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  1. I’m more interested in how well the thermal tiles survived that bump, personally. If they held on, that’s a really good sign that the mounting system is maturing.
  2. Also keep in mind that Starship can hover on a single engine, maybe two, so it’s not a full-on suicide burn. They are, however, very propellant limited right now, AFAIK these SNs cannot lift off with full tanks, no VacRaps, so that itself also greatly lowers their margins. The whole system will probably work better as, well, a whole system, including... We haven’t heard anything for a while, other than it’s been temporarily back-burnered, but SpaceX did/does have plans for hot-gas methalox RCS thrusters, which would greatly help with control during the flip. Now, hot-gas thruste
  3. Initial landing burn on two, touchdown on one, because hover. This is not a concussion-induced hallucination, that actually happened.
  4. Yes! I got one like back! SNX, I hereby dub thee... Stumpy.
  5. “46+ New replies...” but holy €£¥@#$&!! It worked! Craps on there tho... wait, where are the landing legs?
  6. With that sun angle Gonna be some epically beautiful shots if they pull this off... or even if they don’t.
  7. While on the pad. And vertical. With tin snips. FREEHAND. and it worked. Of course, this is where I run out of likes. ...thermal liking failure...
  8. So, is he... standing on Bob’s head? ....hope the air filtration works down there...
  9. So, this is interesting... ... and depressing, as I found Starlink isn’t even in my county yet, despite being right in the middle of everywhere else it is.
  10. So, forget Mars, now we’re going to Alpha Centauri? unless Gandhi gets us first...
  11. I can personally attest that a bit too much of that can lead to staying up all night designing crazy rockets that actually work and occasionally founding vast empires from a single city... but don’t ask how I know.... But more than likely, someone probably just told him that he couldn’t...
  12. Added complexity (of more plumbing) means added weight, added cost, and potentially added failure modes. There’s something to be said from simply figuring out, through trial and error, how long X part can go before it need thorough inspection or just preemptive replacement. As this was a life leader part, that sound largely like what they’re doing. They don’t want to invest too much effort here, as Starship is right around the pike, and is planned to make Falcon obsolete. The question is, where does that balance point come?
  13. See, now I live in a very mild, not too hot not too cold climate, and I got a heat pump specifically because it was more economical for warmth than the old electric “furnace.” The fact that I also got air conditioning out of the deal was a (very appreciated) bonus. For even more efficiency (and up front cost), you can use the ground as your heat source (even tho it’s always the same temperature a few meters down ). Or got the opposite direction, and start pumping some really massive amounts of heat, and you can liquify air.
  14. Friday's closure has been cancelled, so that's either really good... or really bad...
  15. I wonder how much, if any of this, is related to Bezos’ pending retirement from Amazon to spend more time on Blue? Perhaps he plans a little less graditam, a little more ferociter? The longer the delay to their debut after Starship and Vulcan become operational, the tougher their business case seems.
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