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  1. Quite so. A rather elegant solution, really: it’s entirely self-contained, no need for “shore power” to retract the legs, makes for a more streamlined process, etc. I would venture a guess it might also power some systems on board the booster, too, like if they monitor its status using existing sensors or some such.
  2. Um... is it just me, or did someone maybe add an extra zero?
  3. Well, the last 10 days have certainly sucked. Last Friday we lost one of our guinea pigs, tried taking her to a new vet who discovered the trouble she'd been having the last year were probably due to a heart condition and a mass in her stomach, but after fighting so long she never made it out of anesthesia. Then just today, a coyote grabbed one of our ducks and tried to run off. She's still alive, for the moment, but it's not looking good. Took her to a local vet who happened to still be open, but no one nearby really treats birds, so all they could do is try to stitch up the superficial stuff and give us some antibiotics, but bite wounds are nasty and deep. Probably need to plant two trees tomorrow now. And I'm just sitting here with a bowl of pudding in one hand and my 10/22 in the other, watching the cameras half hoping the little excrement comes back again. #venting.
  4. Where’s Walter Keronkite when you need him? OTOH this feller certainly gets around...
  5. Well... at least it’s better than February...
  6. Hmm, somehow this got lost in the haze... 7 down, 3 to go.
  7. This. In order to work at all economically, Starlink needs radically reduced launch costs. Those same radically reduced launch costs will allow lofting many "cheap" space telescopes, maybe even based on the Starlink buss itself (coulda sworn I saw this mentioned somewhere). One way or another, the world will be a very different place in a hundred years, or a thousand. Sooner or later it'll just end up looking like Coruscant anyway. If we don't nuke ourselves into Tatooine first...
  8. Boosters are expensive. Also, winds aloft too high I think.
  9. You’ll have plenty of time later to get old and boring like me, going to bed at 11pm so I have the patience to drive back and forth all day in mall traffic on Black Friday.
  10. The question is, what reason do you have to not stay up til 2 am?
  11. Thufferin’ thuccotath... There is, perhaps, also the question of what linguistics came before Old Kerba, and survived into it...
  12. You should totally make a test stand out of an old water bucket. Then hop it.
  13. Cool, apparently this will be that particular Dragon’s third flight. Isn’t that a first?
  14. Sadly, the time may have finally come for this thread to move on... but not yet. My KSP time has been focused elsewhere, in a very “this we do not speak of” way, and much as it pains me to say so, I probably won’t be able to give this the time it deserves (right as it was getting interesting ). But there will be at least one last official post, and for anyone following my other work, some questions will finally be answered. More will, no doubt, be asked.
  15. Yeah but they’re really big electrons. Ooooh, maybe it’s time for one of those arcane thread sacrifices @Dman979 mentioned...
  16. And that particular revelation will have to wait for the next next chapter, as I’m still trundling along with this one... I hate these long gaps, but it’s shaping to be another monster. in the meantime, devoid of any context what so ever, here’s this: On a dark deserted highway, cold wind in my hair, Warm smell of leaked coolant, rising up through the air, Can’t see ahead in the distance, just got this one headlight, My nut bag’s empty but this possum’s slim, And we might break down tonight..
  17. Pictures in question... And also, Mk 1 is getting recycled:
  18. Except one got 146,000 orders overnight... Some shots of the Amazing Flying Tank Dome. Hard to get a real impression of the size of this build without the dump truck for scale.