMP? Is the docking resolved in a flip of a coin with the kraken?
  6. Server list is down. Is there any other server list?
  7. how do you start a new game with tech tree unlocked?
  8. Eu faço no olhometro, depois de um de um tempo você aprende a altura de reentrada necessária para frear no KSC.
  9. Using Hyperedit and cheating fuel I was able to determine how much Dv is needed to ascent from sea level to low orbit on Eve. 12400 m/s² Parts: Command Pod Mk1 ASAS SAS FL-T800 Fuel Tank Toroidal Aerospike Rocket
  10. That was a very lucky shot. A little less fuel and BOOM!
  11. Hello again Have we met before?