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  1. That's funny, that's exactly how I feel about the launcher that was added!
  2. Steam really needs to add a clear indicator of whether a game requires a launcher or not and enforce some kind or rules to get rid of them. Why am I buying my games on Steam if each one installs its own launcher anyway? Why in the world does a game like KSP need to add a REQUIRED launcher at this point in its life? I encourage anyone that owns KSP on Steam to leave a negative review letting Private Division and Valve know how you feel about launchers.
  3. I’m having the same issue, the wings are really difficult to attach and my craft just tries to plow into the ground. My center of gravity was really far back, but I didn’t have much luck even after trying to move it. does anyone have functional craft files to share?
  4. Has anyone been able to add the old docking port with parachute along with the new one? I loved that model and used with all of my craft.
  5. Did Helldiver mention the KSO EX? He was working on it and sharing update in pm but stopped sharing updates.
  6. OK, I haven't really played 1.4 too much and just assumed the heat shields would sink the same way they used to in older versions
  7. I'm not running EVE or Scatterer, Here is a screen of what's happening and my video settings:
  8. Only bug I have noticed is that the heat shield seems to sit on the surface of water without sinking, holding itself and the command pod above water. Overall I like the new models and can't wait to see the rest of the textures, keep up the great work!
  9. Overall the github pre-prerelease is working pretty well for me. Are you looking for feedback on it yet?
  10. Thanks for the update and all of your work!
  11. Again, I'm not asking for a release date, I'm simply asking is US 2.0 happening or not?
  12. I didn’t ask for a release date, I’m simply asking if US 2.0 is still happening or not. I don’t think that asking could possibly jeopardize a release in any way, I’m just not seeing the connection.
  13. I know we're not supposed to ask for release dates, but is 2.0 still coming out? I saw a post on reddit about it and I see you have updated you signature but we haven't had any updates recently. I check the thread all the time and this is my most anticipated mod for KSP.
  14. I do use the AR, and I haven't ever noticed any issues with it. Sometimes you need a nuclear, or monoprop SM! I also like the regular docking port, even though a kerbal would fit through the small one I think it just looks to small.
  15. I also have the oversize RCS, it seems like it only the superdracos that have it oversize
  16. Thanks, I didn't realize it was that hard to modify the shrouds, let's hope Squad does something about it.
  17. Would it be possible to add a matching color variant to the engines, The white engine fairings in the middle of the orange rocket looks out of place.
  18. The first post in this thread mentions the license changing if he is not on the forum for 90 days, so I think it's probably going to have to wait until thin unless someone can come up with a MM patch
  19. It looks like no one on Steam has been able to redeem the Free DLC
  20. [HUGE quote snipped for brevity] Can we get an update on the Steam early adopter situation? it looks like no one has gotten their copy yet, do you have and ETA?
  21. Yeah, they posted a bad redeem link in the steam announcement about the DLC, and seem to be ignoring all of the comments. So I wouldn't be surprised people are confused. I transferred to steam so I wouldn't ever have to worry about keeping my receipt, steam key or email, but I guess that was wishful thinking
  22. I bought the game in 2012, so I know I qualify for the free DLC, I was just hoping it would magically show up without having to email support. I have a hard time believing this is the best Squad\Take Two can do.
  23. How is this Take-Two's fault? This is the same incompetent behavior I have been seeing since I purchased the game in early access.
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