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  1. Believe it or not there are people who won't play mods. Only vanilla.
  2. Well I can add to this. 1.4 didn't break most mods because not much changed that was dedicated KSP assets. what broke mods was the upgrade to the latest version of Unity 2017.1.3p1. Thats why mods that use assets from unity might have broke. Like EVE etc. Most the time, we just recompile for newer version and release. Other times it takes work to find the new assets or work around changes. But again the big thing of 1.3.1 to 1.4 was the unity upgrade. And we have been told that something is going to break things again in 1.4.1. So to answer your first question many mods are waiting for 1.4.1 to drop.
  3. New Version for KSP 1.4 is up. This fixes Contract issues with Heights in Modded worlds that a bigger than Vanilla KSP IE RSS, 10X Kerbin etc. New Version Download.
  4. No the whole system is separate from the Career system. The only thing you can use in career from the DLC is the new parts. Too me this is the biggest disappointment in the DLC. Going to try to see if you can mod in the ability to use Missions created in the Mission Builder into career but some important caveats have to exist.. For instance if the system uses the same Contract objective Parameters for mission goals as Contracts do. We will see. If not than well not sure.
  5. I got some more tips for you guys. If you don't want to go to 1.4 because your favorite mod has not updated you can actually use the new 1.4 parts in 1.3.1 with some exceptions and a little editing of Config files. If you don't want to go to 1.4 because your favorite mod has not updated but want to play with the new parts in your game you can! Just remember if you add anything that adds the Part Variant in the parts.cfg file you have to remove it.. For example this is located in the Rockmax8.cfg. Remove this. The module name is ModulepartVariants. Of course make backups before you do this.. If you remove the wrong { you will mess up your part and it won't load. MODULE { name = ModulePartVariants primaryColor = #ffffff secondaryColor = #000000 baseDisplayName = #autoLOC_8007122 baseThemeName = BlackAndWhite VARIANT { name = Orange displayName = #autoLOC_8007123 themeName = Orange primaryColor = #f49841 secondaryColor = #4c4f47 TEXTURE { mainTextureURL = Squad/Parts/FuelTank/RockomaxTanks/rockomax_16 [AlbedoM] O _BumpMap = Squad/Parts/FuelTank/RockomaxTanks/rockomax_16 [Normal] O } } } Most the new parts don't have this module so its not a big deal. Most of these files are located in this location: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Parts Also some of the new parts don't have the New Locolization Names yet. You can also just add the New localization file from: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Localization its called dictionary.txt Again this might cause some issues though incase they changed some Localization names from 1.3.1 to 1.4. haven't tested enough. The harder and safer way to change the name is just to edit the Name in the config file of the part and change it to what you want. Of course Im not promising they will work right, some might be specifically tuned for Module changes that are specific for 1.4. But hey its something. Of course non of this matters if you don't have an extra copy of 1.3.1 on your hardrive.. (yes you can do that) and this post assumes you have some knowledge Good luck. And your mileage might vary.
  6. if thats the case i will have to add support for it. Or just take out the requirement. All right the next version will have the fix for this I have added support for the Remote Tech Module. And yes it does change the default games modules. This will be for 1.4 since I have moved support to that version though. You can download a Pre-Release of it here For KSP 1.4 ONLY!!!.
  7. For a quick fix for you guys missing an Internal for the Mk 1-3 Pod replace this in your Mk1-3.cfg file. Use this instead of the default Internal. (It does not exist hence the bug) INTERNAL { name = GenericSpace3 } Or you can use Name = GenericSpace1 (Variant of M 1-2) Or you can use Name = PodCockpit (Is M 1-2 Version) You can find this file located in: \Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Spaces On another Note you can really use any Internal you want. But this should get you on Your way if its annoying you.
  8. Oh never mind, Compiled for 1.4.0 Already. This is a pre-Release since Been told that 1.4.1 will break things again. Version 1.6.0 Mission Controller For KSP 1.4 Oh PS I also removed MINI AVC for this version. Lesson the hassel of Updating multiple Things each release. So ya This is only FOR KSP 1.4!!! Use MCE 1.5 for KSP 1.3.1 please. And thanks.
