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  1. Oh jeeze, now the (not quite forum safe) stupid TikTok version is stuck in my head. plz shoot me now.
  2. Summer is overrated. I’d be overjoyed to see 24° Right about now… Fahrenheit.
  3. Or might they be mitigating risk in case of another ker(bal)fuffle, like how they did static fires sans payload for a while after Amos-6?
  4. The Reaping... [ominous chanting] ...Has Begun. Only got a small hand basketful of onions this year, because... Potatoes. SO. MANY. POTATOES. I cleared out about two feet of an 8-foot planter this morning and scored over 11 pounds (5kg) of potatoes... just on a whim. I have two more 8' planters overflowing with the things. Poor onions just got crowded out. Now, to jot down every way to possibly cook a potato... Started with the basics. Oh, and eggs. As always, just a really, truly, farcical, absolutely silly amount of eggs. That's ok, the old hippie's been lost in the produce section for years, he doesn't even work there.
  5. You can find these at your local Snooty grocery store, the kind of places that also sell absurdly overpriced certified organic non-GMO personally handed to you by the unwashed hands of an agéd hippie produce. Like Whole Foods. The better ones, like Tater said, offer a variety of grindables for butters. I suggest the fresh-squeezed almond butter, tastes great but it’ll suck all the moisture right out of your mouth like a maw-full of alum.
  6. Yup, that's pumpkins alright. Good for you, around here unattended compost just grows blackberries. The carnivorous kind that would even scare @kerbiloid's... things...
  7. Given how much quicker it would decelerate, separation doesn't seem like it should be a concern if they ditch it normal/antinormal just after the deorbit burn, like Soyuz or any other capsule. I've heard they need the extra fuel margin, which in turn makes me wonder why they can't just use the SuperDrakes and their larger supply. I'm sure they actually have perfectly good reasons for doing things this way, I'm just curious what they are.
  8. Always seemed odd to me that they ditch the trunk before deorbiting.
  9. but seriously, y’all are making it complicated. LEO Starship can just drop off a BLEO payload attached to a kick stage. Can even be a big solid for integration simplicity. Still a big potential cost savings with minimal risk vs FH.
  10. [irrational anger and string of cuss words] today sucks, someone needs to ctrl+alt+del the Simulation.
  11. Rogozin’s new superior, upon his arrival (Ash voice): “comrade, THIS… is your broomstick…”
  12. Few days late, but… oh, say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light? Something something bomb bursting in… ground… Actually this is probably a good thing, been too long since they had a flaming hiccup.
  13. Y'all done jinxed it now, hush up. Edit: ok, seems the boom in Boca was norminal after all. But still. Stop using the R word or any other euphemism thereof! Y'all are ticking the nethers of some mighty powerful juju with that kinda talk. As a bus driver, I concur.
  14. Someone in western Cuba gonna have a good view.
  15. I hear they’re making a live-action adaptation. Take that as you will…
  16. I think that’s high enough that heating is low enough that no “heat shield” is needed, one of the NASA Mars orbiters did similar. It’s a very very slow process over dozens of orbits.
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