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  1. OK, I found it, I would never have drilled down the folders looking for it, I thought a samplecraft folder would be in the same folder as gamedata since craft files don't go in the gamedata folder.
  2. Where can I find the craft file for the osprey?
  3. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Looking great! The first thing I'm building is a service module!
  4. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Everything looks great, I’ve been on a break from KSP, but I’ll have to fire it back up to play with these!
  5. What does toggle modes do? Is it possible to hover at over 4 meters? I'd like to be able to land on one of the helipads in hover mode
  6. I think I have just about worn out my F5 key looking for that update!
  7. This is looking amazing, there are so many ridiculous things I can't wait to try with the new parts!
  8. No it does not, in its thread it looks like the author gave up on it
  9. I can't wait for flying rovers! Will the fans also provide forward thrust?
  10. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Looking great! I can't wait to start building service modules with the new parts!
  11. I don't really care, I've been playing without it. I just wanted to let anyone else that periodically checks in know that the post I originally replied to was incorrect. If you quote me like that again please include the whole post for the context, the way you quoted me makes it look like I was looking for help with 1.3, which I clearly wasn't. I was not reporting a problem, so please do not act like I was.
  12. I was replying to slyfoxninja (his post above says the mod works with 1.3) I am running 1.3 without animated decouplers and everything works except you cannot detach the pod from the service module.
  13. The decoupler doesn't work for me, is it working for you?
  14. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Thanks for the update! I hope you're able to get the new version out sometime, the preview looked great.