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  1. How come that starter probe won't work? (spherical one)
  2. Based on part descriptions (M700 scanner etc.) it seems like the stock scanners find resources, not biomes. It also seems like they don't create a permanent map to refer to, at least not the narrow band scanner. Is there a way to permanently scan and map biomes and resources in the stock game or do you need that SCANsat mod for that? Basically I want to scan kerbin first, and find all the biomes for research purposes, then do the moons and other planets after getting all the easier, local science. Thanks!
  3. What does the community have to do with the game? It should definitely not be considered.
  4. Pretty much this. - - - Updated - - - Meh, this comment gets a 5/10
  5. Well he does have the most subs on youtube so it's the best way to get your game out there
  6. Oh I see. Either way it's still pretty dull :/
  7. It's 12 FL200's, two engines and a science bay. 25.9m according to the stats in the VAB
  8. I'm considering giving up. It feels like such a grind with uninspired contracts. IDK how long it'll be until more fun ones come around but so far it's just "gather data from space around kerbin" or "test this part (which I don't even have)"
  9. Ya it's structural wobble due to the length. Which building(s) have to be upgraded to do surface samples?
  10. There's lots of parts there that I don't have - - - Updated - - - Looks like I can put something like that together. I'll try to get as much science as I can around kerbin with my simple rocket first and if that's not enough I'll steal that design and try for a mun fly-by.
  11. Well I've done the LKO goo sample and science bay experiments as well as the crew and eva reports but I'm not sure what else I can do. I suppose the HKO experiments but I think I'll still be short. I don't have the 909 engine, just the starter (T45?) as well as the gimbal variant. I plan on just flying by the mun/minmus until I unlock more stuff to make it easier. The main issue is that my rocket ends up being so tall that it wobbles like crazy when I try to stack enough fuel to even attempt a mun transfer, and even then I haven't been able to orbit with it due to the wobble messing me up but I'm pretty sure it's not even enough. Going taller isn't an option and without asparagus it seems like going wider isn't feasible either
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