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  1. Ya, Im just waiting now to get through the moderation part of starting over... I think they should of shut that down for a few weeks while and took to load off the Forum Guys.. Cause does someone really sit there and approve your first 5 threads... Man that must suck right now...
  2. Lost my account.. Was here since Dec too.. Seems that if you were only a few months in your account went bu bye.. Most likely means they didn't have a back up that was up to date.
  3. It will be interesting to see what they come up with.
  4. Didn't go well for all of us.. Some of us had to start over.. cause accounts are gone... Post 4.
  5. Hmm see some of you still have your Forum accounts... I had to redo mine.. So the change didn't go over very well for me... Now I have to start from scratch again... Post don't show up and all that blah blah. this is 3.
  6. Oh never mind.... AGAIN!!! COME on Ive already been through this moderation thing once before... Ill just post 5 times hahaha.
  7. Yes Mine Too.. At least you don't have to go through the whole post this many times and moderation again.. That would of annoyed me to no end.
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