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  1. Ah just debugging stuff I forgot to shut off.. Nothing major.. Ill get rid of it for next version.
  2. Well I was working on the new UI for Kerbal Space Program for a month or so now.. And well Fs2020 came out, and now I find myself enjoying flight in that game for now. I will come back to Mission Controller I guess when I get bored with FS2020. But for now I'm releasing this version as an alpha.. Its pretty stable.. I think I squashed most bugs. But I'm sure I still have some. Anyway the changes. 1. New UI for Repair Window. 2. New UI for Satellite Window. 3. Repair contracts have been changed and are now a little more fun because of the New UI. 4. Same with Satellite window. All
  3. From my understanding they are using a feature thats pre-made vessel from space? And can't be edited to adjust to a new contract? So they saved a Pre-Made vessel with Value A,B,C... But when they get a new contract the contract ask for Values D,E,F but the pre construct is still A,B,C.. Normally you just edit the ship and set it to D,E,F and launch like normal. I guess I would have to check out Hangar mod to see how it works to see.
  4. That OnLaunchedFromHangar will work. Anyway the original issue was @etmoonshade asked if it was possible to be able to edit the Conditions MCE sets for Probes in flight. Basically we create a contract that has three properties that must be met. Satellite Type, Satellite Module, and Frequencies, The contract gives you the settings and in the editor you set the conditions yourself.. IE make a satellite type Communication with a Module type and frequency of such and such. Originally I had this set that you could only do these changes in the editor, not in flight... Didn't make to much
  5. Nope thats just the Frequency setting.. It replaces the old slider in the old system.. You can only go from 1-50.. Either in 1/2 increments or 1. It works alot better than the slide. I have not got to the new Custom contracts UI yet.. That one is going to take a long time. These last 2 took many days.. And still trying to work out all the bugs. LOL... Only good thing about the Custom Contracts UI is that I don't have to work around the Part Modules, and getting a UI not connected to the part to work with it. Gah.. But for sure the Text Imput for Custom Contracts and Orbi
  6. No not worried about using sats over and over. They are still just a one use thing.. Dead at least the Mission Controller Part after completing 1 mission with it. I was just curious if you had to launch the vessel, just like taking off from the launch pad. Anyway the new UI for Repair Panels and Satellite Panels.. New Repair Panel New Satellite Panel
  7. Hey just a question for you since I never used Hanger Mod before.. But when you make a vessel from the hanger do you still end up launching it like normal? IE You hit spacebar to actaully launch it still.. Or is it instant out? And more important can you still right click on part Modules and change things while in this state. Only wondering because I would like to make it only editable in Pre-Launch state while waiting to hit the spacebar, for Sat Types and Modules. in the new UI.
  8. sure this is the one I learned most on. Lazy Coders Guide To KSP UI Let me just caution you the TextMesh Pro part is completely messed up. Doesn't work at all for KSP 1.10 (believe 1.9 too).. Even though you still have to have it, and install it just like mentions for Parttools. You have to basically do this that @DMagic mentions in this other thread. I go find it for you.. and post it in this thread when I do. Here it is.. TextMesh Pro Issues
  9. Well I finished my first UI and Re-Code for the repair Panel. Will be shifting to the Satellite Panel next, than redo the whole Custom Contracts UI next. Lots of work, but I learned a lot from this. Thanks to @DMagic and @Fengist for there UI tutorials on how to do this stuff. After done with the UI for the in game stuff I will be doing the KSPedia Stuff! So still be a while for new update. I might release a beta of the repair panel and Satellite panels and contracts just to test things out later.. We will see.
  10. Your going love the next few updates. I have learned how make my own UI in Unity. and the things I can do now. Lol.
  11. Mission Controller 1. Fixed an Issue with Frequencies not updated in flight, without reloading flight scene. 2. Changed Satellite Contracts to completely use Default KSP Orbits + Orbit checks.. This results in much more variety and accuracy in readings. Also, should make all satellite contracts 100% fool proof in Types of orbits. Meaning 100% compatible with any type of mod planets or Increased size of the game world. 3. Added the ability for all satellite contracts to have a % chance to be launched to another Body other than Kerbin. You must first visit other Planetary bodie
  12. Mission Controller 1. Added ability to change Probe MCE settings in flight. Its strange but only easy fix I could find to allow other mods like Hangar mod + Extra-planetary launch pads to be able to launch MCE probes. The probe can only still be used once though.. So once you transmit you contract settings, the probe settings is no longer under your control. 2. Up the Contract Payout multiplier from 3X to a max of 10X. This should allow for better payouts for larger type worlds with bigger planets. For instance a Navigation contract at KSP default size at 10X low orbits now pay
  13. Ill up the Multiplier for Payouts for it can go higher than 3X next patch. As for contracts, I would basically have to rewrite the code to make more settings available to players. So don't really have enough time at the moment to change that. And Ill check out the Github report. Biggest problem Im having is with the last issue of making players able to edit the Freq etc in flight. And finding a way to do it that doesn't offset the balance of not being able to change the Types and settings of Probes on a whim at any time.
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