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    Once KSP really was a good game but I'm slowly getting seriously tired constantly having to work around age old and new bugs. The absolute killer is the wobble to death bug which continues to kill my save games badly in the current version (1.6.0.x). Once you create ships and stations that are a tad above newbie level the game gets practically unplayable. Not to mention tons of bugs with items that have never been addressed. Claw totally useless these days ... Take care everyone. It was nice as long as it lasted.
  2. Is it just me or is KSPs quality going down the train since Take 2 took over? Not that i'm too surprised, Take 2 has a huge track record of pusing unfinished buggy games to the market. Tried 1.4.3 today, had 2 show stoppers within less than 30 mins of playing. Thinking about quiting this excrements forever. I mean hey it started already with the first mission in the expansion not working when it came out. In former times Squad would have never dared to upload something as buggy as this. It certainly used to be one of my favorites but now i consider it unplayable.
  3. Getting mission spam fest. Quitting playing again.
  4. I play nearly exclusively career. The only reason i once started a sandbox after career was introduced was when i tested something for the bugtracker. For completely new users i actually recommend to start a sandbox for just trying out stuff, career can be somewhat tough until you know what you are doing.
  5. I don't run such stations but i like the missions because they pay for sending stations to other planets.
  6. I used them small ISRU parts once too and then decided not to use them anymore like you. See now there are 2 who don't use this because it makes no sense (nonsense, see final ratio between both ISRU's below). To make the problem really obvious I made 2 crafts, a MK1 based and a MK2 based Mun lander. The reference crafts should behave kinda same with a reasonable balance, that is the Mk1 and Mk2 versions should refuel roughly in the same time (give or take). In the example calculations i had 11.42% ore abundance and used Bill Kerman at level 0 as engineer on the crafts. MK2 ISRU Reference Craft: This craft is built with the big ISRU and used as reference of what to expect. It should be possible to land it on the Mun and refuel with the ISRU within a reasonable timeframe. Weight: 30 tons, 1440 liquid fuel. Example refueling 1440 liquid fuel for the MK2 version: Ore mining with 2 big drills: 0.171250 ore per second * 2 drills = 0.3425 ore per second. Ore needed for liquid fuel (0.45 ore per sec yields 0.90 lf according to parameters): 1440 / 0.90 * 0.45 = 720 ore. Production time: 720 ore / 0.3425 ore per sec = 2102 seconds = 35 minutes MK1 ISRU Reference Craft: Same as the big one but all based on MK1 / smaller parts with small ISRU and drills. This craft needs only 1/4 the of the big crafts fuel. IMO a reasonable balanced small ISRU/drill would refuel this craft in roughly the same time as the big craft is refueld by the big ISRU/drill. Weight: 8 tons (roughly 1/4 of big craft). Example refueling 360 liquid fuel for the MK1 version: Ore mining with 2 small drills: 0.034250 ore per second * 2 drills = 0.0685 ore per second. Ore needed for liquid fuel (2.25 ore per sec yields 0.45 lf according to parameters): 360 / 0.45 * 2.25 = 1800 ore. Production time: 1800 ore / 0.0685 ore per second = 26277 seconds = 437 minutes vs 35 minutes refueling the MK2 craft, ratio 12.5:1, this is already pretty questionable. Direct Comparison of both - Production time for 1440lf using the MK1 setup: Ore needed for 1440lf: 1440 / 0.45 * 2.25 = 7200 ore. Production time: 7200 ore / 0.0685 ore per second = 105109 seconds = 1751 minutes vs 35 minutes for the same amount with the big ISRU, thats a 50:1 ratio and that is not what I call a good balance that makes any sense at all. And that is why i consider it a BUG. And that gets even worse when you have no engineer on the craft. So my balance would be: The basic ratio between small and big ISRU should IMO be somewhere between 1:4 to 1:6, 1:5 would actually be good because its slightly less efficient than the big one compared to size and weight (tank volume ratios are 1:4 between MK1 and MK2). Ore and electricity needed per 1 output unit (LF, Ox, Mono) should be same, just the output should be reduced to 1/5 for the small ISRU. That way the small ISRU along with the small drills would be useful and the MK1 reference craft would actually work somewhat satisfyingly. Finally i would unlock the small ISRU und drill in research tree one (or more) step(s) before the big ones.
  7. Given how it takes them sometimes years to fix bugs i disagree completely. But regardless whether bug of feature, it's nonsense.
  8. I simply think someone didn't know what he was doing. It's obvious that the intended balance between small and big ISRU was 1:5. Thats why i consider this a BUG.
  9. I disagree about the electricity part. If you need more electricity (energy) to get energy resources than you actually get resources, then you will end up with no energy at all. In the beginning of oil drilling you got like 100 barrels of oil by investing the energy of 1 barrel of oil aequivalent. Also: making the small ISRU this inefficient makes no sense. Basically it should just be 5 times slower but also using 5 times less resources for the output, thats penalty enough. That way the small drils & ISRU would make a useful group of items. The way it is right now they are totally useless.
  10. The current parameters set on the small ISRU unit are total nonsense. The small ISRU uses 5x more resources than the big one to produce 1/2 of the big ones output. So to run the small one you need 5x BIG Drills than for a big ISRU. And now what are the new small drills for? I'd really like to create a craft with small ISRU and drills that makes sense. Of course the small ISRU needs to be slower in a way and that in a way that matches the abilities of the small drills. But not by setting resource needs to 5x that of the big ISRU which makes it totally impossible to use small drills along with it. The small drills are currently useless unless you want to create a millipede looking thing. First of all, the same amount of input should produce the same amount of output. The only difference between small and big ISRU should be that the small one consumes 5x LESS RESOURCES for 5x LESS OUTPUT per second than the big one. That way the small drills would suddenly make sense. Likewise the small drills should produce 1/5 of a big drills output (not sure whether the base efficiency % makes them extra slow aside of the max output parameter). Certainly not going to use small ISRU ever again until this is fixed. I actually consider the current parameters for the small ISRU a BUG!
