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  1. A bit dated but it always makes me chuckle. seeding the Mun with rovers was never so much fun.
  2. Admitting you have a problem is the first step Honestly I haven't tried my hand at one yet, dislike the lack of info on where they are before you select the contract also not sure how it will interact with TAC... getting there only for them to die would be horrible XD
  3. Just remember when you encounter one in the wild, back away slowly and don't show that fear. In general they are more afraid of you than you are of them. Seriously though it's all about angle of attack. and taking advantage of caplocks for more minute maneuvering for better control.
  4. 0/10 I don't know you, but its been a while since I've been back here
  5. Independently delivered under their own power to the Mun this launcher was a few versions back. Seeded 8 rovers across a number of different bodies. The launcher in the image was scaled for the Mun and Minmus.
  6. A few lines in the save file =/= a finished working system Please come back when you have a rebuttal worth reading that includes the entirety of my post rather than just a single line to which you couldn't even adequately address.
  7. from a technical aspect it's problematic 3 fold 1: you need achievements. This means integrating a progress tracking of some sort, its coming along but is certainly far from being read in game already 2: you need steamworks integration. This is something the devs have decided they will not add, and they are hardly the only developer, less than 50% of titles available on steam have it and thus have no steam achievements. There are a number of good reasons that they have chosen this route; Parity for all players regardless of purchase platform, inclusion overheard on both the developement time and cost to include it, as well as the time necessary to actually give it a purpose. 3: you need to deal with the bugs that pop up from applying these two systems to each other. Have you ever SEEN the steamforum whineflood when "I DIDNT GET THIS ACHIEVEMENT AND I SHOULD HAVE! FIX NAOW!
  8. Total transmitted value from my unmanned low orbit solar probe netted over 800 science Low Solar orbit starts under 1m meters
  9. This post predates KSP by a few years and is a reference to Little Prince. That being said Randall did mention us much more recently
  10. go your science on the launch pad and runway without launching. That will give you enough points alone to unlock decouplers
  11. He just realised he'd been eating the stuff in that bin all along