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  1. Thanks! It was definitely a major career change after being at my previous job for 8 years. better flexibility, shorter commutes, massive pay increase, but it can be a bit draining and stressful at times. Kids are quite a time-investment but it's definitely worth it (but I swear to God, if I hear "no" one more time! ).
  2. Hi All, Jumping in to clear the air, and to answer some question. Story time at the bottom. Quote train here we go I'm curious as to how this would have been a re-compile, as there wasn't any code in this mod Licencing can be a bit complicated but ALL rights reserved should strike as "no touchy". If you open the Readme file that comes with the mod it goes into more detail as well. Yea kinda, read below. I'd argue that I got hit with the SLS curse, but basically your reply sums it up. Out of curiosity how were you going to continue the mod? were you working on some of the new parts that I had listed in the roadmap? So like Teslamax mentioned I started a new job May 2017, but it was several things that stopped my development including tiredness from raising a kid, tiredness from work, and my other hobbies being neglected. I wasn't really enjoying my free time, and felt like everything was a deadline. My old job I commuted via train and I had a good 5 hours a week to do UV mapping and texturing on the train. My new job I am now driving, so there goes 5 hours of possible development time a week. However, before the job change happened modding started to feel like a second job, and was consuming a good 30+ hours a week. I haven't truly had a KSP career play-though since sometime in 2015 when I started to get into modding, and mostly just booted up KSP to test parts. I tried to stay motivated by working on some new unreleased mod packs (X-33, Eyes Turned Skyward, SLS) but I just was getting too exhausted from modding, where I was even having trouble with my eyes focusing on the computer monitor in the evenings after my kid was taken to bed. Whats the future for this mod pack? One big reason for making this pack All Rights Reserved was I didn't want someone to swoop in to make a "Continued" release, where all they would do is re-host the pack and make it compatible for the current KSP versions. I feel this practice does a dis-service to mod packs and the mod authors, and just makes the pack live on in a zombie-like/bed-ridden state. Having put in easily over 500+ hours into the mod development for CX Aerospace I'd rather watch it fall away and be forgotten or be properly finished and maintained. I did package and give all my source files (Station Parts, ISS trusses, SLS, Orion, DRA Lander, X-33, Eyes Turned Skyward) to some top-notch modders to possibly be revamped and continued. I won't mention their names since I don't want them to be bothered, but IF and when they release/re-purpose it is up to them under the clause that it will remain ARR. Now, if someone were to message me or post on this thread some of their own modeling work showing off some modules like Tranquility, Coupla, etc. with the intention of actively developing a station pack, then I would consider turning over the keys to that person. Probably not the best news, but I figure it's better than silence. There are a lot of great modders still active, so y'all are in good hands with free content. I may eventually come back to KSP modding, but for now I mostly just jump on every once in a while to see what's new with the modding community.
  3. Hello! How's it going?

    I'm nearing completion of the BEAM module recreation I've been working on and I've been trying to get it to be compatible with your active CBM as a passive CBM, though I'm having some issues.

    Would you mind giving me the specifics on the proper setup of the docking transform node(s)? Would be most appreciated.

    I'de pretty much like to release the thing saying "designed for use with CX ..." 

    Also wondering if it's possible to make the single docking adapter multi-functional, where it could double as a regular docking node as well, just by adding another stock moduledockingnode module perhaps?

    Thanks for any help in advance.


  4. It will have a very purpose-specific docking port system to replicate the real thing. One port will be surface attached Destiny or any other 2.5m module for custom stations. @Dark_Dragon26 not much progress lately. Started a new job recently as well as lots of home tasks I've been dealing with.
  5. @Calvin_Maclure is it related to specific parts or the whole pack? @Robotoaster what exactly is broken, they seem to work in my 1.3 install @Munar pilot is the pack functioning normally with the most recent release? If its fine as-is I can change the threat title/spacedock to reflect its good to go.
  6. @kgb613 if making your own station design, you can add a docking port to the end of a truss and connect to a habitable module. Not many people post station pictures in my thread, but here is one made by @Cdodders
  7. Sorry fixes took a bit longer. My Unity scene got completely messed up and I had to re-setup the SAW. Apparently restructuring folders/files outside Unity's project browser window will break links and make all moved parts "missing" Anyway, hotfix is up on SpaceDock
  8. @Horus I just double checked the download, and I forgot to drag in the updated file with the fixed animation. I'll get a hotfix out tonight after work.
  9. My truss game was strong this weekend. The easy part is done, got a lot of unwrapping and texturing ahead of me.