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  1. @linuxgurgamer is taking over MC2 for me and bring it back. Wish him well.
  2. Well with the limitations with the missions its odd to get weather contract on moon but all you need to do is follow the mission objectives. I have not played for a bit, is there something that is stuck?
  3. KSP 1.12 Version Is up and running (didn't have to do much) 1. Updated for KSP 1.12 (Would of ran without the update I believe, didn't have to change a thing) 2. Did get rid of more of the debug code.. I will keep looking for more errors. But my active development is pretty much done. 3. If you find bugs please just report them in a PM to me and in this thread. I really not that active any more in the KSP world. You get download off the front page via GitHub And should be showing up on CKAN.. If thats still a thing?
  4. When KSP 1.12 comes out I will update to make it work. But that it. No more active development on this mod from me. Quick way through this is to clear out older contracts you don't want. KSP still uses a weight system, and can only have so many contracts showing at once. Sometimes just clearing the ones you know you don't want can help get things moving again.
  5. Ah just debugging stuff I forgot to shut off.. Nothing major.. Ill get rid of it for next version.
  6. Well I was working on the new UI for Kerbal Space Program for a month or so now.. And well Fs2020 came out, and now I find myself enjoying flight in that game for now. I will come back to Mission Controller I guess when I get bored with FS2020. But for now I'm releasing this version as an alpha.. Its pretty stable.. I think I squashed most bugs. But I'm sure I still have some. Anyway the changes. 1. New UI for Repair Window. 2. New UI for Satellite Window. 3. Repair contracts have been changed and are now a little more fun because of the New UI. 4. Same with Satellite window. All changes can be done on the fly now, even in flight.. Other than changing the Satellite Type and Module type.. These can be setup from Editor window or on the flight pad before takeoff. 5. Bunch of changes made to the code, and small fixes that I can't remember everything right now. 6. The Revert feature in Mission Controller has grown. It now charges like before, but It also charges extra the More you do in the flight. Bringing revert Feature more in line with a Test feature. Still WIP. 7. AVC File Updated for new version. Note I don't include AVC just the File.. Mostly for other reasons. TODO in future if I come back. Finish the New UI for Custom Contracts (sorry ran out of time, more complicated than I thought) Still have to add hangers Mod Exception for Satellite contracts.. Sorry.. Its on the list again. You can download new version at my Github page.. Please if you find bugs (if anyone actually plays anymore) tag me in this thread.. And send it to my Github page.. I usally look at KSP forum for about 5 seconds to see if I have a tag every day or so. If not I move on. Alpha Version Screen shots of new UI.
  7. From my understanding they are using a feature thats pre-made vessel from space? And can't be edited to adjust to a new contract? So they saved a Pre-Made vessel with Value A,B,C... But when they get a new contract the contract ask for Values D,E,F but the pre construct is still A,B,C.. Normally you just edit the ship and set it to D,E,F and launch like normal. I guess I would have to check out Hangar mod to see how it works to see.
  8. That OnLaunchedFromHangar will work. Anyway the original issue was @etmoonshade asked if it was possible to be able to edit the Conditions MCE sets for Probes in flight. Basically we create a contract that has three properties that must be met. Satellite Type, Satellite Module, and Frequencies, The contract gives you the settings and in the editor you set the conditions yourself.. IE make a satellite type Communication with a Module type and frequency of such and such. Originally I had this set that you could only do these changes in the editor, not in flight... Didn't make to much sense that you could change a Satellite type in mid flight... Be kinda like launching the Hubble Telescope and while its in space changing it to a starlight satellite... LOL.. So I compromised and made an easy fix to allow the changes in flight. (was easy fix at the time) since you cant change any of those settings from a hanger before launch.. (I believe the vessels are pre loaded already made). Anyway now I doing a large make over of the UI for Mission Controller and since I was in the code and changing everything I figured I would find a way around this, without the compromise. But now since you have your own KSPEvent Thats good enough for me, to make it work. Thanks. which basically just means Im going to only make the compromise if that condition is met.. Any other time its going to be the same as old way.. Only Im updating it to people can change settings at PreLaunch too... to help with another mod. IE they can edit the settings while the vessel is still sitting on the launch pad.. But not after launch.. Except Freq... Which Im going to allow anytime.
