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  1. I finally got some time to play some KSP after a long while. I started a new career save. I recently finished my LKO space station/fuel depot, Capricorn Station. You can see Mira 3, stopping by on its way to the Munar surface, and the X-598 Mk2 shuttle, which carried up the first crew of scientists to the station.
  2. I've come back to KSP after almost a year (been busy w/ school). There's so much cool new stuff! Played a bunch with the making history features and started a new career save. Like riding a bike.
  3. I finished designing my Eve/Gilly mission mothership and the rocket to lift it. Cerenkov 1 has a mass of about 45 metric tons. The biggest rocket I had could only get 12 metric tons to LKO. So I had to design a new one. It has a very high TWR of 2, but theoretically it should get Cerenkov to orbit. After that I have to send up the Gilly lander, the crew, and the Eve probe. The entire mission will cost half a million funds. This is one of the most complex missions I've done in KSP. I am exited.
  4. I'm exited for the new Panther jet engine. There is a big gap between when you get the Wheesley and Wiplash engines in career mode.
  5. Try pressing Alt+x (might be different on Linux) to reset trim. You might have accidentally set the trim on your ship to constantly roll.
  6. I completed my first career mode SSTO. It's also my first non rapier SSTO post 1.0. I launched my first official mission with it today. It used to be called Wiplash Mk1 but apparently C7 has that name copyrighted. It's been renamed Kepler Mk1. This satellite will boost itself to a keosynchronous orbit. After recovery, I only spent 3500 bucks on this mission.
  7. In preparation for a manned Duna mission, I'm planning an Eve/Gilly mission. I'll send one probe into Eve's atmosphere to aerobrake and let the crew recover the science when they arrive in Eve orbit. I'll also send an Eve lander to complete the explore Eve contract. Finally I'll be landing on Gilly with the future Duna mission crew to level them up. Wish me luck!
  8. I completed an unmanned Ike sample return today. The only thing that I did wrong was not getting a temperature scan near Duna.
  9. You can change their minimum atmospheric pressure to deploy. I usually set them to 0.5 so they open up around 4500m, which is usually a safe altitude.
  10. Bob says hi from the Mun's farside crater. He was able to land three times in one mission by refueling at his orbiter. Lot's of science was collected for the eggheads back home.
  11. Bob took a tour of Kerbin's moons in my new career save. After that I planned on doing a Mun landing by docking in Munar orbit, but I used too much fuel and had to use the lander to reach Munar orbit. I decided to use the rest of the fuel to see how much it would need to land as an unmanned test. It used more fuel than I expected so I'll have to redesign it before I land any kerbals.
  12. While I have a soft spot in my heart for the Swivel, The Mainsail is what I use when stuff needs to get done. My entire space program is designed around that engine.
  13. Thanks KerbMav! The new aerospike looks awesome, but I'm going to miss the old one. I think it's one of the oldest parts that hasn't received an update untill now.
  14. I finished my first 1.0 ssto. The improved aerodynamics make this so fun to fly, especially during reentry.