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  1. Alright I have fixed the issue and updated Mission Controller to newer version. The github version is ready now. Might take a few hours for the curse version to be approved. Thanks for finding this. I noticed some other stuff too that I fixed. Except one issue I have not tracked down yet, but doesn't seem to be causing any slowdowns on my end.
  2. Ill have to check it out. Maybe I left something open for debugging. Thanks for the info.
  3. KSP 1.6 Version Update Released. I have changed the parts.. I actually forgot I made this change before. You no longer have to load Satellite cores on your vessels.. The parts have been depreciated. The parts are now built into all KSP Probe Parts.. This is a beta type situation.. Make sure you save your Vessel before launch.. I believe this was an issue I had. Ill try to fix it. You No Longer need to use the Mission Controller Cores anymore!! Right click your Vanilla KSP Probe bodies to set Core Type, Module Type and Frequencies. This means you now need Module Manager For MCE to function correct.
  4. malkuth

    Part Continuity in the Mission Builder Era

    Ive been playing since 2013 so its not to hard.
  5. malkuth

    Why Kerbals don't eat

    Wow talk about necro thread.. Anyway before 2013 this was a thing we thought about. But after the Internal updates before 1.0 hit, we learned that kerbals do in fact eat. They eat snacks. Thats why the food bins are labeled snacks.
  6. malkuth

    Part Continuity in the Mission Builder Era

    The parts are still there. I doubt they will get rid of them totally. KSP is getting close to where its not piratical to keep updating it. As long as they remain in the parts list, your ships will be safe now, and for the foreseeable future. And if not a modder will make it happen.. Another 4 years down the road if your worried about it too much.
  7. malkuth

    Does KSP have a time limit?

    Well the time is actually calculated in seconds in code and uses a Double. In c# a double can have a max size is well pretty large. In fact if you do the math on it you start getting 2.083333333333e-5 days maximum in KSP. Or 2.9761904761899998e-6 weeks. Or 5.707762557076712e-8 years. Of course this math could be all wrong, since I used googles Seconds to days ---> Days to Weeks ---> and days to years calculations to get these numbers in which case it might not be capable of large numbers. In fact I know its wrong. But I think you get the point. Good luck hitting that.
  8. Tested current version of mission controller with 1.5 just released. All is well and it work fine. I will get a proper version up soon with updated AVC. Was also thinking of Retiring the older not well done Probe cores for MCE contracts and just adding the ability to Default probes. Of course the older stuff will still be there just not usable for new vessels, to keep existing ships intact.
  9. Mission Controller Fixed Download structure zip issue. Mission Controller is in it original folder again, not directly in GameData. Both Gitbub and CurseForge downloads. Thanks HerbaruSan for pointing this out.
  10. newest Version of MCE mostly just updated Recompiled for KSP 1.4 and 1.5. 1.Recompiled for KSP 1.4 and 1.5. 2.Updated MINI AVC with Linuxgurugamers newest version. Normal Links Front page.. As always Cursforge will take a bit to release. But my Github is always updated.
  11. Its random and at the mercy of KSPs weight system. the more contracts it has to work with, the longer it takes to show up etc. Vanilla without any other mods adding contracts usually shows up right away. Won't be able to do it, mostly for time constraints, but I usually don't play with any type of military type mods in KSP, my personal opinion is that Kerbals are not military like. But thats just me. Gah, I see what I do, going to release a version today but won't have this fix in it. So hard for me to test because I don't play the Mods that do this.. Maybe I can add a little multiplier for you guys can manually adjust the numbers.. Ill see what I can do before I release todays version.
  12. 3 Main criteria for Mission success. 1. Correct Satellite core. 2. Correct Frequency 3. correct Module Type.
  13. Need to delete the .Version File in the zip file and replace it with the new one posted above the .zip file called MissionController2.0.version