  9. Nope thats just the Frequency setting.. It replaces the old slider in the old system.. You can only go from 1-50.. Either in 1/2 increments or 1. It works alot better than the slide. I have not got to the new Custom contracts UI yet.. That one is going to take a long time. These last 2 took many days.. And still trying to work out all the bugs. LOL... Only good thing about the Custom Contracts UI is that I don't have to work around the Part Modules, and getting a UI not connected to the part to work with it. Gah.. But for sure the Text Imput for Custom Contracts and Orbital Heights is going to happen. Mostly because it will save me like a half dozen buttons.
  10. No not worried about using sats over and over. They are still just a one use thing.. Dead at least the Mission Controller Part after completing 1 mission with it. I was just curious if you had to launch the vessel, just like taking off from the launch pad. Anyway the new UI for Repair Panels and Satellite Panels.. New Repair Panel New Satellite Panel
  11. Hey just a question for you since I never used Hanger Mod before.. But when you make a vessel from the hanger do you still end up launching it like normal? IE You hit spacebar to actaully launch it still.. Or is it instant out? And more important can you still right click on part Modules and change things while in this state. Only wondering because I would like to make it only editable in Pre-Launch state while waiting to hit the spacebar, for Sat Types and Modules. in the new UI.
  12. sure this is the one I learned most on. Lazy Coders Guide To KSP UI Let me just caution you the TextMesh Pro part is completely messed up. Doesn't work at all for KSP 1.10 (believe 1.9 too).. Even though you still have to have it, and install it just like mentions for Parttools. You have to basically do this that @DMagic mentions in this other thread. I go find it for you.. and post it in this thread when I do. Here it is.. TextMesh Pro Issues
  13. Well I finished my first UI and Re-Code for the repair Panel. Will be shifting to the Satellite Panel next, than redo the whole Custom Contracts UI next. Lots of work, but I learned a lot from this. Thanks to @DMagic and @Fengist for there UI tutorials on how to do this stuff. After done with the UI for the in game stuff I will be doing the KSPedia Stuff! So still be a while for new update. I might release a beta of the repair panel and Satellite panels and contracts just to test things out later.. We will see.
  14. Your going love the next few updates. I have learned how make my own UI in Unity. and the things I can do now. Lol.
  15. Mission Controller 1. Fixed an Issue with Frequencies not updated in flight, without reloading flight scene. 2. Changed Satellite Contracts to completely use Default KSP Orbits + Orbit checks.. This results in much more variety and accuracy in readings. Also, should make all satellite contracts 100% fool proof in Types of orbits. Meaning 100% compatible with any type of mod planets or Increased size of the game world. 3. Added the ability for all satellite contracts to have a % chance to be launched to another Body other than Kerbin. You must first visit other Planetary bodies (IE Discover) before contracts will be able to be sent.. IE Mun,Minmus,Duna etc. Only Kerbin based Contracts will have ground stations though. WIP - Please report issues, takes forever for one person to find bugs!. 2. Changed Orbital Research Orbits same as satellite. Same reason. 3. All these changes has made the average Orbital Height much higher for all missions. Making them a little more difficult. Increased payout of Contracts to compensate for this. 4. Added new ModuleManger .cfg patch file that was made by KnotaiG. Now all probes including modded ones will have MCESatelliteCore added to them. Allowing all of them to be used as MCE Probes. As always if you notice any bugs please report them. You can download the new version from my Github listed on the First Page Post.