  11. Not only steering but also the motor must be toggleable again too with an added shutdown action that was always missing. And at the same time the huge roverwheels must be fixed, currently they totally ignore the motor enabled/disabled setting, They are always enabled which sucks electricity whenever you don't have throttle in middle (such as when flying on rockets/jet engines).
  12. I started to play KSP after dinner.
  13. Yeah satellites aren't bad for making money. Once i have the infrared camera from 'Asteroid Day' mod i usually start to launch infrared satellites for the detect asteroids missions which also yield quite some cash plus each of these satellites also carries relay dishes for long distance coms. In a previous career game i had two contracts worth 2.3 million funds each for detecting asteroids which of course required a tad more than 1 satellite due to rareness of matching asteroids but hey my comnet grew too.
  14. In my last career games I made most funds with one or two crafts (or types of crafts) that i used repeatedly. Especially in my current career game this got very important since I sat funds to 60% when starting the game which not only significantly lowers mission income but also seems to raise upgrade costs for KSC facilities. So my current cash cow is a 5-Kerbal passenger cruiser which I use for various missions in the Kerbin system. The current version has a launch weight around 33t and I usually do roundtrips Kerbin->Minmus (land)->Kerbol orbit->Mun (land)->Kerbin (land) with it so that the passengers will have level 3 at the end. On these roundtrips many different missions can be completed so each roundtrip is usually worth a couple 100K funds. Also this gives me the science needed since I always land in different biomes to collect science data on these roundtrips. I usually collect multiple Missions for one roundtrip. These are: - passenger trips which involve Kerbin, Mun and Minmus - rescue Kerbals from orbit / ground missions - science data from surface - build orbital station (5 Kerbal station missions) - build base (5 Kerbal base missions) A previous and way bigger version of that concept for 20 Kerbals was the following. Not at this point in my current career yet but working on it: So what are your cash cows to earn funds?
  15. I'm somewhere around 3000+ hours since 0.19. It definitly was worth it's money. No other game i played gets even remotely close to that.
  16. I finally had enough money to do the last upgrade on the research facility. It was 3.384.000 funds. Kinda challenge when you play at 60% funds. But now i can finally research the resource stuff and set up a refueling camp on Minmus for interplanetary ships.
  17. What should a 2nd KSP be good for? As Squad I'd rather stick to KSP and crank out a couple DLC's to improve the original game and make some money.
  18. I looked thru old fotos and found one of my grandmom when she still was going into space:
  19. There is nothing that can't be fixed with a couple snacks.
  20. HG-5: The description says its both direct and relay, you just need to read But its relay capabilities aren't thaat great. Kinda just enough for exploring the Mun.
  21. Nice table but there is a column title missing (name) and all following column titles are shifted 1 to the left. Also a column about the antennas direct and link range is missing.
  22. Actually I'm glad that got fixed in 1.2.2 since i never liked the strut endpoints sinking completely into the surface of the SRB's.
  23. I docked on the first attempt I made though I had already some idea about orbital mechanics from playing orbiter, such as lower orbits are faster, higher orbits are slower. So it was no problem to get the crafts close enough for a rendezvous. It took a while though to work out a strategy to use the information on the navball efficiently for docking and in versions pre 1.2.x the icons for to/from target and pro/retrograde in target mode weren't shown correctly with respect to the selected parts for 'set as target' and 'control from here'. Since this is fixed now docking is totally easy, even easier than before. Just set the docking ports to dock to 'control from here' and 'set as target' on BOTH craft and use SAS to turn each craft towards each other and the ports will be correctly aligned. Then just use rcs to dock them (H-key).
  24. After a problem with the "I wobble everything to death" bug followed by the "I overwrite your savegame with the last loaded quicksave immediately" idioty i decided to start a new career game. Unlike before i use a lot harder values for funds, science and prestige and 300% penalties in case of fails. Science is set to 60%, funds 70% and prestige i think 80% or so. Hoping this will make me leave Kerbin and the moons to get more science before everything is unlocked. I really don't recommend these settings for new players though, it gets very tough and you really need to know what you are doing. Not much room for errors. I had several missions where if they would have failed I would have been done, more or less. So with much more limited resources you have to find creative ways to do things. An example is my new passenger liner for 1 pilot and 3 passengers which is of course also useful for recoveries. Landing legs and stuff are pure luxury! But not also science, funds and prestige are limited. Also disabled the relay stations on Kerbin so that i have to build my own relay network. Hard to do with limited science too. So far i just have the HG-5 antenna. I think i never built so small satellites, but good thing is you can shove a bunch of them in one go into orbit. Launched 5 comsats in one go and it was just a tad over 30K funds. Sad part is, that the range of the HG-5 antenna isn't too great. Only 5Mm, so they are only useful around Kerbin. Need to experiment with multiple HG-5 on one sat whether that really extends the range. On a plus side, the 36lf on each sat gives these satellites around 3500m/s dV. Yet the first one that i tried to install in a high orbit around Kerbin got totally lost. During the burn the signal to KSC was lost (didn't think about that) and couldn't shut off the engine anymore. So the sat accelerated until the 36lf were used up and now i have a sat going between Jool and Kerbin. Did you know you can get to Jool with 36lf? Well kinda ...