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  1. Ya, I will have to check out the math, I might of messed something up than.
  2. No, not really. Which contract is it and does it happen for every single one. Might need to work on the math equations within the code to fix the issue.
  3. Alright got a quick fix out for the below issues. Thanks all, find any more please report them to me, at this point you guys see more of the game than I do! Github Download is best for now. 1. 2nd update today sorry, but fixed the part detect issues for some of historical missions. No longer ask for specific parts but part types. IE Modules like antennas and science. 2. Fixed the Apollo missions asking you to land on the mun when thats not suppose to be an option.
  4. Also I am aware of the issues with Part detection. The devs have gone and changed all the Title Names of all parts it seems like communtron etc and all science stuff. So now MCE doesn't recognize them. Going to either get all the new names and or just get rid of the requirements. Might be a day or two. For now Historical missions might not end correctly when require a certain part.
  5. Update fix for 1.3.1. Sorry took so long, didn't realize that 1.3.1 broke anything have not been playing KSP for awhile. Both github and Curse should be updated but curse update might take a few mins, or hour. They pretty slow now to approve. Should say MCE 1.5.0 updated today 11/13/2017 Ill have to check these out again when I get a chance. As for .cfg file most likely not without a ton of work. No it should not. Ill check into it.
  6. What did you do in KSP today?

    while in game hit escape, advanced settings, choose MissionController.. Should see a list of things to turn off and on. The settings for Mission Controller are built into the Kerbal space program settings. Like some of the other mods do now. Of course if your using an older versioin of mission controller than the settings are located in the MCE ToolButton. Yes, yes indeed.
  7. What did you do in KSP today?

    Cool, glad your enjoying it. Good to hear that it works pretty well in alternate planet packs I have some pretty funny not very scientific math equations to get the general ball park distances right for contracts.. Works most time.
  8. What did you do in KSP today?

    Should be able to turn off the flight assist in settings. If not than its a bug and will look into it. Just did a rewrite of settings etc last patch so might of missed something with that.
  9. Alright I have fixed this problem you can download this new version from My Github (updated as of this Post) Or Curse (Takes a Min for them to clear it) 1. Fixed a bug where MCE Buttons would not show up on New games, and sometimes older games. If this problem persist please report it to me ASAP. 2. You might get duplicate buttons when you load up the New version. Once you do a scene transition IE from SpaceCenter to VAB this should correct itself.. And never come back.. If does Report please.
  10. Anyone having an issue with seeing the Mission Controller Buttons. Revert and the main menu.. You should see the Main Button when in Space Complex screen.. And the revert while in flight. If so please sound off. Didn't notice this issue until I started a brand new game and noticed they were not showing at all. After working with the code a bit I might not have them written correctly and for some odd reason on New games they don't show up.. But on older games that had older version of MCE they do. Odd..Still trying to figure it out myself.
  11. New Release Version of Mission Controller Enjoy.. More to come, keep an eye out on the changes to Custom Contracts coming soon. When playing the new Landing and Orbit contract Read the contract to find out where I will be heading with custom contracts in future! Mission Controller Update. 1. New Gui Using the new Untity Assets and Kerbal Space Program PopupGui 2. All settings are now located in KSP settings menu. (Intergrated) 3. New Custom Contract Land and orbit. (This is first step towards a new type of custom contract) 4. Repair Contracts no longer use MCE random. You should get them more often now using KSP Contract weight system. 5. Started the first stage of Localization. 6. MCE Revert is back. Use this revert for a non cheaty version that now cost you a % of your ship cost to use. Can be turned off/On in settings. 7. Other minor fixes to other Contracts. I have also started converting MCE Contract Paramenters and contracts to using any new Default Paramenters that Mirror my old versions. 8. MCE is compatible with Kopernicus Solar panels and contract requirements now. Download on first page.
  12. Alright new Developer version out. Almost ready for release once I get a confimation the Kopernicus issue is fixed and track down some of the OnDestroy Errors Im seeing in the Logs. Mission Controller Dev Build
  13. Skylab historically was done after Apollo. So if I Apollo has to be finished first. As for Kopernicus. Not sure what the issue could be now. Ill have to look into it more. The problem is I can't recreate it on my end so Im basically guessing. EDIT: Oh never mind I see what I did wrong.. I actually forgot to edit the tiros contract with new info.. I changed everything else but that one. Ill have a new Dev version up soon.
  14. All right I added support for Kopernicus Solar Panels. So released a Dev version of Mission Controller. Current one I'm testing.