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  1. Will be flying this a lot thanks for putting the work into it
  2. I don't use mods as a rule ... except I really miss this one.
  3. Hi, I am 3 for 3 landings and I've just tried out the mining / refueling. It's working. Stock 1.6
  4. Munar Miner then on from there. This is a from scratch rebuild of a working config minus 1 fuselage tank. More to come including video.
  5. Magnificent Basterd. I got 3 orange tanks to 300,000m and got it back on the ground.
  6. Yeah it's my understanding the performance benefit of Weld It have somehow decreased. I am the creator of the original "stock" Falcon which Weld It made possible. Performance gains in recent builds have not been as good.
  7. Just did a new install x64 on a WIN10 partition on a MacbookPro. Am so impressed with the smoothness I may get around to trying my hand.
  8. We have done well as a community, to break the so-called SSTO barrier, in terms of space planes. The mind wanders. SSTO in the so-called real world, is impossible. In 2001 A Space Odyssey, the Orion had aparrently been lifted to a certain altitude and speed by a jet only base ship. The reason for this post, is to possibly start a new thread / design ideology / imagination springboard. SSTO has been a holy grail, and by and large, achieved. Let us consider and design two, perhaps three part space planes, and share. Detaching boosters are entirely acceptable. No rules in fact, except perhaps that the primary means of getting to the edge of the atmosphere is caused by wing lift, vs. thrust.
  9. Thank you. Yes indeed it can be difficult. I have been working on this type of desing awhile. This could be my 20th version I am not sure.
  10. My "best" Mk3 to date. Two orange tanks to 200Km with ease. Download: Race SSTO.craft?token=AWzt4xthnGXPdMjoHBfVCrJktD17Ost3fc26uLth0scRKCxMlNcsRRytunxR0wBlGfm5fxYURXziJJZDP4EE8NcFSEf6j85NG3BKqylQmb2NOO2ceiZXaGGAwbS4NnP9003DhZmH-xJIIGBwVQYr21ypUhc6ZuYSDQxzOf6Qn1c2LSdpL9XnAaXXIXnbprDoXlk
  11. What I have messed with over the last 12 months. None of it stands up to any sort of scrutiny. [edit] still uploading - this is out of hand way over a thousand pix. Only diehards need click.... Space Program/story