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  1. Alright I have fixed this problem you can download this new version from My Github (updated as of this Post) Or Curse (Takes a Min for them to clear it) 1. Fixed a bug where MCE Buttons would not show up on New games, and sometimes older games. If this problem persist please report it to me ASAP. 2. You might get duplicate buttons when you load up the New version. Once you do a scene transition IE from SpaceCenter to VAB this should correct itself.. And never come back.. If does Report please.
  2. Anyone having an issue with seeing the Mission Controller Buttons. Revert and the main menu.. You should see the Main Button when in Space Complex screen.. And the revert while in flight. If so please sound off. Didn't notice this issue until I started a brand new game and noticed they were not showing at all. After working with the code a bit I might not have them written correctly and for some odd reason on New games they don't show up.. But on older games that had older version of MCE they do. Odd..Still trying to figure it out myself.
  3. New Release Version of Mission Controller Enjoy.. More to come, keep an eye out on the changes to Custom Contracts coming soon. When playing the new Landing and Orbit contract Read the contract to find out where I will be heading with custom contracts in future! Mission Controller Update. 1. New Gui Using the new Untity Assets and Kerbal Space Program PopupGui 2. All settings are now located in KSP settings menu. (Intergrated) 3. New Custom Contract Land and orbit. (This is first step towards a new type of custom contract) 4. Repair Contracts no longer use MCE random. You should get them more often now using KSP Contract weight system. 5. Started the first stage of Localization. 6. MCE Revert is back. Use this revert for a non cheaty version that now cost you a % of your ship cost to use. Can be turned off/On in settings. 7. Other minor fixes to other Contracts. I have also started converting MCE Contract Paramenters and contracts to using any new Default Paramenters that Mirror my old versions. 8. MCE is compatible with Kopernicus Solar panels and contract requirements now. Download on first page.
  4. Alright new Developer version out. Almost ready for release once I get a confimation the Kopernicus issue is fixed and track down some of the OnDestroy Errors Im seeing in the Logs. Mission Controller Dev Build
  5. Skylab historically was done after Apollo. So if I Apollo has to be finished first. As for Kopernicus. Not sure what the issue could be now. Ill have to look into it more. The problem is I can't recreate it on my end so Im basically guessing. EDIT: Oh never mind I see what I did wrong.. I actually forgot to edit the tiros contract with new info.. I changed everything else but that one. Ill have a new Dev version up soon.
  6. All right I added support for Kopernicus Solar Panels. So released a Dev version of Mission Controller. Current one I'm testing. https://github.com/malkuth1974/MissionController2/releases/tag/
  7. Its not Kopernicus don't think. Just tested it on my end. Any idea what your using for a Mod that is actually using Kopernicus? 10X kerbin? or a new solar system mod? Anyway I think Kopernicus only changes the contents of ModuleDeployableSolarPanel and not the name.
  8. So quick test in my TestWorld that only has MissionController. Seems to work on my end. But I would still like this issue fixed if you guys can figure out the Mod that is causing this issue and changing the ModuleDeployableSolarPanel ill write it into the Mod to accept it. If you notice in my Dev version I already got rid of the Antennae that borerene noticed.
  9. I'll check it out. Keep in mind that if something changes it with mm you can't go by what .cfg file says. Most people use mm to change things which is done during loading.
  10. I could not get anything other than a string to work either and had same results you did.
  11. Been hard at work making the new GUI. Also made some changes. Not sure when I broke it but I noticed I broke the Revert Button? So its fixed now, and now the revert cost is based of % of vessel cost.. And not a fixed cost. Of course you can change % in settings. Localization will be a multi Release thing.. Right now the UI will have it and the custom contracts. New custom contract in the pictures. Working on testing right now but hopefully I can get a Dev Version out for testing soon http://imgur.com/a/UFrBa
  12. For me this was one of those spots where OnGui was better. I couldn't make heads tails out of the why its this way either. But it is what it is. And it works at this point. And nothing else worked it seems. At least with my limited knowledge.
