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  1. ok... I actually get how it could be fun in sandbox (just thought you should know)
  2. seriously? what's the POINT of science in sandbox? give your head a shake.... Sandbox means full access.. this is a difficulty/constrictor... One which I DIG (recovery instituted yet?)
  3. That'd be neat... have no rockets to begin with, only planes... have to fly around, grab local samples from around kerbin... then eventually move into rockets? but likely probes first cause of lack of heavy lifters? (I'm planning for that economic model to get mixed in too, so...)
  4. oh for sure... but only once reusable/recovery works.. as it stands, alas... I can't seem to make it quite work and stay in the black.... :/ could be a failing of mine though...
  5. REALLY looking forward to vessel recovery implementation... Once that plays... it's pretty viable in my eyes... Only worry is if science IS finite... then so will program be...
  6. The default mode is to just build ships out of thin air. However, that's not very realistic. So there are parts included to allow you to mine ore, smelt it into metal, and build it into rocket parts which you can use to build a ship. To enable resources mode, just change the line debug = true to debug = false in the launchpad's part.cfg. Note that if debug is off, you will need all resources for a rocket - liquidfuel, oxidizer, monopropellant and electricity - before you can build it. Also, you will need the scanner from the kethane pack to locate ore deposits. THIS MODE IS EXPERIMENTAL. I've looked for this in the .cfg... can't for the life of me find it
  7. I was asking about the required to be unmanned to compare against a single vehicle with multiple missions in mind...
  8. Another thought, can you implement "restrictions"? Ie, said mission must be accomplished by a vehicle w/o oxidizer or something? Also: do the probe missions REQUIRE it to be unmanned?
  9. This is AWESOME! Totally dig it... 2 cents? disable quicksave... it has no place here (imho, I don't use it, I suppose you could... but then...) If there is some sort of repository for more "missions" (cause I'm a daft monkey when it comes to coding) I'd love to hear about it
  10. I don't know .rar does anyone have a .zip, like all the other files are like?