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  1. http://www.tauniverse.com/ 17 or so years and still going strong
  2. I've seen this bug before. discovered it durring a livestream.
  3. not really sure but i did manage to complete "explore eve" mission with an under 10k ship
  4. ...multi threaded physics, considering that's gonna be a bit difficult I really don't care much I just wanna play.
  5. I've tried streaming and got a few viewers, most i had at once was ~18 and that was when I walked away for a minute and my sister started talking to my viewers. maybe I should get a female friend to co-commentate...just need to find one first.
  6. Don't touch it or at least save it where it is. for some reason once you make "improvments" it'll stop functioning
  7. The only problem I could see is with slower GPU's, namely intergraded, the increased rendering could slow things down if there are a lot of things around. It should be customisable.
  8. I've decided to not play ksp until my next module. I wanna be out of pratice for more LOLs
  9. 4 subs?I have 27, feels strange, same feeling. also where to next, who's gonna join,
  10. I like building power modules. Can I be in charge of all power modules?
  11. there is frame drop and then there is lag.
  12. Sounds nice. It's not always nice to get into something by being grandfathered in but ok. Also I agree with spyrit about some larger channels might actually say yes. You wont know unless you ask.
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