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  1. Thanks for the explanation! I removed those metal references and it is now working
  2. @JadeOfMaar I noticed in the RationalResourcesKerbaslism folder the patches have the Hydrates Splitter commented out to be excluded. I removed the "//" from the various kerbalism patch files but it doesnt appear to properly load into the converters in-game. It gives the option to select the Hydrates Splitter process, but it does not load the input/output resources or actually enable the process for the converter. Was this intentionally commented out due to some incompatibility with Kerbalism? I'm considering switching over to TAC so I can mine hydrates from minmus in JNSQ.
  3. The restock plus engine used the stock method of liquid fuel, so I took that route. I haven't installed Nert's atomic rockets or cryo engines pack yet.
  4. A Von Braun-inspired mission to Duna. I made a few custom CFGs to rescale a few parts. Full album: https://imgur.com/a/230O6qC
  5. Sunset on Duna. I'm still getting surprised by the awesome visuals in this mod.
  6. Loading up the crew for a mission to Duna.
  7. Awesome shots so far! I just started using kerbalism in a JNSQ playthrough recently and I have been enjoying the added complexities. I screwed up some calcs for a crewed mun mission and has to cut the mission shorter than planned, but was able to get everyone back without any fatalities. I'd say go for it. maybe even KIS/KAS for in situ repairs.
  8. Descending through the clouds on Eve: Its a shame that volumetric clouds are so power hungry. I tried tweaking the settings to cover more area so its not so isolated when you get within the render distance, but it just froze my computer up.
  9. https://github.com/friznit/Unofficial-Tantares-Wiki/wiki check here, also there are craft files
  10. @JoeSheridan the past few days I have been working on crafts for a von Braun style Mars/Duna expedition. I did have to make a few custom CFGs to get the design looking/functioning right (5m heatshield, stretched insterstages, Kane drogue chutes, etc.) and so far it looks like it will work out for a x2.5/JNSQ system. The MEM ascent stage took a few design iterations to hit the Delta-V requirements, but there is no cheaty part clipping and it doesnt look half bad. Not sure yet if I can make a Mars Surface Sample Return probe that is small enough to fit in a x6 radial symmetry inside the 5.625m fairing, but the Venus/Eve fly-by probes shouldn't be an issue.
  11. Sharing some screenshots from my JNSQ playthrough. Quetzal/Pioneer at Jool Argo/Mariner 9-esque probe at Duna. This one has the orbital camera system for doing scansat imaging, and the next one being sent will have the scan platform for biome scanning. Torekka/Voyager on Kerbin escape to Lindor, arriving in ~4 years.
  12. A Leo MOL/MOS station that started off as a contract. Then it turned into a Minmus gateway for grinding out science and surface samples.
  13. if you download the transfer window planner it works
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