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  1. Yes. It works beside it. Mission Controller has no conflicts and does not use Contract Configurator in anyway for its contracts.
  2. Version 2.0.1 Released. 1. Removed Orbit helper from Mission Controller. This feature is available in other mods like Kerbal Engineer, and MechJeb.. No need for any more spam. 2. Updated for KSP 1.4.2. 3. Fixed links in the AVC module for this forum page. Please note there is a bug in 1.4.2 thats adding Contract Spam. This is not connected to Mission Controller or any other mod. It happens it Vanilla too. Please don't report these to me because your sending me on a wild goose chase I can't fix, nor have time for.. Thanks. You can download the new version from the front page.
  3. Please note there is a bug in 1.4.2 thats adding Contract Spam. This is not connected to Mission Controller or any other mod. It happens it Vanilla too. Please don't report these to me because your sending me on a wild goose chase I can't fix, nor have time for.. Thanks. Thread its been reported in.
  4. Hmmm ok. Getting rid of this next update so should be gone. Hopefully. Not sure if anyone actually used it.
  5. So far I found a few references from MCE in your file which is normal mostly to do with old code that is no longer used that I have forgotten to dump.. Nothing that should cause issues though. You are getting a lot of spam though during flight and I can't really tell what mod is doing it. I will have to do some more testing on my end to make sure its not MCE though. Any particular thing your doing that is MCE related while this is going on?
  6. They moved the Output_Log.txt file to a new location in 1.4. Its now located in. C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program. I need this file to check what is causing issues. Please upload but don't paste contents into the forum is much to large of a file.
  7. Hmm I'll have check that out but need output files see the information. But anyway the information you can shut off in the options screen it's part of ingame options. Escape -options- advanced - missioncontroller. Should be option for orbital help you can deselect. AVC us currently going through upgrade from another modder. Should be updated by next release I hope edit update the options is called in flight help shut that off. I have a feeling it will help your slow down also since via reading you pic the biome info is bugged on mce end.
  8. Well thats good looks like he is accepting pull request than. But doesn't look like he has done much since May 2017 himself on code. So my guess is that Engineer will be updated soon than.
  9. Ya that is a little long for him. It will suck if he moved on, he knew his stuff when coding. Well if he is gone hopefully someone can pick up Engineer too. Its a little beyond me with all the math. LOL.
  10. @N70 Think this is one of those situations were you should of talked to some of the other modders like @linuxgurugamer in community since this plugin is such a important part to most of our mods. Its not something you can just Recompile, it needs some fixing. Just saying. And a lot of times @cybutek takes a little bit to respond.
  11. sorry pasted from phone but this works for me in MCE but I'm changing name right when they are created. public static void SpawnCivilianKerbMCE(int KerbNumbers) { int TestCivs = 1; foreach (string name2 in SaveInfo.TourisNames) { if (TestCivs <= KerbNumbers) { ProtoCrewMember newKerb = HighLogic.CurrentGame.CrewRoster.GetNewKerbal(ProtoCrewMember.KerbalType.Tourist); newKerb.rosterStatus = ProtoCrewMember.RosterStatus.Available; newKerb.ChangeName(name2); TestCivs++; Debug.Log("MCE Created Civilian " + newKerb.name + " " + newKerb.gender); } }
  12. Well it was easy enough only a recompile fixed the issue. Anyway you can download it from my github. And if @CliftonM comes back.. (Its been two years) its still his. No need for a new thread. Download For KSP 1.4.1 Version Of Kustom Kerbals. Recompiled for 1.4.1 of KSP. If Clifton wants comes back he can just take the files back or Recompile himself since nothing other than recompile has been changed. SourceCode License MIT as Original
  13. Well if @CliftonM or @linuxgurugamer doesn't already maintain this mod. I can take a look.
  14. Released Version you can download from the front page. Any problems please report them to this thread. Mission Controller 2.0 In-Game Contract Builder Edition is ready!! 1. Redid the Windows and options for Older custom contracts. Enjoy the new better to see UI. 2. Added Civilians to some of the Custom Contracts. Now bring civilians with you. And yes they show up just like the stock game contracts. 3. Rebalanced the mission payouts. They now pay a little less. But don't worry they still pretty good. And to help the payouts the better your reputation the more you will get payed. 4. Othter small bug fixes. 5. Add back in AVC Version Checker for Version 2.0. 6. Finished most Localization of the whole mod. Still only english right now.
  15. Yes it supports that. Mission controller does not control prices anymore. KSP handled its own funds.
  16. Wow searching around and found this. Its a godsend. Thank you.
  17. really didn't think this mod was needed anymore so stoped updating it. But been asked why I haven't so didn't take to long. Like MCE I got rid of AVC right now since I can't seem to recover my AVC account. So here ya go. Pretty sure someone might have made a similar mod that might be better than this at this point. But just in case. Achievements For KSP 1.4.1 can be downloaded from the Front page of this thread.
  18. well it was Knowboddy so don't know.
  19. Well I can get it working again but I would have to make sure that @knowbuddy is not planning to update. 1.4.2 just came out and all. The really creepy thing about this is that when I took over Mission Controller the original back in .20 of KSP, the original author of the Original Mission Controllers name was Knowboddy. LOL.
  20. Well this didn't get much traction on Reddit which surprised me. But I'm offering a free copy of Making History Expansion in Reddit KSP. So if you can't afford it, or don't wanna pay money this is you chance. Kerbal Space Program Reddit Challenge. Deadline is this Friday.
  21. Like I said you might want to wait. I have not received the free copy either. They might be just having some technical difficulties. And I purchased in 12/2012 and it says Early Adopters on my steam transfer.. So I'm guessing its an issue right now. You must remember before we transferred to Steam the waiting we had to do when .19 hit, .20, etc.. One of the main reasons I transferred to steam was because of the wait on the KSP store. Actually talked to Some of the support staff about a month ago about this and they had to do some vodoo to make this work for us Transfer Guys.. I'm guessing the voodoo wasn't good enough.
  22. If your copy say Early Adopters you should be getting it. If not than you will have to email them your info from the KSP store. But I would give it a bit, seems that they are having an issue with this part of the release since a lot of people are still asking about it. You can look up your game version in steam via Steam "Account Details >View License and Product Activation History" if you transferred. If you bought it on steam look under Steam Account Details > purchase History. No the cutoff date is April of 2013. It will say Early Adopters in steam.
  23. Mission Controller Release version for KSP 1.4.1 and the Making History Expansion Pack Is ready for download on the front page of this forum post. Thanks all for help with finding some bugs.
  24. Me either. But servers are so backed up right now could be just glitch. Give it a bit. Can't even get on the KSP store to see if its on that.
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