  16. Mission Controller 1. Added ability to change Probe MCE settings in flight. Its strange but only easy fix I could find to allow other mods like Hangar mod + Extra-planetary launch pads to be able to launch MCE probes. The probe can only still be used once though.. So once you transmit you contract settings, the probe settings is no longer under your control. 2. Up the Contract Payout multiplier from 3X to a max of 10X. This should allow for better payouts for larger type worlds with bigger planets. For instance a Navigation contract at KSP default size at 10X low orbits now pay about 600K.. So should be enough to compensate. 3. Fixed Revert cost not showing. At some point I did a quick fix on this that I forgot about that disabled it. So now revert cost again are % of total ship cost + fuel. you can set the Multiplier for this in In game settings.. Default is 10% of cost of the vessel to Revert. 4. Fixed Issues with Repair Contract Payouts. They should be much better payouts at higher orbits now. Quick note on Frequency changes in Flight! I had to add a new button for the changes to be made. Just like in Editor you use slider to select the freq.. But you need to push the Frequency set button to set it in flight. Again quick fix. And for best results changing settings.. you should always choose your Satellite type First! Than choose your Module type! I changed some UI to express this. You can download the new version from my Github page link from the first post. Did not have time to test this out completely.. But everything should be ok. its all good. new version released.. Try it out. Hope I didn't break to much.
  17. Ill up the Multiplier for Payouts for it can go higher than 3X next patch. As for contracts, I would basically have to rewrite the code to make more settings available to players. So don't really have enough time at the moment to change that. And Ill check out the Github report. Biggest problem Im having is with the last issue of making players able to edit the Freq etc in flight. And finding a way to do it that doesn't offset the balance of not being able to change the Types and settings of Probes on a whim at any time.
  18. Another New Update. Version 3.1.1 Ready to Go: Mission Controller 1. Added First Stages of A Manual To KSP you can find it in the Mission Controller Folder called "Mission Controller Manual" This is first stage of maybe adding in game manual. If someone wants to help with this it be great! Added Directions for How To Do Mission Controller Satellite Contracts, How To Change Module + Satellie + Frequencies in VAB for Satellite Contracts and how to Finish Mission Controller Satellite Contracts in Game! More to come soon. 2. Redid the UI for Changing Module Types, Satellite Types when Doing Mission Controller Satellite Contracts. Much easier now to select and read what your chaning when selecting Satellite Types and Module Type in the VAB when Setting up for these types of contracts! Module and Satellite types are now Push Buttons when you right click on any Non Manned Probes. All probes are in vanilla game are Populated with Mission Controller Modules using Module Manager. You can add your own Modded probes via Module Manage by using the "MCESatelliteCore". Example located in MCEProbePatch.cfg in Parts Menu of Mission Controller.
  19. When working on Update version of KSP 1.10 and MCE I found more reasons for this error. And as I suspected it because the contracts don't exist yet. The reason this error comes up (easy repeatable) is that MCE actually loads at the Start Menu when loading up game. The problem with this is that the Contracts don't load until you load your saved game. Hence the errors that show up on loading up game. No easy way for me to fix this, but it also is not causing any real problems, once you load your saved game it goes away and should never show up again. (so no slowdowns) so I see no reason to really spend time to try to get rid of the errors. The good news is that I was able to fix a ton of other errors that came up (not all errors but messages MCE shows during bug tracking). while tracking this one. So again nothing to worry about and its not effecting the game. Hopefully I get new version of MCE up soon. Working on some more things.
  20. A lot of the errors in this are actually missing contract types. If you have Contract Configurer installed and have disabled some contracts it could cause these errors. Contract Config does a much better job of disabling contracts then Mission Controller, I use a pretty old method way back from 1.0 to disable them. Basically MCE is looking for contracts that no longer exist. Should not cause to many problems. Should only happen once. Since MCE only checks once.. Or everytime the contracts files are loaded. Might just get rid of this ability since CC does it so much better. And most people use CC more than Mission controller.
  21. I will see if I have time and patience to do it. But Last time I worked with trying to implement this, it was a royal pain in the ass to get it to work right. But I managed to do it.
  22. It basically adds more contracts. And Custom contracts you can edit while in game.
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