  13. @HebaruSan helped me with this so can't take credit but this is how he got it to work. Custom_Contract_Input = new DialogGUITextInput(SaveInfo.crewTransferName,false,200,(string s) => { SaveInfo.crewTransferName = s; return s; }, 30f); all you need to do is Return the string your trying to change.. And in my case the value is Persistent so it saves automatically. It uses LambaExpression to return String S as SaveInfo.crewTransferName.
  14. You want to use horizontal not vertical. And every horizontal will contain your button or label. The problem is that if you use the default methods to call all this your going to get lost. I'm on phone so hard type but the popup thread has a lot of examples. You can get to that thread via the sticky. but the very first example in that thread is an early example of popup from mm. If your doing it that way then your going to get it lost. You want to split everything the same way you call old ongui. Than call them, it's easier to work with that way. i don't know exactly what your trying to do but if your trying to have two button or boxes side by side than you need them within the horizontal method.
  15. I personally would not combine the two. But to each own, if you want to make the new GUI as robust as the old you can, but like you said it's work. But it's about the same amount of work as setting up the old system. And it's much less resource heavy and faster. when your updating from old too new line me you notice these things. On GUI is very sluggish, you might not notice it if your only using that. But you do when your watching the difference in testing.
  16. If your pretty new to new UI stuff than I would go with popup option, sounds like you have little experience with ongui. And that's pretty close to it, but not really, lol. While your in that you might as well get localization down too, regret it if you want it later.
  17. Yes, ill look into the contracts were written well before the New Network Com system, and the changes to the Antenna. Use to be pretty cheap. Is it stock solar panels that are having issue? If so then that a tell tale sign someone is using a new Module for solar panels.. If its only on certain ones then most likely the part maker is using his own version. And didn't want to mess with the stock options.
  18. Thanks HerbaruSan. That does work.. And it saves also as long as the String your grabing is persistant.. Which in my case it already was from the old method.
  19. man been trip trying to rewrite MCE with this newGui. Most of this thread has helped a huge amount, but I have not been able to find a good example on how to use DialogGUITextInput() So I understand most of it other than what should I use for <fuc> string,string part. so getting the text input to change user input string and save it to another part.. The save part is all set. OnGui version seemed more straight foward.. Like below is using the old methods. GUILayout.Space(5); GUILayout.BeginHorizontal(); GUILayout.Box("Contract Name", MCE_ScenarioStartup.StyleBold, GUILayout.Width(150), GUILayout.Height(30)); SaveInfo.ComSatContractName = GUILayout.TextField(SaveInfo.ComSatContractName, 50); GUILayout.EndHorizontal();
  20. Like above Communatron 88-88 is stock. And the issue with the solar panels might be they are using something other than .. ModuleDeployableSolarPanel which is also stock Module for all solar panels. MCE only looks for the ModuleDeployableSolarPanels Module to tell if its a solar panel.. So as long as a mod doesn't replace it with some new name it should work.. If a mod did this it would be bad practice though and they should be using MM to make changes to ModuleDeployableSolarPanels instead of writing a new one which would be kinda odd too.. Unless your mod is Kopernicus or something that adds multi sun support and is understandable for a mod of that nature.
  21. Nope just menus. Possibly adding more custom contracts that will not really cause any issues. StackWise or sideways. Most cores are meant to stack.. And be the first thing on probe. You could add a node to the top, but than the part would look strange. I wish my modeling skills were a little better to make it inline.
  22. Pretty sure that Kerbalism has its own version of Background processing. They most likely don't mix well.
  23. Another small issue is that Dmagics Orbital Science mod adds tons of new science gadget, and most of the things you would think are Data Driven are actually sample based. Which means things you would normally be sending out probes only for need crew..Like the solar particle part. Noticed the b9 Thermal Telescope has same issue.. Only way to get science from these is to have a crewed ship attached to it with Lab. Kinda of a bummer. Unless I'm missing some secret lab that doesn't need a Kerbal scientist. So far noticed Solar Particle Camera B9 Thermal Telescope. All obvious thing like soil samples, laser etc.
  24. Well I thought I was done with this game. But then started playing with some other mods.. Which made me look at some things I don't like about Mission Controller.. Like the ancient Settings Menu. So I went and noticed that in 1.2 they added a new option for us modders and the settings menu... So coming soon new settings menu integrated into the actual game settings menu.
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