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  1. Engine nozzle went Kerbal, apparently. “Thermo-structural failure.”
  2. I got COVID. I feel like the blunt end of a deceased raccoon. BUT, it’s Stevie Nicks’ COVID so at least I’ve got that going for me. wife went to the concert the other day, so now she’s got Covid, I’ve got Covid, the band’s got Covid. Fun times.
  3. Seems there’s some (expected) teething issues.
  4. I remember a time, many and many-a ago, when we were saying exactly the same thing about Falcon Heavy. Well said. Let us not forget that barely four years ago the whole place was nothing but a mound of dirt in the middle of nowhere. I think maybe NASA going all-in and partnering with SpaceX for HLS kinda legitimized the whole process. A lot less seemly to go blowing up rockets willy-nilly even if that does advance things faster. is that what the kids are calling it these days?
  5. Hey, that’s the perfect time to drain it all, you got lucky.
  6. The first bumble of spring! also not a bumble but it sure was buzzing.
  7. Let’s just say I… know how they do it… kerm, I’m old…
  8. FWIW Kidde makes Wi-Fi-networked smoke/CO detectors. Zero false alarms so far despite being 10’ from a woodstove with a tendency to backdraft when starting, and can shut down alarms from your phone, too, Have no idea how well they work in an actual “oh crap” moment tho.
  9. Scanned through this… what about if I don’t HAVE a settings.json file? I downloaded direct from KSP.com, no installer, just unzipped to a new folder as usual.
  10. Nah, they’re holding up the dumbbells…
  11. It was bizarre, never seen it accumulate like this. Very spotty too, seems to have just hit our neighborhood down here.
  12. It gets worse more Kerbal. LongRamble=true
  13. Thunder. Graupel. Grupel is a tiny bit like hail, but white & squishy not icy and solid. Sometimes falls when the conditions are close but not quite right for snow, but rarely in much quantity, usually it swaps to true snow or rain. Today we got an hour-long downpour of the stuff! A solid inch by the looks of it, a wet, heavy mess that’s like walking around through unflavored Slurpee. And thunder, to boot! Puppy was not impressed. now it’s all turning to ice, by the sounds of it some neighbor is still trying to make it up the hill out yonder.
  14. Indeed. In proper Kerbal fashion, time for... plan B...
  15. Today, like so many others, I… (wait fo it) …am going a little deeper into debt to schlep across town and buy a new graphics card. Only ten minutes in and my RX580 that runs RDR2 so well begs for the sweet release of death. Also:
  16. Explosions. Better explosions. MOAR! explosions! ALL. THE. EXPLOSIONS!!1 that’s what I’m exited for.
  17. Might not be necessary to get the “Contract Complete” message. Or there’s a 4th tank they didn’t test today for whatever reason, looks like there’s plenty of room for one.
  18. Thanks guys, a manual install did work and seems not to have broken anything. So as a token, have this eye-watering unholy lovechild of Chamberlin and Chelomei.
  19. Doesn’t help that pretty much every Saturn V video ever is in slo-mo… Can’t find it again but I saw a tweet the other day of some hardware at the launch site labeled FLAME DIVERTER or similar, but looked like deluge tubing. Take w/ a grain o salt. Tho a giant tungsten slab would be pretty awesome in general.
  20. Of course. Gwynne. Said. So. but having said that now the tank watchers will find some critical bit relocated to the next zip code…
  21. Could be worse. I dreamt I was being chased through an apocalyptic wasteland by a giant banana reminding me I was late to work.
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