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  1. Is there a craft file of that HX ship on the first picture? i wanna fly it.
  2. patrizl001

    Release: BobCat Ind. Space&Planet products

    are you going to be fixing the DEMV rovers? i loved those things...
  3. patrizl001

    ksp 2.0 munar video easter egg?

    I was watching the new video for ksp 2.0 when I noticed something at the flag part. after the kerbal opened the flag, it flapped like it was in the wind. just like that whole thing about the Apollo landing being fake because of the flag looked like it was moving in the wind.
  4. Are there any pics showing the engines? This looks cool!
  5. patrizl001

    [Stock Creation] Rifter from EVE Online

    Can you post the craft file please? I just started EVE Online and i love it! If only someone could make the iblis...(im bad at building things in KSP)
  6. Its cool but one thing is missing: inflatable waffle house!
  7. There was a mod with a machine gun that fires. Its long gone from the forums now though. But i have it.
  8. same with mine. although the connection between the parts on my ship is strong as hell. i used suspicious gyroscope to make it spin out of control and rip apart. but all i got was the parts spazzing out like they got kraken'd(without the pieces ripping apart!) then 5 seconds later my ship zooms out of the solar system(the sun shrunk smaller and smaller.....then dissapeared.)
  9. my god. its gotten 90000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x better since i last got it! (that was back in 18.4)
  10. *drops to floor fainting because of how EPIC these parts are*
  11. patrizl001

    Dear Modders (show off your mods like a sir)

    looking at that sketchfab email, im thinking one of the staff plays kerbal, and noticed you put that when looking for mods XD but i think they shouldn't have contacted squad right away, they already have enough on their hands...
  12. oh im gonna have fun with this.... its gonna be much easier to make a munbase if i can put the entire base in there!
  13. patrizl001

    So Since It's October 2012....

    Docking. We definitely need docking.
  14. patrizl001

    Easier Addon De/Installation

    I swear there was a mod that you could control which mods could be activated and de-activated, but it got lost in the purge.
  15. Im building a ship with these parts. Its not the best, but it has a load of lights. Planning on making it a refuel ship. Due to it actually using ion engines yet has a load of fuel. And this is really a good pack! EDIT: Here she is! the SPIRIT OF KERBIN! she shines very brightly!