  9. No You only need cores for the satellite contracts. Just a note if your having problems seeing them in your Contracts, you might have to actually reject a few contracts before they show up. Took me a little bit in testing to get some to show up. The reason being if you have a lot of Contracts or addon contracts only so many contracts that show up at a time. And with the weight system of when and how contracts show up it might be a bit before one shows unless you get rid of ones you don't want to do. But now I have to look up the mess 1.4 just made of my game. Never seen an addon do this much. New unity I guess is going to cause issues for us Modders.
  10. I'll take a look tonight in more testing. It if you have a mod that changes antanae it might be replacing the files that MCE is looking for.
  11. Sorry took me so long to start working on this again. But today I did manage to fix the Landing/Orbit window not working. I will have to sift through this thread to see the other issues that have been going on. Anyway a Pre-Release is available on my Github. Version 1.5.2
  12. Most of us are in this boat. Already been told they are working on making sure early adopters who purchased on ksp store and transferred to steam later are getting it free. Believe still working on it. Also your ksp store account is still active, as long as you have that your all set. Just log on it will tell you the purchase date etc. and show the date you converted to steam key.
  13. This is cool can't wait. Since I will be getting a free copy, pretty sure I will buy a copy for someone that can't afford it. We did that a few years ago on Reddit for Christmas time, was great think with everyone that pitched in we gave away 10+ copies. Not including the 5+ I gave out on my YouTube channel. Was so nice in the day when you could buy KSP for 15 bucks.
  14. yes you only need one though if you already have a station then that is not the issue.
  15. Have not played in months but I think I had some issues with the Custom Landing Showing up also because I forgot to Unlink the Requirements for it. So basically I believe they all right now have requirement that a vessel must be in space that is classified as a station. You can do this with any vessel really just change its classification. I will look into fixing this later. If this don't work just give me a shot. It will be a little bit before I will have time to look into it though. Think you might have the wrong type of Satellite core. I can't see the requirements because you don't have them extended but the mission says place a Communication satellite in orbit but you have a navigation Core on your vessel. Yes, It works along side it but not with it.. If that makes sense. It won't effect it. Right now I can't guarantee that this mods contracts will work correctly with any Universe Size changing mods. I have a math error somewhere that is not applying the correct multiplications or corrections for different Planet sizes than default sizes at this time. This is a much more time involved fixed that might take me awhile to solve because I have to come up with a math equation that works with all planet sizes and takes into effect min orbits and max orbits etc. I had this solved once but I kinda cheated since I'm terrible at math.. Seems like that cheat is not working anymore now that we have more than Default and Earth Scale.
  16. No, not really. Which contract is it and does it happen for every single one. Might need to work on the math equations within the code to fix the issue.
  17. Alright got a quick fix out for the below issues. Thanks all, find any more please report them to me, at this point you guys see more of the game than I do! Github Download is best for now. 1. 2nd update today sorry, but fixed the part detect issues for some of historical missions. No longer ask for specific parts but part types. IE Modules like antennas and science. 2. Fixed the Apollo missions asking you to land on the mun when thats not suppose to be an option.
  18. Also I am aware of the issues with Part detection. The devs have gone and changed all the Title Names of all parts it seems like communtron etc and all science stuff. So now MCE doesn't recognize them. Going to either get all the new names and or just get rid of the requirements. Might be a day or two. For now Historical missions might not end correctly when require a certain part.
  19. Update fix for 1.3.1. Sorry took so long, didn't realize that 1.3.1 broke anything have not been playing KSP for awhile. Both github and Curse should be updated but curse update might take a few mins, or hour. They pretty slow now to approve. Should say MCE 1.5.0 updated today 11/13/2017 Ill have to check these out again when I get a chance. As for .cfg file most likely not without a ton of work. No it should not. Ill check into it.
  20. while in game hit escape, advanced settings, choose MissionController.. Should see a list of things to turn off and on. The settings for Mission Controller are built into the Kerbal space program settings. Like some of the other mods do now. Of course if your using an older versioin of mission controller than the settings are located in the MCE ToolButton. Yes, yes indeed.
  21. Cool, glad your enjoying it. Good to hear that it works pretty well in alternate planet packs I have some pretty funny not very scientific math equations to get the general ball park distances right for contracts.. Works most time.
  22. Should be able to turn off the flight assist in settings. If not than its a bug and will look into it. Just did a rewrite of settings etc last patch so might of missed something with that.
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