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  1. Once KSP really was a good game but I'm slowly getting seriously tired constantly having to work around age old and new bugs. The absolute killer is the wobble to death bug which continues to kill my save games badly in the current version (1.6.0.x). Once you create ships and stations that are a tad above newbie level the game gets practically unplayable. Not to mention tons of bugs with items that have never been addressed. Claw totally useless these days ... Take care everyone. It was nice as long as it lasted.
  2. Is it just me or is KSPs quality going down the train since Take 2 took over? Not that i'm too surprised, Take 2 has a huge track record of pusing unfinished buggy games to the market. Tried 1.4.3 today, had 2 show stoppers within less than 30 mins of playing. Thinking about quiting this excrements forever. I mean hey it started already with the first mission in the expansion not working when it came out. In former times Squad would have never dared to upload something as buggy as this. It certainly used to be one of my favorites but now i consider it unplayable.
  3. Getting mission spam fest. Quitting playing again.
  4. I play nearly exclusively career. The only reason i once started a sandbox after career was introduced was when i tested something for the bugtracker. For completely new users i actually recommend to start a sandbox for just trying out stuff, career can be somewhat tough until you know what you are doing.
  5. I don't run such stations but i like the missions because they pay for sending stations to other planets.
  6. I used them small ISRU parts once too and then decided not to use them anymore like you. See now there are 2 who don't use this because it makes no sense (nonsense, see final ratio between both ISRU's below). To make the problem really obvious I made 2 crafts, a MK1 based and a MK2 based Mun lander. The reference crafts should behave kinda same with a reasonable balance, that is the Mk1 and Mk2 versions should refuel roughly in the same time (give or take). In the example calculations i had 11.42% ore abundance and used Bill Kerman at level 0 as engineer on the crafts. MK2 ISRU
  7. Given how it takes them sometimes years to fix bugs i disagree completely. But regardless whether bug of feature, it's nonsense.
  8. I simply think someone didn't know what he was doing. It's obvious that the intended balance between small and big ISRU was 1:5. Thats why i consider this a BUG.
  9. I disagree about the electricity part. If you need more electricity (energy) to get energy resources than you actually get resources, then you will end up with no energy at all. In the beginning of oil drilling you got like 100 barrels of oil by investing the energy of 1 barrel of oil aequivalent. Also: making the small ISRU this inefficient makes no sense. Basically it should just be 5 times slower but also using 5 times less resources for the output, thats penalty enough. That way the small drils & ISRU would make a useful group of items. The way it is right now they are totall
  10. The current parameters set on the small ISRU unit are total nonsense. The small ISRU uses 5x more resources than the big one to produce 1/2 of the big ones output. So to run the small one you need 5x BIG Drills than for a big ISRU. And now what are the new small drills for? I'd really like to create a craft with small ISRU and drills that makes sense. Of course the small ISRU needs to be slower in a way and that in a way that matches the abilities of the small drills. But not by setting resource needs to 5x that of the big ISRU which makes it totally impossible to use small drills along w
  11. Not only steering but also the motor must be toggleable again too with an added shutdown action that was always missing. And at the same time the huge roverwheels must be fixed, currently they totally ignore the motor enabled/disabled setting, They are always enabled which sucks electricity whenever you don't have throttle in middle (such as when flying on rockets/jet engines).
  12. Yeah satellites aren't bad for making money. Once i have the infrared camera from 'Asteroid Day' mod i usually start to launch infrared satellites for the detect asteroids missions which also yield quite some cash plus each of these satellites also carries relay dishes for long distance coms. In a previous career game i had two contracts worth 2.3 million funds each for detecting asteroids which of course required a tad more than 1 satellite due to rareness of matching asteroids but hey my comnet grew too.
  13. In my last career games I made most funds with one or two crafts (or types of crafts) that i used repeatedly. Especially in my current career game this got very important since I sat funds to 60% when starting the game which not only significantly lowers mission income but also seems to raise upgrade costs for KSC facilities. So my current cash cow is a 5-Kerbal passenger cruiser which I use for various missions in the Kerbin system. The current version has a launch weight around 33t and I usually do roundtrips Kerbin->Minmus (land)->Kerbol orbit->Mun (land)->Kerbin (land) wit
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