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  1. The restock plus engine used the stock method of liquid fuel, so I took that route. I haven't installed Nert's atomic rockets or cryo engines pack yet.
  2. A Von Braun-inspired mission to Duna. I made a few custom CFGs to rescale a few parts. Full album: https://imgur.com/a/230O6qC
  3. Sunset on Duna. I'm still getting surprised by the awesome visuals in this mod.
  4. Loading up the crew for a mission to Duna.
  5. Awesome shots so far! I just started using kerbalism in a JNSQ playthrough recently and I have been enjoying the added complexities. I screwed up some calcs for a crewed mun mission and has to cut the mission shorter than planned, but was able to get everyone back without any fatalities. I'd say go for it. maybe even KIS/KAS for in situ repairs.
  6. Descending through the clouds on Eve: Its a shame that volumetric clouds are so power hungry. I tried tweaking the settings to cover more area so its not so isolated when you get within the render distance, but it just froze my computer up.
  7. https://github.com/friznit/Unofficial-Tantares-Wiki/wiki check here, also there are craft files
  8. @JoeSheridan the past few days I have been working on crafts for a von Braun style Mars/Duna expedition. I did have to make a few custom CFGs to get the design looking/functioning right (5m heatshield, stretched insterstages, Kane drogue chutes, etc.) and so far it looks like it will work out for a x2.5/JNSQ system. The MEM ascent stage took a few design iterations to hit the Delta-V requirements, but there is no cheaty part clipping and it doesnt look half bad. Not sure yet if I can make a Mars Surface Sample Return probe that is small enough to fit in a x6 radial symmetry inside
  9. Sharing some screenshots from my JNSQ playthrough. Quetzal/Pioneer at Jool Argo/Mariner 9-esque probe at Duna. This one has the orbital camera system for doing scansat imaging, and the next one being sent will have the scan platform for biome scanning. Torekka/Voyager on Kerbin escape to Lindor, arriving in ~4 years.
  10. A Leo MOL/MOS station that started off as a contract. Then it turned into a Minmus gateway for grinding out science and surface samples.
  11. if you download the transfer window planner it works
  12. I just checked the HG-5, and I am seeing 0.029/minute for idle. With only the HECS core, it lasts 6m 31s with the antenna at idle, 1m 8s with transmitting data. Not sure if the other mods have soemthing going on to add a multiplier to EC usage.
  13. Recently finished a mission roving around the Mun to hit 7 biomes. Came in with Apollo Direct Ascent Landers and used the Sina descent stage for the Shelter/Habs and MOLAB. Full Album
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